Autographed Copies of Food in Jars Available Through Provisions

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Earlier today, Food52 officially launched Provisions. It’s an online shop stocked with an array of truly lovely kitchen tools, linens, dishware, and artisanal edibles. They launched with a handful of product collections and I do believe that there’s one that may be of particular interest to many of you.

Called Small Batch: Jamming, this collection includes the new blue glass heritage jars, a handy canning kit, a gorgeous vintage copper jam pan, and signed copies of my cookbook. I’m hand packing and shipping every copy that’s ordered through Provisions, which means if you’ve wanted to have one with a personalized note and I haven’t gotten to your town yet, now’s your chance. I’m ready to write notes, make recipe suggestions and otherwise inscribe a book just for you. We’re only selling 100 autographed copies through Provisions (and 20 have already been ordered), so if you want one, I suggest placing your order soon!


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7 responses to “Autographed Copies of Food in Jars Available Through Provisions”

  1. I just received the book, looks great. One question, one of the recipes calls for “ginger juice”, it says the recipe can be found on page 0000. I can not find page 0000 or any reference for “ginger juice”.
    Can you help me? Thank you.

      • Marissa,

        I noticed some typos in my book too and I’m glad to have the link to the corrections. I noticed under the Cataloupe Jam that you call for bottled not fresh lemon juice. My step-daughter and I made one batch of the jam last month, not realizing there was a correction, and I’m just wondering if the jam will be safe to store and consume using the fresh lemon juic instead of bottled. I love your book and in addition to the Cataloupe Jam I’ve made Strawberry and Blueberry Jam (my son’s favorite), and 4.5 gallons of dill pickles! I plan to get your book for my sister’s birthday and maybe one of these special kits. I’ll be sure to check them out!

        • Marcie, your cantaloupe jam should be just fine, even with the fresh lemon juice. It’s the best practice to use bottled lemon juice when you’re trying to ensure safe acidity, but in most situations, fresh lemon juice actually has as much or more acid.

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