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Open Jars: Blue Cheese Savories from Mostly Foodstuffs

As anyone with a canning habit the size of mine knows, finding ways to incorporate jam into nearly every meal of the day is really the only way to control the tide of preserves. Happily, a new twist on jam use has come into my life and it’s divine. It came to my attention through Deena at Mostly Foodstuffs, who found it over at Food52 (the original recipe comes from The Runaway Spoon). I’ll just let Deena tell you about it.

I test drove this recipe earlier in the week, after lusting over it since Food52’s post a month ago. And it did not disappoint — these are amazing. Truly. The cookie itself is salty and savory, piquant with blue cheese, and counterbalanced with a dollop of tart jam. And, as an added bonus, it has a delightfully short and flaky crumb (and is easy to make, with just a handful of ingredients). It’s like the most elegant Cheez-It ever, the best of a cheese plate (cracker, cheese and preserves) all in one tiny little mouthful. This is a recipe that practically screams “I am your New Year’s Eve party appetizer!”

We’ve missed the boat for New Year’s Eve, but these little suckers truly should be kept in mind next time you need a delicious, slightly fancypants tidbit. Deena’s tried them with a variety of jams, all to great success. I had them with fig jam and felt compelled to dance a little jig of joy while they were in my mouth.

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