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Peach Mustard

It’s day four of Peach Week 2018! Monday, I shared a tiny batch of Peach Cardamom Jam. Tuesday was all about the Peach Walnut Conserve! On Wednesday, we moved on to Peach Chutney with Toasted Whole Spices. Today is Peach Mustard day. 

Homemade mustards are great. Easy to make and super delicious, they are a fun way to bring a little extra magic to your next sandwich. The primary trick I’ve learned over the years of making mustards is that they taste better when you grind or crush the seeds rather than blitzing them in a blender or food processor. It’s more work, but the flavor payoff is really great. The best way to do it is to double up some resealable food storage bags and then bash them with a rolling pin or sturdy bottle.

This blog post was written in partnership with the good people at the Washington State Stone Fruit Growers as part of my role as official Canbassador. They sent me 18 pounds of peaches and asked me to preserve them. I’ll be posting peach recipes all week long, so check back tomorrow for the next installment. For more about Washington State Fruit, follow them on social media!

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