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Preserves in Action: Jam-filled Pancakes

filled pancakes

Pancakes. For a website that supposed to be focusing on jars and the food that goes in them, I’ve sure spent a lot of time writing about the pancake over the years, haven’t I. Well, one more can’t hurt.

filling pancakes

Here’s my latest taken on the pancake. Heat and grease your skillet as usual. Portion your batter out, using a slightly lighter hand than you might otherwise. Keep the heat slightly lower, so that you have time to then dollop a spoonful of jam into the center of each pancake.

covered over jam

Then, carefully cover up that jam with another spoonful of batter. As you can see, you don’t have to be absolutely perfect as you do this, just do your best and don’t worry about those little slivers of jam still peeking through.

caramelized jam edges

As you can see, those areas of exposed jam will get caramelized during cooking and make for little pockets of deliciousness.

pancake with jam inside

And there it is. A nice, fluffy, wholegrain pancake filled with peach jam. Now, I must confess something right now. This technique is not my original brainwave. I spotted this clever idea on the blog Time Travel Kitchen earlier this week, when my internet friend and occasional Food in Jars guest blogger Melissa posted a link to a different recipe on that site.

Still, I think it’s an inspired way to incorporate preserves into pancakes and makes for a convenient to-go breakfast because with jam in the center, your sweet topping needs are taken care of.

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Open Jars: Granola and Fruit Studded Pancakes

granola pancakes

A couple times a month, I make Sunday morning pancakes. I take my pancakes seriously and spent my childhood studying the art of the flapjack at my father’s elbow (he’s a former short order cook who spent years developing his own from-scratch pancake mix which you can find here). While I love pancakes simply for what they are (how does one describe the soul of a pancake?), I also look at them as platform for finishing off open jars of homemade stuff.

Take this last Sunday for example. I whisked together eggs, milk, a drizzle of grapeseed oil, a splash of vanilla extract and several scoops of my version of my dad’s mix. I greased and heated my perfectly seasoned, only used for pancakes griddle (I told you I’m no pancake lightweight) and made my dollops of batter. While the first side cooked, I sprinkled a bit of granola into the raw side. A little extra care went into the flipping, so as not to dislodge the granola. When they were done, my pancakes were studded with crisp bits and softened raisins.

empty jar, pancake, kindle

This is such a good way to fancy up your pancakes without putting a whole lot of extra work into them. I’ve also done this with sliced bananas, chopped pecans or dried cranberries. It also works with canned fruit like peaches, pears and plums. They can’t be too moist, just drain them a bit and chop them fine. The fruit caramelizes when you flip the cakes to cook the second side, which tastes just wonderful in the finished product.

There are just a couple things to know you cook toppings into your pancakes. The first is that you need to use a light hand when sprinkling them in. Overwhelm the cake with add-ins and your disturb its structural integrity. Spread sparingly and evenly. The second is something I alluded to above. You’ve got to take care when flipping the cakes so that you don’t end up scattering the additional bits across your stove top.

Though I’ve flipped many a cake in my day, I never take the skill for granted. You’ll need to access your meditative center during the frenzy of breakfast making, at least just for a moment. Slide the spatula under the cake (make sure to have a solid grasp on the handle) and lift. Center it back over the space where it needs to land. Take a deep breath and empty your head of any nagging worries. Finally, flip with confidence, following through with your wrist. Success!

Finally, once all your pancakes are cooked, spread them with jam (though my husband can’t be swayed from a puddle of real maple syrup) and dig in.

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