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Links: Tomatoes, No-cook Jams, and Winners

two crates of tomatoes

I may have bitten off more than I can chew. With just 48 hours to go before we leave for vacation, I picked up 50 pounds of tomato seconds. I’ve divided them into a few different categories for canning (salsa, pizza sauce, jam, puree), and I’m going to do my best to make them all happen before we leave for the airport at 4 pm on Tuesday. We shall see. Now, links!

ripener bowl with fruit

The winners of last week’s Fante’s Fruit Ripener Bowl giveaway are #24/Kristal, #82/Holly, and #107/Sherrie Smith. More tomorrow!

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Monday Morning Odds and Ends

Maine blueberries

This weekend was an exercise in extremes for me. I spent all of Saturday engaged in the intensity of teaching. This activity took place in the classroom at the US Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C., where I set up for two classes (wrangling 25 pounds of cooked beets and 50 pounds of raw carrots), taught for four hours, and then cleaned and packed up again.

Sunday, in comparison, was blessedly slow. We slept late, made pancakes, visited Scott’s mom, and took ourselves out for dinner. I also snuck away for an hour to take a walk with a dear friend. It was good.

I didn’t get a links and winners post up last night because somehow, I didn’t manage to collect any links last week (it’s rare, but does occasionally happen). So instead, I thought I’d drop in with a few updates and those Anolon Vesta braiser winners this morning. Here are the updates, in convenient list form.

  • I’m teaching a class in Carlisle, PA Tuesday evening. If you’re out that way, it’s still not too late to register. The class is from 6:30 – 8:30 pm and costs $15. Contact Deb Yorlets at 717-574-2217 to sign up.
  • There is still space in my Omega Institute (in Rhinebeck, NY) workshop at the end of the month. It’s August 28-30 and will be an immersive weekend of food preservation. If you want to join me, you can find all the details here.
  • My friend Joy and I launched a new podcast last week. Called Local Mouthful, it’s a half hour show devoted to food in Philadelphia and beyond. In the first episode, we talked about turkey burgers, Joy’s Dry July, and homemade pizza. You can listen here and subscribe here.
  • I’m going to be in Spokane August 20-23, hanging out with my husband as he attends Sasquan. I was thinking about trying to organize a canning meet-up while I’m in town. If you live in the Spokane region and would be interested in such a thing, leave a comment!

anolon braiser side

The winners of the Anolon Vesta 5-Quart Cast Iron Braiser are #79/Joy and #694/Alyson. Congratulations, ladies! To all of you who didn’t win, I will have another giveaway up later today, so stay tuned for that.

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Links: Poached Tomatoes, Spicy Beans, and a Winner

marisa in a jar

For most of the year, my work is confined to my apartment, where I cook, take pictures, and write. Then summer comes and I spend vast swaths of time traveling to distance cities to teach, demonstrate, or collaborate. This last week was heavy on the traveling and collaborating.

I spent Wednesday and Thursday in San Francisco, filming a canning video with the crew from Brit + Co. From there, I flew a very indirect itinerary to Indiana, arriving on Friday morning for Saturday’s International Can-It-Forward day (which was totally delightful). I headed home on Sunday morning and was so happy to sleep in my own bed last night (blame the lateness of these links on my extreme weariness). Here are this week’s links!

Mrs. Wages mixes

The winner of the Mrs. Wages tomato mix giveaway is #275/Martha. I’ll be in touch shortly!

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Links: Berry Jams, Pickles, and Winners

my books at Powell's

I am so very behind in both sharing links and announcing recent giveaway winners. Without any further fanfare, here are some of the tasty thinks I’ve noticed recently.

strainer lid on jar

Now it’s time for winners. First up is winner in the Primo preserves giveaway from two weeks ago. That lucky person is #123/Megan Kiedrowski.

Next are our ten winners in the strainer lid giveaway. They are:

Thanks to everyone who has entered a giveaway recently. I’ll be in touch with all the winners in the next couple days and I’ll have a fresh giveaway up tomorrow morning.

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Links: Berry Jams, Pickles, and Winners

It's apricot season! A half bushel is seconds is all mine!

Oh friends. Canning season is on so hard right now. I have 25 pounds of apricots spread out on baking sheets on my living room floor, and I have four pounds of super ripe peaches on my kitchen counter. There are dilly beans fermenting on the dining room table, and I put a finished half gallon of kosher dills into the fridge. I both love and am totally overwhelmed by this time of year. Now, links!

chalk top boxes offset

I missed announcing winners in the Ball Blue Book giveaway from last week, so I’m going to double up and include those here as well as the winners in the Chalk Tops giveaway.

So, first the Ball Blue Book winners. They are #6/Rebecca, #75/Barbara Durkee, and #297/Eileen.

The Chalk Top winners are #37/Susie, #89/Deb, and #198/Sarah. Thanks to everyone who entered both these giveaways. I’ll have another fun one up tomorrow!

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Links: Cherries, Chick Pea Crackers, and Winners

It's sour cherry day! Thanks for growing such great fruit, @3springsfruit!

I’m not sure when it started, but somewhere in the last few years, I started marking the passage of summer by seasonal fruit. And so by the fruit calendar, summer is flying by (despite the fact that it only officially started today). Rhubarb and strawberries are gone and the cherries are present but they last so briefly. I’m just grateful that there’s still so much more wonderful stuff to come. Now, links.

stars on paper straws

Time to announce the winners in last week’s wildly popular Fillmore Container giveaway! They are #51/Marie and #802/Kristine. Thank you all for taking the time to enter!

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