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Bake a Difference with OXO For Cookies for Kids’ Cancer + Oatmeal Muffins

It’s that time of year again, when the folks at OXO host a blogger campaign for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. The goal is to help raise both awareness and funds for childhood cancer research. For every blogger who dedicates a post to the topic, they donate $100 to the cause.

I participated last year, sharing my story of losing a friend to cancer when I was in middle school, and making a batch of tasty cookie bars from Dorie’s Cookies.

This year, I’m offering up a batch of muffins rather than cookies, thankfully, I’m told that they’ll still count. And if you missed Shianne’s story last year, consider hopping over to that blog post to read it.

OXO sent me their Non-Stick Pro 12 Cup Muffin Pan, a dozen Silicone Baking Cups, and Baker’s Decorating Tool and told me to be creative. I spent a little time worrying about doing that decorating tool justice before realizing that one should always write what they know (as it were).

And so I opted to adapt a simple oatmeal muffin recipe from the classic and invaluable King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion and use the filling tip on the decorating tool to give them a plum butter center. It worked better than I’d even hoped. Next time I’m invited to a brunch potluck, I know what I’ll be bringing!

I’m not someone who typically goes in for fancy decorations on baked goods of any stripe (I’d be a terrible contestant on the Great British Bake Off), and so it was my first experience using a decorating tool. I was happy to discover that it was really intuitive to use and fun to booth. I predict that there will be more jam-filling and piped frosting in my future thanks to this devise.

Oh, and if you don’t have a nifty tool for filling your muffins with jam, they would be equally good if you split them and simply gave them a healthy dollop.

Disclosure: OXO sent me the tools you see above. No additional compensation was provided for this post. 

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Preserves in Action: Jam-filled Pancakes

filled pancakes

Pancakes. For a website that supposed to be focusing on jars and the food that goes in them, I’ve sure spent a lot of time writing about the pancake over the years, haven’t I. Well, one more can’t hurt.

filling pancakes

Here’s my latest taken on the pancake. Heat and grease your skillet as usual. Portion your batter out, using a slightly lighter hand than you might otherwise. Keep the heat slightly lower, so that you have time to then dollop a spoonful of jam into the center of each pancake.

covered over jam

Then, carefully cover up that jam with another spoonful of batter. As you can see, you don’t have to be absolutely perfect as you do this, just do your best and don’t worry about those little slivers of jam still peeking through.

caramelized jam edges

As you can see, those areas of exposed jam will get caramelized during cooking and make for little pockets of deliciousness.

pancake with jam inside

And there it is. A nice, fluffy, wholegrain pancake filled with peach jam. Now, I must confess something right now. This technique is not my original brainwave. I spotted this clever idea on the blog Time Travel Kitchen earlier this week, when my internet friend and occasional Food in Jars guest blogger Melissa posted a link to a different recipe on that site.

Still, I think it’s an inspired way to incorporate preserves into pancakes and makes for a convenient to-go breakfast because with jam in the center, your sweet topping needs are taken care of.

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