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October 23, 2010(updated on October 3, 2018)

carrots in a jar

Sad news, kids. I didn’t manage to complete a chile-based project for the October Can Jam. I had a plan and even the ingredients to carry it out, but alas, I couldn’t make the kitchen magic happen before the deadline. I’ve spent all week scrambling to get myself re-oriented to post-vacation life.

But since the ingredients are still languishing, I do hope that I will be able to make the Peach-Jalapeno Jelly I’ve been plotting (with leftover peach syrup from my final batch of canned peaches. Amazingly, it’s been in the fridge for nearly a month and hasn’t started to ferment yet. Here’s hoping it will last another few days).

However, did you know that you can bring limp carrots back from beyond the pale by submerging them in a jar of water and keeping said jar in the refrigerator? This act will make you a hero with your snack-craving, carb-avoiding husband (unless you happen to wedge the carrots too tightly into the jar in an attempt to be efficient, rendering it nearly impossible for the hungry husband to remove them. True story. Tongs had to be employed).

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to make this website a fun place to visit, now that we’re heading into quieter canning times. In an attempt to keep things interesting, I’ve created a Flickr group called (wait for it) Food in Jars. I’m inviting everyone to join and add their favorite pictures of the jars in their lives and the way they’re employed in the kitchen and beyond.

Truly, it doesn’t just have to be home canned goods. It can also be photos of the jars you use for leftover storage, for dry goods or for your morning coffee. I’ll be picking a photo from the group pool once a week to share here on Food in Jars, in order to share the jar love. So let’s see those jars in action!

Finally, I have a giveaway I’ve been negligent in wrapping up. Several weeks ago now, I offered up a copy of the GrassRoutes Guide to Portland. Then I went to BlogHer Food and then onto a Portland vacation and totally dropped the ball. In an attempt to get back on top of things, I’ve selected a winner. It is lucky #22, Sandi Garcia. Congratulations Sandi, I’ll be in touch shortly.

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14 responses to “A Can Jam Oops and a Food in Jars Flickr Group”

  1. oh no! peach jalapeño jelly sounds lovely! don’t forget if you can post it before I post the round up this wednesday AM then your in like flynn for the final two round-ups.

    and good to know about the carrots! I knew it kept them crunchy, but I didn’t know it actually revived them. good stuff! 🙂

  2. Love the flickr group idea. I won’t be canning for at least another 6 months but I’d partake in the inspiration!

  3. Great idea for the flickr group. There are so many foods that look so pretty and probably photogenic in jars, I look forward to seeing them!

  4. I like the idea of food in canning jars. Sometimes i think my food in jars looks better than it tastes. Sad for me, no doubt.

    I just found your site – and my love for canning – but, I would like to you to continue to show ways to use your canned goods. I have so many preserves and pickles I love hearing new ways people incorporate them into meals.

  5. Marisa — Yay! CPR for carrots — who knew?!? I look forward to receiving the book and perhaps someday I will visit that area — at least I am on the right coast, eh? I would love to have the Jala-Peacho recipe. I was beginning to wonder if that was only made in the Southwest. Out here, everyone puts a jar over cream cheese with a bowl of crackers and it makes a splendid appetizer! I did a mango jalapeno this summer and not only is it pretty, it tastes great. My husband called it Jalapango . . . The picture idea is great too.

  6. Yay! for flickr group! Sounds like a great place, just need to designate more flickr time now…

    Peach jalapeño jelly? Yes! I canned peach salsa for the first time this year, jelly will have to make the list for next year!

  7. You probably know this, but…carrots and carbs are not friends 🙁 If Scott is avoiding carbs the lower glycemic veg/fruits will make his task easier (or harder, since he can’t enjoy as many of your goodies). Can’t wait to try my first pickle in jars project. Soon!

  8. I’ve been watching your website for some time & love your posts! I agree with Coqui, who posted earlier, I would love to hear, have recipes, etc. from people that use their peserves in the recipes! I have quite a few peach canned products, and would love to have recipes that use them, preferably in different ways!

    I usually add “spices”, usually hot- that I have preserved from my garden, & use the preserves & hot peppers, for pork & the antelope & deer my husband works for. I would love to talk with someone that has suggestions for me, as how to use my preserves with meat on a regular basis. Biscuits & jam/butters, just don’t get used around here that much!

  9. Oh sorry, it may have been Mary Sue that had the suggestion about recipes for jams/preserves! I would love to have new recipes that used these items for dinner or lunch!! I love to can, but my fruit preserves, don’t always get eaten, cuz we aren’t big breakfast people!

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