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Savory Jams, Fruit-based Ketchups, and a Podcast

savory jams

I’ve been on vacation for the last few days and it has been ridiculously nice. We’ve slept late, wandered around small towns, and even discovered a store devoted to homemade jams and pickles. Still, I didn’t want to leave this space unloved for too long and so am dropping in to tell you about a few of my recipes that have recently appeared elsewhere and a podcast on which I recently appeared.

The first is a story I did for Table Matters about savory jams. It contains a spicy yellow tomato jam, a sweet onion and roasted red pepper butter (this one isn’t safe for canning), and an apricot chutney with shallots and sage (this could also be made with peaches if apricots are done where you are). They are all the kinds of things that are great for serving with cheeses, slathering on homemade pizza dough, and spreading into sandwiches.

The second is a piece on fruit ketchups for Saveur’s website that’s been many months in the making. I wrote a short piece on the history of ketchup (did you know that the earliest ketchups were made with mushrooms and fermented oysters?) and then developed an array of homemade ketchup recipes. The four that made the final cut were blueberry chipotle, tomatillo and roasted green chile, sweet cherry, and beet. I love them all, but am particularly obsessed with the tomatillo version. I need to make a second batch before their season is over.

The last thing is that I was recently a guest on a podcast called The New Disruptors. I had such a good time chatting with host Glenn Fleishman and I’m delighted by how well the whole thing turned out.

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Homemade Gifts on Saveur + Easton Winter Mart

Several months back, I got an email from an editor at Saveur, asking if I’d be interested in working on a holiday piece for their website. After several conference calls, dozens of emails, and lots of recipe testing in my tiny kitchen, the finished piece is now live.

It features eight preserves and treats that all make fantastic holiday gifts. Make sure to check out the ginger curry candied almonds and the dried fig compote (so good with cheese!).

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

This Saturday, December 1, I’m going to be at the Easton Winter Mart in Easton, PA from 10 am to 2 pm. I’ll be doing a jam making demo at 11:30 am and will have plenty of books with me to sign and sell. If you’re in the greater Philadelphia and have been thinking of treating yourself to a book, please do come out and say hi!

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Saveur, Food Swaps and Tasty Things

Saveur voting

Hello friends! I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and start to Passover. I have a number of odds and ends to share with you right now, but make sure to check back later today, as I’ll have a fun canning product review and giveaway.

Last week, I was delighted to learn that I’ve been nominated for a Saveur Best Food Blog Award. This is the third year that this site has been in the finals for one of these awards and I’m entirely honored and flattered by the nod. If you’d like to vote for Food in Jars (I’m nominated in the Best Recipe category), you can do so by clicking here.

While you’re over there, may I also suggest that you vote for Punk Domestics in the Best Group Blog category? PD is a gathering place for canners, preservers and other like-minded DIY food folks and I’d love to see them get some love.


The fourth Philly Food Swap is taking place on Thursday, April 26 from 7-9 p.m. It’s being held at Meadowbrook Farm, which is located a little bit north of Jenkintown. It’s something of a hike from Center City (depending on traffic, it’s a 45-ish minute drive from Philly), but there’s a group setting up ride shares on the Philly Swappers Facebook page. There’s a $4 fee to help cover costs and tickets can be bought here. I’d love to see some of you local suburban folks there!

Passover goodies

On occasion, I get sent food products for tasting and review. Because of this site’s narrow focus, I’m rarely able to write about them without violating my personal sense of canning blogger ethics. However, I got a couple recently that were good enough that I’m granting myself a one-time dispensation in order to include them here.

The first box I received included a few products from Manischewitz. They are famous for their matzo, kosher juices and wine and other products designed to help Jews eat well and adhere to their dietary restrictions. Since we’re in the midst of Passover, it seems like the perfect time to mention them.

My samples included the products you see above, as well as a bag of Kosher potato chips that my husband and I ate so quickly that I didn’t manage a photo (they were light, crunchy, salty and were ideally potato-y). I had a hard time stopping myself from nibbling the Crunchies all day long (the rest have been handed over to a Passover-keeping cousin as an airplane snack) and the coating crumbs are a tasty substitute for panko. Well done, Manischewitz!


Finally, it’s time to talk ice cream. For those of you who live in the midwest, Graeter’s ice cream is no big thing. However, for us Philadelphians, the news that Graeter’s is bringing their small batch ice cream to area stores is fantastic, indeed. This ice cream is some of the smoothest, creamiest and most wonderful I’ve had in my lifetime.

It’s quite rich, but the flavor density is such that you only need a few spoonfuls in order to be entirely satisfied by it. I do try to limit ice cream to a “sometimes food” but from now on, I know where I’ll be turning to when I need a hit of something sweet, cold and creamy.

Disclosure: Both Manischewitz and Graeter’s sent me their products at no cost to me. I was not compensated for this post and my thoughts and opinions are all mine. 
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Nominate Punk Domestics for a Saveur Best Food Blog Award

Just a few days ago, Saveur opened nominations for their Third Annual Best Food Blog Awards. These awards strive to highlight some of the best food blog content being produced across the internet. For the last two years, I’ve been honored to be among the nominees.

This year, I’m going to do something a little unexpected. I’m not asking that you nominate or vote for this site. Instead, I suggest that you nominate Punk Domestics in the Group Blog category.

The way I see it, the DIY food community needs to rally and make sure that we have some representation in this year’s awards. There’s no one category that’s a natural fit for us, but the Group Blog category is a perfect venue to help our collective site shine.

You don’t have to create an account or sign in to nomination. Just click here, fill in the boxes and press submit to nominate Punk Domestics.

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A Little Reminder – Saveur Food Blog Awards

sunlit scale

So you might remember that about a month ago, I discovered that this little blog of mine was nominated by Saveur in their Best Food Blog Awards. The voting has been going on all month long and is wrapping up in about 48 hours (Friday afternoon, to be precise). If you like what I do here and you haven’t voted yet, I ever so humbly request that you consider casting a ballot in my favor.

You can find the voting page here. Saveur forces you to create an account with them, and I’ve heard from several people (including my parents) that they couldn’t figure out how to find the voting page again once they had followed the prompts to create the account. My best suggestion is to create your account, come back here and click this link once again. That should make it a little bit easier.

Thank you all so much!

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