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Deal Alert: Crate & Barrel’s Canning Kit

canning kit

Yesterday, an errand took me within spitting distance of Crate & Barrel. I’ve been wanting to stop into a physical C&B store since they re-released the Dansk cookware (of which I’ve long been a fan). However, before I was able to make it over to the Dansk display, another table caught my eye. It was a massive array of canning tools, Weck jars (sadly, they were the only piece of canning gear not marked down) and pots, much of which was on deep discount.

canning tools

Of all the items on discount, the one that caught my eye was the canning kit. Regularly priced at $12.95, it was now just $7.95. Though it includes two tools that I think unnecessary (the tongs and the jar opener), it’s still a great price if you’re in the market for a jar lifter, wide mouth funnel and lid wand. It’s a terrific little starter kit if you’ve got a friend who has expressed interest in canning but just doesn’t have the right utensils yet.

A note: I was not paid, compensated or even asked to post about this sale. I just happened to visit the store and spotted the bargain. 

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