A Portland, OR Canning Class

September 13, 2011(updated on October 3, 2018)

a Portland vista

Dear Portland. I am coming to visit you in just a couple short weeks. I am going to eat a Pok Pok (fish! sauce! wings!), dig for treasure at the bins and attend my 10 year college reunion out in Walla Walla (I’m still not certain how I got to be this old).

I am also going to teach a canning class at Kitchen Cru. It’s on Tuesday, October 4 from 7-9 p.m. and costs $60 to attend. We’ll make pear vanilla jam and I’ll answer every canning question you have (even the ones you think are too silly to ask. Nothing is too silly).

I’ll bring some bread and goat cheese and you’ll swoon when you taste hot pear vanilla jam on top of crusty baguette and creamy chevre. You’ll even get to meet my mom.

Click here to sign up.

18 responses to “A Portland, OR Canning Class”

  1. That is so very exciting! I want to see if I can clear my calendar! Pok pok is great! Check out their new Noi location! Not as many options, but same great flavors.

  2. Now I know why I am so drawn to you Marissa–not only the canning/preserving thing, the bins!!! I *love* charity shops and I *love* digging through the bins as well. : ) Have a great time in Portland!!!

  3. I hate to leave a site without saying something but all I can say today is I’m sorry, you are too far away.. However we have pears slowly ripening in the orchard, maybe I can try to make your jam all by myself, your instructions are always so accessible .. and I love real vanilla.. c

  4. My sister has informed me that “The Bins” in Hillsboro (just West of Portland) are actually much larger with more stuff…. in case you are wanting to really go bin crazy. She is always bringing me treasure from that one. Have a good time here in my hometown! The SE Pok Pok is just a few blocks from my house…yum yum. Alas your class is not really in my budget right now, but I love your blog!

  5. Shoot! I can’t get to your class, but this is funny….looking for a house right now to move from Bend to Walla Walla….like who is from Walla Walla? lol

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