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Peach Walnut Conserve

It’s day two of Peach Week 2018! Monday, I shared a tiny batch of Peach Cardamom Jam. Today, it’s Peach Walnut Conserve!

A conserve is essentially a compote with extra bling. It typically consists of larger pieces or slices of fruit, spiced liberally, simmered until tender (but not falling apart), and then studded with dried fruit or toasted nuts (occasionally even both!).

I tend to make conserves towards the end of summer, when I’ve realized that my yearly jam needs have mostly been met (this year, it was 25 pounds of apricots that pushed me over that line).

I like these less ordinary preserves because they are nice to things to take to potlucks and they make nice gifts (particularly if you know someone who likes to build a good cheese board).

One of the jars I processed over the weekend didn’t seal (you can see in the picture above that one of the jars had been in the fridge) and I ate half the jar for lunch with a scoop of cottage cheese. It sounds like a lunch counter diet plate, but I promise you, it’s the pinnacle of satisfaction.

This blog post was written in partnership with the good people at the Washington State Stone Fruit Growers as part of my role as official Canbassador. They sent me 18 pounds of peaches and asked me to preserve them. I’ll be posting peach recipes all week long, so check back tomorrow for the next installment. For more about Washington State Fruit, follow them on social media!

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