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Welcome 2011!

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Yikes. I didn’t actually intend to take a full week off from blogging. But around the time we got all the Christmas dinner dishes cleaned and put away last Saturday I was feeling a little off and when I woke up the following morning I had a full blown cold, a gift from my sister. I spent the second half of my vacation in Portland dragging around my parents’ house, blowing my nose a lot and sleeping.

I managed to get back to Philadelphia on Wednesday, but was so wiped out by the time I stumbled through our front door that I was nearly weeping with exhaustion. I’ve spent the last few days laying low, watching bad television with Scott and eating take-out. We had a few friends over last night for a very low-key new year’s eve celebration, but aside from that, I barely seen anyone or left the apartment in the last three days.

However, I have a couple of freelance deadlines rapidly approaching, as well as a potluck brunch to attend tomorrow, so I’ll be back in the kitchen soon, cooking up a whirlwind.

I hope everyone has had a good holiday season! Happy new year!

P.S. This site got a nod from Fine Cooking, in their year-end Best of the Blog round-up. If you have the time, you can head over and give a vote!

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Holiday Wishes

my mother's jars

I’m a few days behind in wishing you all a very happy holiday season (I’ve spent very little time in front a computer while out here in Portland. It’s been a much needed break), but wanted to send my message of love, appreciation and joyful times out, no matter the belatedness. I hope that your holiday (whether you celebrate Hanukkah, solstice, Christmas or Kwanzaa) was chock full of family, fun and, yes, food in jars.

(Those shelves you see up there? That’s my mom’s assortment of nuts and grains. It certainly gives you an idea of where I got the jar bug.)

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