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Preserves in Action: Pickled Red Onions

open face sandwich with pickled onions

This may come as something of a shock, but sometimes, I struggle to make good use of the things I’ve canned. I’m sure that most of you assume that I’m a paragon of pantry management, I’m actually very far from it. I fall into ruts, go weeks without eating a pickle and sometimes let a jar of jam go moldy in the fridge.

I write these “Preserves in Action” posts to serve as reminders to myself to use what I’ve made as well as to provide moments of hopeful inspiration for a few of you out there.

open face sandwich with pickled onions

Today, with more than 30 items on the to-do list, lunch needed to be quick. I toasted a slice of homemade sourdough (inspired by Tea’s January Challenge) and topped it with a couple slices of turkey, some crumbly cheddar, several forkfuls of pickled red onion (same recipe, different batch) and cucumber coins.

As I took bites between typing, I was reminded at how having a pantry stocked with homemade things makes it possible to elevate simple meals and make them more.

How have you made your meals more lately?

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Can Jam: Sweet and Sour Pickled Red Onions


Once again, I’ve waited until the last possible moment to post my Tigress Can Jam recipe. Motivated by deadlines? Yes, that would be me.

Despite my lack of action, I actually have been thinking about what to make for weeks. I initially wanted to do a red onion and rhubarb chutney. I even had a few stalks of ruby red forced rhubarb (purchased for my April Grid contribution). However, I left it waiting a few days too long and the rhubarb puddled in the bottom of the crisper. I took it as a sign that fate wanted me to do a solo red onion condiment.


Last weekend, I bought several hefty red onions and have been gazing at them for the last seven days waiting to be moved. Wednesday (or thereabouts), I decided that I wanted to make something akin to a bread and butter pickle (I’m a sucker for the combination of sweet and puckery). Tonight I settled down on the floor in front of the stretch of bookshelves that hold the canning volumes, in order to cobble a recipe together.


I stole inspiration from Linda Ziedrich’s favorite bread and butter pickle recipe (did you see that Linda left a comment on Rurally Screwed recently? I am star struck!), while using the proportions and cooking guidelines for pickled onions from So Easy to Preserve. What I got was a gently hued, softly cooked, slightly sweet pickle that I cannot wait to heap on a burger or suck down with a mild, soft cheese.

Updated June 29, 2010: These pickles are amazing on salads, particularly one built on a base of spicy arugula. Just thought you should know.

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