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Links: Pickles, Rhubarb, and Winners

Iced tea in a jar! Oh Western Mass, I think I love you.

It was another busy week around these parts. I did a bunch of work, had my 35th birthday, got the stomach flu, and drove to Western Massachusetts to spend the weekend with friends. I would have liked to have skipped the stomach flu portion of the itinerary, but those sorts of things are typically out of our control. Happily, it was a blessedly short lived bug and I’m back to normal. Now, links!

My book got a bit of internet love this week. Here’s who mentioned it.

JOY app

The weekly giveaway returned last Tuesday with the Joy of Cooking app! Here are the lucky winners (I’ll be in touch shortly!).

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Giveaway: New Joy of Cooking iPad App

Joy of Cooking shelf

When it comes to large, all-in-one cookbooks, I will forever be a Joy of Cooking loyalist. It was the book from which I learned the very basics of cooking and is where I turn when I want to make banana bread or crepes, or to determine how long to roast a turkey.

JOY app

I’ve long had six editions of JOY on my shelves and late last week, I excitedly added another version to my collection. Happily, this edition doesn’t take up a lick of space and I can take it anywhere I want. It’s the brand new Joy of Cooking app!

JOY keeping and storing

The new app includes thousands of recipes and all are contained in the app (that means that you don’t need to be connected to the internet in order to access the content). You can mark recipes as favorites so that you can return to different dishes easily. You can set the app so that it prevents your device from going to sleep while you’re cooking. And it’s programmed to include substitutions, so that you can easily swap ingredients with what you currently have in your kitchen.

JOY canning etc

One of the things I love about this app is that it helps bring recipes to my attention that I’ve passed over in the print versions. Every edition of JOY has contained a preserving section, but it wasn’t until exploring the app that I started getting excited about some of the jams and pickles it contains (tart corn relish! curried apricot chutney! golden cherry tomato and ginger jam!).

JOY rhubarb juice

I’ve marked this rhubarb juice recipe to make at some point this season. I love the thought of having a few jars of pink possibility.

This week, I have five downloads from the nice folks at JOY to give away to some lucky Food in Jars readers. Though, if you can’t wait, the Joy of Cooking app is available on the Apple App Store at the discounted price of $5.99 right now (the regular price will be $9.99). It’s great deal and a fabulous resource to carry around with you.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about your cookbook habits. Do you use an iPad or other tablet in the kitchen, do you drag a laptop in with you, or are you a cookbook devotee? Or is there some other method that you favor?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Saturday, May 17, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, May 18, 2014
  3. Giveaway open to all.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: The people behind the Joy of Cooking app gave me a free download so that I could explore the app and write about it. They are also providing the downloads for the winners. That said, I was mere moments away from buying a copy when I got the email offering me free review access. It is a great product and I’m thrilled that it’s in the world. 

Photos from the Flickr Pool + Joy of Cooking Giveaway Winner

It’s Sunday evening! The time when I feature your photos from the Food in Jars Flickr pool and announce the winner of the previous week’s giveaway. If you want to see your photos here, head over to Flickr and join the group!

Chunky Fig Jam

A small batch of the chunky fig jam (from my cookbook!), made by Flickr user bogiebogie and blogged over at her site, Knit Flix. I don’t think there’s anything more beautiful than fig jam.

September 29 2012

Eight half-pints of honeyed jalapeno rings, seven half-pints of red pepper jelly, and ten pints of tomato sauce. Quite an impressive daily tally from the team behind the blog and Flickr account, Interchangeable Parts.


There’s no detail in the description for this image, but I’m guessing that these are three jars of dilly beans (and don’t you love the way that little layer of carrots looks? What a smart way to ensure you’ve got a full jar for processing!). This one is from Sarah, who blogs at Get Cooking.

Maraschino Cherries

Hello pretty maraschino cherries! I tasted a friend’s batch at the Philly Food Swap last week and it made me think that I must add these to my to-make list for next summer. So good and so different from store-bought (through really, I should have known. Homemade is nearly always better). Thanks for the lovely pic, Lori!

on the home front.....

Home-rendered lard by Stephinie at Gypsy Forest. Who knew that fat could be so pretty!


