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Hot Pepper Hoagie Relish

Regular Food in Jars contributor Alex Jones drops in this week with a recipe for sweet and spicy pepper hoagie relish (for those of you not in the Philadelphia region, hoagies are our version of a sub sandwich). I can imagine lots of delicious ways to serve up this spread! -Marisa

Egg sandwich with hoagie relish

As a kid, I was weird about sandwiches. I didn’t like mayo, and I didn’t like tomatoes. My sandwich of choice in middle school was wheat bread, yellow mustard, and Tofurky slices, with nothing else.

Fast forward 20 years and my tastes have changed — partially, I suspect, because I now live in a city with a strong sandwich culture. Hoagies, whether you get them from Wawa or the corner store, are standard fare here in Philly.

And while I’ll still pick off (or ask my sandwich artist to omit) slices of sad, pink, industrial tomato from my sandwiches, I’ve come to appreciate the components of a good hoagie: slices of tender turkey and cheddar cheese, sweet onion, a ruffle of lettuce, just the right amount of tangy mayo. And those juicy sweet and hot peppers, which add a ton of flavor and set off the other ingredients perfectly.

When a whirlwind of late summer travel meant that I had three weeks’ worth of sweet and hot peppers from my Taproot Farm vegetable CSA stashed in the fridge, I knew I wanted to make something that would help recreate my typical sandwich order without walking the 200 feet to my corner deli.

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Guest Post: Habenero Hot Sauce from Scott Lindenhurst

Scott Lindenhurst is the creator of Sauce Authority and is avid hot sauce aficionado. For nearly a year now, he’s willing tasted every hot sauce, pepper oil, and barbecue sauce he’s been able to get his hands on in order to share his findings with his growing audience of chili heads. Today, he’s stopped by to tell us a little more about his journey to the fire-y side of canning and preserving and share a recipe.


I first realized that I had a hot sauce addiction when it became apparent that my life (and my meals) had been consumed with the thought, “I can add hot sauce to this?” From chicken, burgers and pork, to pasta, French fries and soup, nothing was safe. Between the taste-testing and the brewing up my own concoction, the Lindenhurst house has not been the same since.

I started Sauce Authority in the Fall of 2012 to give my hot sauce obsession a home. I live, breathe and sleep hot sauce – much to my wife’s frequent dismay. I grab every chance to try new hot sauces. And while I can’t get enough of taste-testing and reviewing sauces, more recently I have dabbled in making my own sauce. The most recent batch will have its debut at a party over the Memorial Day weekend.

One thing that I’m doing that made my sauce appropriate for a guest post on Food in Jars is that I’m putting the sauce in a jar, rather than the standard bottles that most hot sauces typically come in. The jar makes it look more of a salsa-type sauce, but make no mistake. It is a seriously hot sauce through and through.

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