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Preserves in Action: Bagel with Goat Cheese and Pickled Grape Tomatoes

bagel with goat cheese and pickled tomatoes

I live a block away from a restaurant called Village Whiskey. I rarely go there for meals, as they typically don’t take reservations and the lines are often hours long. However, I love to take friends there for a drink, particularly if we’re able to meet up just after 5 pm, before the after work crowd has filled it to the rafters. It’s incredibly pleasant to sit at the bar, order a drink and munch away at some of their housemade pickles.

cypress grove humboldt

They serve their pickles with fresh ricotta cheese, black olive tapenade and grilled slices of sourdough. My very favorite is their pickled cherry tomatoes. This is week’s preserves in action is a direct homage to that bar snack.

bagel with goat cheese and pickled tomatoes

I toasted up half an everything bagel from a bag in the freezer (not as elegant as the grilled sourdough, but serviceable nonetheless), spread it with Cypress Grove Chevre and topped it all with the pickled grape tomatoes I made back in August (there are just a few left and I’ve been carefully rationing them). I didn’t have anything close to tapenade, so I added a sprinkling of smoked sea salt instead.

There’s something about the combination of the creamy cheese and the juicy, slightly sharp tomatoes that makes flavorful magic.

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