An App For Making Meal Planning Easy

March 16, 2012

Last December, when I was back in Portland, I had the pleasure of spending an hour with a reader of this blog. Ryan gave me a tour of the Nike campus where he works and we had a really nice conversation about food writing, blogging and life.

Ryan writes the blog Spinning Cook and yesterday, he launched a meal planning iPhone app called Spinning Meals. It’s designed to make it easier to help families plan and execute weeknight meals. You select the number of meals you need and give the plate a spin. It takes into account any parameters you’ve entered and delivers multiple nights of menus as well as a weekly shopping list.

It comes pre-loaded with recipes (and Ryan is working on adding more) but you can also add your family favorites. I’ve been a meal planner for years now, ever since I realized that without a little organization, I was wasting a ton of food and spending far too much money.

If you’re looking for an app to make meal planning and grocery shopping easier, do check this one out. It’s been a labor of love for Ryan and something he designed because he saw a need. It costs $2.99 and you can get it here. There’s a quick how-to video over on his site that details how to use the app. He’s also hosting a giveaway to coincide with the launch, so click over for more information.

Disclosure: Spinning Meals, LLC gave me the beta version of this app prior to its release for review purposes. However, my opinions are all my own and I was not compensated for this post. 

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9 responses to “An App For Making Meal Planning Easy”

  1. Wow, thanks so much! Meal planning is so important, it’s encouraging to get feedback like this and I really hope it helps real food keep coming to all of our tables. Has anyone seen Marisa’s quote in our listing in the App Store? I hope you don’t mind my mentioning…it’s a great quote, especially coming from you.


  2. Hopefully he makes an app for the Android market soon. This sounds like it might be a good one to get!

  3. Does anyone else feel left out? Things like this depress me as I do not have an iphone nor will I ever since it would be too costly. If you had submitted this with something comparable for us techno slower folk, I wouldn’t mind but as it as it stands now it is merely exclusionary. Do most people have an iphone? or is it most people who follow you have iphones? Um…I can’t answer that but I still feel left out and it would sometimes be a boon to me. Some days the brain isn’t on function mode and a little help would be a help.

    • Susann, I’m so sorry that you feel left out. It wasn’t my intention at all. Nearly everyone I know has a iPhone and so I forget that they’re not ubiquitous. I’ll pass your comment along to Ryan, maybe he’ll be able to look into making a web-based version.

      • Message received, and it broke my heart to read this, but let me mention a couple things Susann, and also to anyone who may have felt the same way. The app will run on iPhones old and new, including the iPhone 3GS which can be had for $0.99 with a cell phone plan. That’s what I had myself until just a few months ago. I am definitely working on making this accessible in other ways, but iPhone seemed like a logical start since many people have them in their purse or pocket at the store. Laptops not so much! Thanks for saying something and I hope this explanation helps a bit.

      • Thank you. I didn’t think it was your intention. It seemed you were really excited. ~Yea~ When I want ingredients from a recipe, I have taken to just snapping a picture of it, then it is on my phone and I don’t have to make a list but just a quick eye scan. Even if I had the money I wouldn’t get one.
        Some of us don’t want life to get too easy especially for just one company. LOLOLOL Just a wee comment…

  4. Meal planning can really help everyone, and good thing that there’ s an app that can be checked and a guide also, this can help me a lot saving time and money, and no more spoiled food in my fridge.

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