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Giveaway: Jar Labels from CanningCrafts

Cute mason jars labels and a giveaway from new site sponsor CanningCrafts! What more can you ask from a Monday?

We had a glorious, unseasonably warm weekend here in Philly. The balmy weather reminded me that while we’re still months away from strawberries here in the northeast, many of you down south are already well into your berry season and that it’s a perfectly reasonable time to start thinking about the 2017 canning season.

It’s a good time of year to start inventorying your empty jars, and to take a look at the pantry to see what’s all gone (I didn’t do nearly enough tomatoes last September and so that shelf is beginning to look painfully bare) and what remains. It’s also the ideal time to start thinking about getting some pretty labels for the preserves you’ll make this year.

Lately, I’ve been swooning over the labels and hang tags from new Food in Jars sponsor CanningCrafts. It’s a one-stop shop for all your jar labeling and decor needs.

CanningCrafts offers an array of labels to ensure that there’s something for everyone. You can choose between labels with blanks that allow you to write in your various preserves (good for folks who do small batches and rarely make a lot of one thing) or custom labels designed expressly for your project (a perfect solution for shower and wedding gifts – these pickle gingham ones are so cute!). They also offer hang tags, cookie kits, ribbons, and pre-cut fabric squares for decorating the tops of your jars.

I’m particularly charmed by the return jar labels. Shop owner Alison admitted that she first created these in a fit of frustration after her sister failed to give her back her jars again! I know that she’s not the only one to face that issue!

For this week’s giving, Alison from CanningCrafts is offering up five sheets of labels to three lucky winners. Each of the three winners will get to choose the labels they want from the shop! And for those of you who need labels now, Alison is offering all Food in Jars readers 10% off their order with the code FOODINJARS-MARCH2017. This coupon code expires on March 31, 2017, so get to shopping!

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Giveaway: A Canning Stamp from A Sensible Habit

a sensible habit

Over the years, I’ve managed to talk a fair amount about how I label my canning jars. In most cases, I just scrawl the contents and date on the lid with a Sharpie. When I’m labeling dry goods in the pantry, I use that same permanent marker and write directly on the glass (it erases with a swipe of rubbing alcohol).

Sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly fancy, I’ll cut out labels with pinking shears and tie them to the jars with red baker’s twine. And of course, I talked a lot about labeling just before the holidays this year.

canning jar label

The most recent addition to my arsenal of canning jar labeling options is this lovely stamp from A Sensible Habit. Designer Brandy Schuman has a pretty little selection of stamps that are perfect for marking your goods with style and charm. You can use them in any number of ways, from hang tags to rounds of paper that you slip under the lid (it would also work really well on those circle-shaped brown paper labels that Avery sells).

seville orange marmalade label

Now that I have this stamp sitting on my desk, I think I’m going to start putting prettier labels on my more giftable preserves, in the hopes that having them all dressed up will compel me to share more with my friends and neighbors (confession time: I keep far more of what I make than we can reasonably eat. It’s time to get those preserves out of my pantry and into the world!).

Thanks to Brandy, I have the stamp that’s pictured above to giveaway this week. If you’d like to enter for a chance to win it, here’s what to do.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about the person who most appreciates your homemade preserves.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Friday, February 8, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway open to U.S. residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.
Disclosure: A Sensible Habit provided a stamp for me to use and photograph for this post at no cost to me. They’re also providing the giveaway unit at no cost. They did not pay for inclusion in this post and my opinions are entirely my own. 


Photos From the FiJ Flickr Pool + Labels Winner

so many

A pretty wave of home canning from Liz. Her blog is the very lovely Bubble Tea for Dinner.


I do get quite the thrill from seeing the canning you’ve all done. This one is from Flickr user cartera11. Gorgeous!

Jack Daniel's Honey-Maple-Cream Sauce

Jessica’s Jack Daniel’s Honey-Maple-Cream Sauce. Sounds ridiculously good, doesn’t it?

Can It Up: Fresh and Dried Cranberry Salsa

Hima’s Fresh and Dried Cranberry Salsa. Part of her November Can It Up challenge!

