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Handmade Treats for Family, Friends and Sweethearts

Valentine’s Day is just a week away now and if you haven’t begun to think about a few little gifts, now might be a good time*. I’ve been seeing lots of inspired treats across the internet of late. I’m particularly charmed by these peanut butter and jam thumbprint cookies, where the hollow for the jam has been molding into the shape of a heart.

However, if you don’t have the time to make something up yourself, there’s an organization I want to tell you about. Called Eat Boutique, they are tiny company who is in the business of putting together boxes of artisanally made foods. It’s not a situation in which you can customize the box. They simply have a seasonal box that get’s packed full of whatever lovely things they’ve determined work best for the current season. The box they’re currently offering includes sea salt caramels, snowball cookies and a jar of sweet pickled beets and costs $55 + s/h. Sounds pretty nice to me.

Now, if that box happens to be a bit too spendy for you, consider taking the idea as inspiration and putting something together from your own homemade items. I keep envisioning a few friends teaming up, making a couple of components and then trading, in order to have more variety in less time.

Now, let’s hear how the rest of you plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day. Got any special treats or goodies in the works?

*I happened to be married to a man who’s birthday is also on Valentine’s Day, so I’ve been thinking and planning for months, trying to ensure that I cover both bases and make him feel as special as he deserves.

Note: There’s been no pay for play here. I received nothing from Eat Boutique in exchange for this post. I just like what they are doing and their focus small and handmade.

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Dark Days: Veal Cutlets, Sauteed Spinach and Roasted Potatoes

Valentine's Day Meal

The short, chilly days of winter are now upon us and that means just one thing. Time for another round of the Dark Day Challenge, in which participants from all over the country (and world) prepare at least one intentionally local meal per week during the winter and blog about it. The goal is to prove that it’s possible to eat locally, even during the cold months when the verdant abundance of summer is just a memory.

For this first week, I have a meal that’s actually doing double duty for me. It’s the bulk of my article for the February issue of Grid Philly, all about how to have a romantic and tasty home-cooked Valentine’s Day. You’ll have to wait until that issue hits the street (or internet) to get the full details of the menu. However, I can tell you that it was everything you want in a celebratory meal – a little bit special, not at all too hard and very satisfying. It also requires the use of both a knife and a fork, which alone elevates it above more than half the meals I make on a regular basis. All ingredients were sourced from the Fair Food Farmstand at Reading Terminal Market, a highly useful resource for Philadelphia grocery shoppers as they carry nearly everything you need for virtuous eating, all year round.

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