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Quick Pickled Fennel with Orange Slices on Serious Eats

quick pickled fennel

Earlier this week, I devised a quick pickled fennel recipe for Serious Eats. If you like fennel, this pickle will make you very happy. It starts with a salting step that helps the fennel release some liquid and then has you toss the fennel with some freshly ground black pepper and sliced orange.

The oranges lend some sweetness and play nicely with the apple cider vinegar. I eat this one straight from the jar with my fingers, but if you have better manners than I do, I recommend drizzling a small portion with some olive oil and eating it with a fork.

If you’re ever interested in seeing all the pickle columns I’ve written for Serious Eats, I’ve added them to the bottom of my recipe index. Scroll all the way down and feast your eyes on all that pickly goodness.

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Pickles and Potlucks


After a very early morning wake-up call, I landed in Portland yesterday afternoon to spend the holidays with my parents. So far, I’ve done nothing but catch up on sleep and tag along to a pair of seasonal potlucks.

Though my mom is a fine cook, in recent years, I’ve become her potluck consultant (she claims that after a lifetime of inventing dishes, she’s out of ideas). Regularly, she calls me when she needs some fresh inspiration. And when I’m in town, it becomes my responsibility to help dream up and prepare our potluck contributions.

pickles for potluck

Knowing that more than a few of you might be looking for side dishes and items for shared meals in the coming week or two, I thought I might share what I came up with over the last two nights.

On Saturday, we cut carrots and parsnips into sticks (two pounds of each), tossed them with olive oil, minced rosemary, salt and pepper and spread them out on a cookie sheet in single layers. Roasted at 400 degrees for 25-30 minutes and turned at least once, they turn into crisp, caramelized nuggets of root vegetable goodness. To serve, I heaped them into a casserole dish and topped them with some chopped parsley, plucked moments before from my mom’s garden.


For tonight’s offering, we took a dish of mashed potatoes and kabocha squash. They get stirred together with beaten eggs, a bit of butter, chopped fresh sage and two kinds of cheese. It is ridiculously decadent and good. I think it’s perfect for a potluck, because it’s the sort of thing that must be shared. It’s far too rich to have for just a couple of people, but I crave it this time of year and love that I can have a generous taste while not being responsible for eating the whole thing.

I also brought two jars of pickles from home for tonight’s party, because I knew it was a crowd that would appreciate them. And I heard more than one person exclaim excitedly when they saw the jar of pickled okra.

How have the rest of you been handling your holiday parties and potlucks this season?

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Recent Recipes from My Serious Eats Column ‘In a Pickle’

pickled hot pepper rings

If you’re a long time Food in Jars reader, you might have noticed there’s been a serious dearth of new pickle recipes on the site. It’s not that I stopped suspending fruits and vegetables in puckery brines, it’s just that I got a pickling gig with Serious Eats. Once a week, I offer up a seasonal pickle recipe in a column we call ‘In a Pickle.’ Starting now, I’m going to recap those recipes on an occasional basis, in the hopes that it will help you folks find something new and delicious.

Last week, I made a batch of hot pepper rings. The brine has a red wine vinegar base and the finished pickles are wonderfully tangy and hot.

finished pickle

Before that, I pickled up a small sugar pumpkin. I know that I go on and on here about how pumpkin isn’t safe for boiling water bath canning, but this is the one exception. If you cut the pumpkin in small enough pieces and submerge it in a undiluted vinegar brine, you’ve got yourself one heck of a tasty (and safe) pickle.

pickled golden beets

The week before that, I made three pints of pickled golden beets. Those beets were so incredibly sweet that I didn’t add even a speck of sugar to the brine and still, they are so sweet ‘n tart.


Quick pickled radishes. A fridge-only pickle so that they retain their crunch. Tangy. Bright pink. Good on tacos.


Pickled Seckel pears. They are adorable and taste like Christmas. I’ve made a ton to give as gifts this year (only to the deserving, though).

To see the complete archive of recipes I’ve cooked up for ‘In a Pickle,’ click here.

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