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Fermented Hot Sauce Livestream Tonight!

For this first livestream of September I demonstrated how to make two variations of fermented hot sauces. This topic was motivated because there were so many comments and questions on this Instagram post.

For those of you who want a recipe to work from, I used a similar technique as is detailed in this blog post. To watch the livestream, scroll down to the bottom of this post. It’s hidden after the jump.

If you’re looking for more information about fermentation (and more specifically, fermenting spicy things), these books will help you out.

Ferment Your Vegetables  by Amanda Feifer – A terrific book written by a fellow Philadelphian that features lots of small batch ferments and creative flavor combinations.

Preservation Pantry by Sarah Marshall – Sarah is the fermentation mastermind behind the company Haute Sauce. Her book contains a world of tasty things, including some of her most delicious spicy concoctions.

Fiery Ferments by Kirsten K. Shockey and Christopher Shockey – The best and most comprehensive book available on fermenting spicy things. If this is your favorite category, this book should be on your shelf.

Fermented Vegetables also by Kirsten K. Shockey and Christopher Shockey – For more basic ferments, organized by vegetable, this book is invaluable.

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CSA Cooking: Fermented Hot Sauce

finished hot sauce bottled

I made my first batch of fermented hot sauce in 2012. It was one of my very earliest fermentation projects and while technically the making of it was uneventful, the finished batch was so incredibly spicy that even one drop gave me immediate heart burn. At the time, I figured that homemade hot sauce just for me and moved along.

hot sauce ingredients

Then last fall, I was visiting Alana and had a chance to taste her hot sauce. It was bright, funky, spicy,  and made everything it touched just a bit better. I decided that I’d give making my own another try when next I had the chance.

chopped peppers and garlic

Well, that chance finally came earlier this month. My September Philly Foodworks share included a pound of hot peppers and a pound of sweet. Wanting to avoid my previous error and not make a sauce that would incinerate my digestive track, it appeared to be the perfect combination of ingredients.

chopped veg in jar

I took inspiration from a number of sources for my batch. I referenced Alana’s post, took a little inspiration from Well Preserved, and also made sure to see how Amanda over at Phickle does it. (By the way, all three of those bloggers have books coming out soon. Alana’s and Amanda’s books are hitting this month. Joel and Dana’s book will be out in the spring).

finished hot sauce mash above

After reading their various techniques and mixing it up with what I generally know about fermentation, I started my batch. I chose to make a brine (1 quart filtered water and 3 tablespoons fine sea salt) rather than directly salting so that I’d end up with a goodly amount of liquid for my final puree (I like a drippy sauce rather than a chunky one).

fermented hot sauce mash

I combined the peppers (sweet and hot), a full head of garlic (peeled, of course), and a big hunk of ginger in the bowl of my food processor and pulsed until I had a relatively uniform mash. I scraped it into a half gallon jar, added the brine, popped an airlock on top, tucked it into a corner, and forgot about it for a couple weeks.

hot sauce yield

I deemed the sauce finished when it had gone from bright green to olive drab, it was super tangy, and I found myself entirely happy to sip the liquid from a spoon. I divided the sauce into two batches, ran it through the blender, and was done. While different from the sauce that inspired it, it is still bright, tangy, and so, so good.

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