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Links: Milk Jam, Savory Granola, and Coconut Butter

cheesy tortillas

A few links I’ve had stashed away. I found a draft post with some links from late November and early December that are too good not to share.


Here’s what I’ve written elsewhere recently…

  • I tried my hand at homemade pretzels. I did both hard and soft and found that the soft pretzel is where it’s at. Absolutely worth making at least once in life. 
  • I’ve started a year-long project over on Table Matters that has me finding 12 delicious takes on the whole chicken. In January, I wrote about my favorite slow-cooked method.
  • Over on the FN Dish, I’ve written about Paula Deen’s Irish Lamb Stew (seriously delicious), Giada’s farfalle with chicken and Swiss chard (good, but know that making it with red chard makes for a muddy looking dish), and Rachael Ray’s Pork Goulash (Scott at it three times over, so it must have been good).
  • I also rewrote my grapefruit jam for the Etsy blog. It’s the perfect preserve for this time of year and it so bright tasting.


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Upcoming Classes, Events and a Few Favorite Links

four pears

Autumn is here, but that’s no reason to stop canning and preserving! If you’re in the Philadelphia area, I’ve still got a number of classes on the calendar through the end of the year, so please sign up (and tell your friends). Click here to see the full calendar of classes.

Though the first rush of book touring has passed, I’m still bopping around a bit, doing canning demos and book signings. Here are my upcoming events:

  • October 23 – I’ll be doing a demo and signing books at the Glen Mills Williams-Sonoma. Festivities start at 6:30 pm.
  • October 27 – I’m speaking on a panel at TECHmunch Philly. There are still passes available if you’re interested in registering for the day-long conference.
  • November 4 – I’ll be at the Greener Partners World’s Greatest Farmer Showdown in Collegeville, PA. I’m doing a canning demo, selling/signing books and helping judge the chili cookoff. It’s a fun event and cheap too, just $5 per carload! Hope to see some of you there!
  • November 15 – Though it’s a class, I want to give this one special mention. I’m finally heading to New York, to teach a class at Brooklyn Kitchen. I hope some of you NYC folks will sign up!
  • December 1 – Canning demo and book signing at the Easton Farmers’ Market from 10 am – 2 pm.
  • December 9 – I’m heading back to the Boston area to sign books at the Eat Boutique Holiday Market. This is going to be a really fun event and I highly suggest you add your name to their mailing list, so that you the moment tickets go on sale!

dusk from home

Finally, here’s a round-up of the writing I’ve done elsewhere lately.


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Curds, Pickles and Soups! Oh My!


This morning while I was bending over to make the bed, I felt a noisy ping in my lower back. I went from feeling entirely energetic and ready to leap mountains to a painful lump, crawling for a heating pad.

I shelved my cooking schedule and spent the day on the couch watching mindless TV. After a couple of doses of Ibuprofen, some gentle yoga and plenty of quiet time, I’m feeling better. While I continue to recuperate, check out a few recipes I’ve cooked up recently for some other websites.

orange cardamom curd

Orange cardamom curd. I made this for Simple Bites and it’s positively dreamy. I ate it this morning stirred into yogurt and later went back for a spoonful as an afternoon pick-me-up.

pickled Brussels sprouts

For my latest In a Pickle column, I pickled a pound of Brussels sprouts. They are yummy and my new favorite thing is to eat them along side a bowl of chicken soup.

marinated carrots

Though this recipe is more marinated salad than pickle, it is very much worth making. I cooked it up when I was still out in Portland. Both my parents went back for seconds and my aunt asked for the recipe. Not bad for a quick, cheap and simple salad.

lentil soup

Finally, for my most recent piece for the FN Dish, I made Alton Brown’s lentil soup recipe. It’s easy, inexpensive and warming. This is another one I made while out in Portland and I froze the bulk of it in lunchtime-sized portions for my mom. It was nice to know that I left her with a week’s worth of stressless mid-day meals.

Just one word of advice if you do choose to make that recipe. Go easy on the salt, particularly if you’re using boxed stock. I followed the recipe exactly and ended up having to add extra water to counteract the effects of the salt. Beyond that, it was excellent.

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