Pickled Red Onions

Vibrant pickled red onions from Lynn. And in a vintage pint and a half jar!


Caitlin bought the pattern for the Jars To Go tote from A Tiny Forest and made several for her own use and gifting. Love it! And, did you guys see that Kim came out with a four jar version of the tote? It’s awesome!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

Thanks to all of you who took the time to share your jar labeling strategies. Please know that there’s no shame in simply scribbling the jar’s contents and date made on the lid of the jar with a Sharpie. It’s what I do most of the time. I only go for fancy labels when I really want to make a pretty present. So don’t feel bad!

That said, time for our winner. It’s Peggy, #259. She blogs at Pig Logs and ‘taterberries. Congratulations Peggy!

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Holiday Giving: Prettifying Your Jars + Giveaway


Judging by Thanksgiving’s rapid approach and the number of Black Friday commercials playing on TV, we are now officially in the thick of the holiday season. This means that it’s time to start thinking seriously about gift giving.

In my household (and I suspect in many of yours as well), this means taking stock of the jams and pickles that are good enough to give and spending a little time trying to make them presentable (because my standard labeling method is a quick scrawl across the top of the lid).

Because my skills as a crafter and designer quite lousy (I have many other talents, but a visual artist I am not), I’ve taken to outsourcing my labels. Here are some folks that make lovely tags, labels, and stickers that will have you set for gift giving in no time.

Don’t forget to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to check out the giveaway! 

Once Upon Supplies

This sweet online shop offers brown kraft paper labels, hang tags, and fun washi tape. If these tickle your fancy, shopkeeper Linda is offering all Food in Jars readers 15% off their orders. Just us the coupon code FIJ15OFF.

River Dog Prints

RiverDog Prints makes customizable canning jar toppers and labels, as well as printable recipe cards, gift tags and even really cute recipe dividers (for those cards that you ordered). Shop owner Cyn isn’t just a designer, she’s also a canner herself, so she understands what works on a jar and what doesn’t. Her Etsy shop can be found here.

Sew Love The Day

For a touch of whimsey, nothing tops the hand-sewn jar toppers from Sew Love the Day. You can get them themed for your particular preserve, or you can get ones for the holidays that feature bows, baubles, and peppermint candies. They are even more adorable in person.

Modern Harvest Home Canning Labels

First off, I apologize for the lousy picture. These labels are hard to photograph not on jars and I could not muster the energy to shrink one to a jar earlier today (I’m fighting a bit of a cold). The way they work is that you write the contents on the label, as well as the month and date when the product was made. Then, you slip it around the jar and dip the jar, label and all into hot water.

The temperature change causes the label snug up around the jar, in a style reminiscent of Shrinky Dinks. Once you’ve eaten everything in the jar, all you have to do is slip a knife under the label, make a little slit and it pulls right off. Because there’s no glue involved, you never have to scrape any sticky residue away. They come in a variety of different sizes and cost $5.49 for 36. It’s a seriously good deal. Click here to see all the size and design options.

Jigsaw Graphics

Finally, for those of you who are slightly more crafty than I, this kit that allows you to customize your fancy labels might be the thing for you. These are made by Jigsaw Graphics, a company based in Portland, Oregon (my home town!) and are pretty darn nifty. The labels can be used either with permanent markers or with dry erase ones (if you want to reuse them). Click here to check out all the buying options.

The giveaway goodies:
Once Upon Supplies: 20 mason jar labels, atching baker’s twine, and 20 gift tags.
RiverDog Prints: A collection of labels and tags.
Sew Love The Day: Your choice of three sets of six toppers.
Modern Harvest: A variety pack of labels.
Jigsaw Graphics: Jar kit with labels, tags, markers, and hemp string.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share how you label your jars for gifting.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Friday, November 23, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway open to US and Canadian residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post. I do not accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: These five vendors provided samples for review and photography, as well as units for giveaway. However, they did not pay to be included in this post and my opinions about their products were all my own.