Pressure canned tomato soup from Melissa, she of Bridgman Pottery fame. As a long-time wearer of red clogs, I am entirely smitten with her new line of pottery that features little red clogs.

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It was such a joy to read all your stories of cookbooks, family and food in last week’s giveaway. According to my very unofficial tally Joy of Cooking and Betty Crocker were the most popular books, with Better Homes and Gardens coming in close at their heels (Fannie Farmer also made a strong showing, too). It was fun to see the shout-outs for the various Moosewood cookbooks as well, that’s another series that’s near and dear to my heart.

The winner is Alaina, who blogs at Shoes of Life. She said, “My mother’s go to cookbook was a church cookbook from our town. Literally everything came from there. She did own a better homes and gardens, but it did not get nearly the use. I have coveted a copy of joy for a long time.”

Alaina, covet no longer! I’ll be in touch to hook you up with your very own copy!


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Giveaway: Joy of Cooking and 2013 Calendar


In my years of cooking, one of the things I’ve found is that most everyone has a foundational cookbook to which they are most loyal. Some of us come from households that held Better Homes and Gardens dear, while others preferred Betty Crocker and its patterned red and white cover. Whether your mother or grandmother consulted Fannie Farmer, Southern Living or the Farm Journal cookbook, up until recently, most homes had at least one of these much-loved, comprehensive volumes in residence near the kitchen.

Me, I come from a Joy of Cooking household. I grew up with the edition of JOY that was bound in turquoise fabric and was first released sometime in the early 1960’s.  It was a primary culinary reference in our house, particularly in the years before the internet made it easy to find 12 different recipes for the same cake in seconds. That book taught me to make crepes and peanut butter cookies, and one of my favorite family traditions is the yearly Christmas Eve consultation, in which we pull out my parents’ battered copy of JOY to check the turkey roasting information and plan our timing for the following day.


The copy of JOY that I was raised with was a gift from my grandma Bunny to her new daughter-in-law, soon after my parents got married. My mother was a touch insulted at first (the implication being that she was not an able cook), but rapidly came to appreciate the utility of such a gift.

Like many things that have lived and been loved for more than 40 years, it doesn’t look the way it once did.  The dust jacket is long since gone. The front cover fell off sometime in the mid-ninties and was reattached with a wide strip of silver tape (this repair is reinforced every decade or so).  Many of the pages have been enhanced with splashes of water or oil or gravy and don’t behave entirely like paper anymore.

modern Joy

In recent years, I’ve become something of a Joy of Cooking collector. I have six editions, which represent the changing food culture over the last eight and a half decades. Most often, I turn to the one that matches the copy I grew up with (happily, it was a hand-me-down from my great-Aunt Anne. It came with complete with a few of her annotations). I regularly use the recipe for Quick Banana Bread and have made the Cornbread on page 578 so many times that I could probably stir it together without ever once glancing at the page.

Recently, I’ve found myself in correspondence with Megan Scott. She and her husband (congratulations on your recent wedding, you two!), John Becker are the latest members of the Rombauer/Becker family to be working on the JOY legacy. They’ve redesigned the website and are regularly posting useful, thoughtful food writing and recipes. It’s a delight to see such a beloved institution in such capable hands.

my favorite banana bread

Earlier this summer, as Megan and I exchanged emails and talked about the possibility of me contributing a guest post to their site, she offered to send me a copy of the 75th anniversary JOY. It was at that moment that I confessed my ridiculous affection for the Joy of Cooking. I asked if instead of sending me another copy to add to my stack, could we give it away to one of my readers? She said yes and did me one better by throwing in one of the 2013 Joy of Cooking desk calendars.

If you’d like a chance to win a copy of the 75th anniversary edition of the Joy of Cooking and the 2013 desk calendar, here’s what you do.

  1. Leave a comment on this post. Tell me which cookbook was your family’s favorite. If you have a beloved recipe, please share that too.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, October 5, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: This copy of the 75th anniversary edition of the Joy of Cooking and the 2013 desk calendar have been provided to me at no cost. However, I’ve not been compensated for this post and my opinions are entirely my own.