April Can Jam: Herbs!

March 26, 2010(updated on October 3, 2018)

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T.S. Elliot wrote, “April is the cruellest month.” I believe him to be correct, particularly when it comes to seasonal fruits and vegetables. It’s the month in which we (particularly the more northerly ones of us) plant and hope, dreaming of asparagus, strawberries, peaches and corn, but without any measurable (or at least, edible) yield.

And so, as the Tigress and I considered our April Can Jam options, we settled on herbs as the month’s ingredient. They’re widely available even in this time of seasonal anticipation, work in both sweet and savory applications and will be particularly terrific for those of you in warmer climates who already have some lovely fruits and spring vegetables to play with.

Do remember that whatever you make has to be suitable for water bath processing. This means no infused oils or pestos, as they can’t be processed and have a fairly limited refrigerator life.

April posts must go live between Sunday, April 18th and midnight on Friday, April 23rd.

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

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30 thoughts on "April Can Jam: Herbs!"

  • Oh my gosh! I *knew* you had something up your sleeve! I’m going to the bookstore tonight! I need ideas!

  • Whoa! Herbs! What a concept! I have herbs in my container garden but no clue what to can with them. I’m with Carter! Time to go to the bookstore. This will be fun!

  • I was hoping we’d get herbs for one of our 12 labours. My mind races to lavender, but I should maybe hold my horses and think a bit further. Maybe now’s the time to open a jar of my lemon balm jelly from last summer and see how it turned out. Thanks!

    BTW, love the charoses idea!

  • Check out Jerry Traunfeld’s The Herbfarm Cookbook and the Herbal Experience if you haven’t already. I’ll probably do a blog post on them when Ann and I get around to planting our own herbs this season.

  • Sweet! I’m eyeing the yard now. What will it be – lavender? Chervil? Lemon Verbena? Maybe mint? I’ve had something like this on my to do list since fall so it works out perfectly!

  • I am a little anxious to get preserving so I dug out the two bags of frozen cranberries yesterday and made some chutney.
    Next up, something with herbs. I have an idea or two I have been wanting to try.

  • I’m just a beginner, and not a food blogger. (Except on my facebook page – just bragging to my friends!) But, I just bought two big bunches of mint to use making grapefruit-mint marmalade. I’ll infuse the sugar first, then tie the leaves in cheese cloth. I can’t wait to see what you all do!

  • So brilliant! This just totally opens the door on so many possibilities. Almost daunting in its breadth. Does this mean both fresh and dried?

  • I did some herb canning last summer – simple mint syrup as well as a peach mint salsa. Both were great and very much enjoyed over the winter. There is also a basil jelly recipe (I believe in Ball) that looks good for a meat glaze.

  • Well, I did not sign up to participate in the Can Jam officially, but I’ve been playing at home. 😉 I did a lot of citrus in January and in March my 6 year old sous chef and I made a red onion-lemon zest jelly that was a big hit. But I admit, I’m not sure what to do with herbs other than mint jelly. Time to research!

  • Hmmmmm. Given my aversion to liquid pectin, this will take some doing. Perhaps a lemon-balm-mint chutney of some sort??

  • I’m so glad I checked back in to see your comments. I experimented with liquid pectin last month and have a good amount left to use up. For some reason mint jelly hadn’t occurred to me as an option for this challenge, but it’s one of my favorite jellies of all time! I cannot wait to hit up the market tomorrow and get cracking!