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A Little Reminder – Saveur Food Blog Awards

sunlit scale

So you might remember that about a month ago, I discovered that this little blog of mine was nominated by Saveur in their Best Food Blog Awards. The voting has been going on all month long and is wrapping up in about 48 hours (Friday afternoon, to be precise). If you like what I do here and you haven’t voted yet, I ever so humbly request that you consider casting a ballot in my favor.

You can find the voting page here. Saveur forces you to create an account with them, and I’ve heard from several people (including my parents) that they couldn’t figure out how to find the voting page again once they had followed the prompts to create the account. My best suggestion is to create your account, come back here and click this link once again. That should make it a little bit easier.

Thank you all so much!

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Facebook, Twitter + Waffles


Many months ago, I set up a Facebook fan page for this blog. You see, I do some social media stuff for my day job and so figured that if I was learning about it for work, it might be a good idea to also apply that information to the project that fills my free time. But then, life intervened (as it so often does) and I let that fan page lay fallow. Or so I thought.

Last weekend, I was prompted by a comment on the blog, asking me if I wouldn’t please post notifications on the fan page when I published a new post, to take another look. I was startled to discover that my empty little page had a number of wall comments and more than 50 fans. So I decided to dust it off, get a a snazzy URL ( and pay attention to that space. So, if you happen to be a Facebook-minded person, feel free to head over there and become a fan of Food in Jars. I’ll make a point of checking in daily to answer questions and post blog updates.

If you’re more of a Twitter person, I’ve also started using the account (@foodinjars) I created lo those many months ago, to send new post notifications. Click here to get to that account. My personal Twitter handle is @marusula* and if you’re so inclined, you can follow that account as well.

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top view

This blog regularly gives me the opportunity to put my jar obsession on public display. Thing is, I actually do have other culinary preoccupations. Case in point? My waffle iron collection. However, thanks to Dan at Waffleizer (one of my new favorite blogs), I’ve been given a chance to put my waffle irons on display.

Sadly, these days, I have but three. In past years, the number crept up as far as five (I’ve been known to give them away, when I find a waffle aficionado who I know will put the iron to good use). To see the full set of waffle iron photos I took that day, click here. If you suddenly find yourself struck with a waffle craving, this pancake mix also makes a mean waffle. I think I might make a batch of these waffled hash browns to go with. Just because I can.

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*Marusula is a nickname my sister gave me years ago and somehow, it’s become my handle for most social media things. Had I known how identified we would become with these handles, I might have chosen something slightly more dignified. But it’s too late to change now. And really, that’s okay.

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Nominated in the Saveur Best Food Blog Awards!

fun with cooking

Holy smokes kids, it’s a red-letter day in my food blogging career.

A little after 12 noon today, I was sitting at work, responding to an email and contemplating lunch, when I saw that people were tweeting about the Saveur Best Food Blog Awards. I followed a link over to that site, logged in and began placing my votes. I was methodically working my way through the categories when my universe shifted every so slightly. I clicked on the page for the Best Special Interest Blog, scrolled down and spotted a familiar site (sight).

This site. My site. Food in Jars.

I think I incoherently chortled first. Then I mumbled a few choice words that my grandma Bunny would have called “work language.” There was a tweet too.

Earlier today, a co-worker asked me if it was true what they always say. Is it really good just to be nominated? So far, my answer is an unequivocal yes. I am delighted. Honored, in fact, that those arbiters of delectability at Saveur think that this blog is worth their attention.

However, as much fun as I’m having being nominated, I can’t help think that it might also be nice to win. If you’re interested in helping me find out what winning might feel like, you can go here to cast your vote (yes, you do have to sign up for a Saveur membership, but it’s fairly quick and quite painless). While you’re there, make sure to vote for the other categories as well. Some of my favorite blogs are up for awards as well, like Homesick Texan, Ezra Pound Cake and The Kitchn.

Oh, one more thing. So many thanks to all of you who come back day after day and read about my canning projects, Dark Days meals and sundry baking endeavors. I couldn’t do it without every one of you.

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Thanksgiving Favorites

Turkey side view
As some of you may know, before I started this blog, I spent a lot of my time writing about food for Slashfood. Over the two years I was there, I amassed a fairly significant collection of holiday recipes and I thought it would be fun, as we prepare to head into the Thanksgiving frenzy, to point out some of my favorites. Even if most these recipes don’t actually include many (or even any) foods in jars.

In addition to those Slashfood recipes, there’s also the classic Fork You Thanksgiving series, in which we made:

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Beer in Jars + Jars on Blogs

beer in jar

Last night, Scott and I had headed down to Headhouse Square for the fifth annual Good Food, Good Beer evening. It’s a fundraiser for our local Slow Food organization and it’s the third year in a row that we’ve attended. It’s a fun event, because you get to taste five different small plates from local restaurants and drink a whole bunch of beer (nicer for me than for Scott, as he’s not a beer guy) for $32 (no worse than what you’d pay for any other night out).

I made a point to bring my own glass, because otherwise, I end up tossing a whole bunch of plastic tasting cups. And, because it’s me, my to-go glass was actually the wide-mouth pint jar you see above (pint jars also work nicely as a reusable cup for iced coffee. Just sayin’). I feel refreshed just looking at it!

And on to the jars on blogs…

Cherry tomato jam (as well as a nod at canteloupe jam, but no recipe. I’m intrigued!).

Canning apricots and cherries (although not in the same jar).

Hello cajun pickles! Oh, and three takes on the same pickle brine.

Pickled zucchini. Pickled radishes. Pickled bing cherries.

Apricot compote with Scotch whisky. I am dazzled.

I used my mint syrup to make a quart-sized mojito last Friday night. Here are a couple more homemade cocktail syrups.

And a couple of canning safety questions. Re-nest looks into whether there’s BPA in your home canned goods and Rebekah Denn ponders the safety of home canning.

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Winners + Linkage

blue book picture

Wow. There were a lot of you who wanted this book. Unfortunately, I have but two copies to pass along (I calculated it out, and it would have cost more than $500 to send each one of you a copy. Until I become independently wealthy, that’s just not in the budget). I turned to the very handy Randomizer to pick the winners and it spit out numbers 9 and 43. That means that the lucky recipients are Pat and Meghan. I’ll be in touch with the two of you posthaste.

In other news, have you heard about the Can-volution? A bunch of us jar-crazy folk are putting together a coast-to-coast canstravaganza for the weekend of August 29th and 30th. The goal is for people to get together in groups and do a whole bunch of puttin’ up. I’m actually going to be heading out to Seattle that weekend, to attend a canning party with a few of my favorite bloggers and hopefully teach a canning class. Leave a comment if you’re interested in participating and I’ll do my best to hook you up with other canners in your area.

Also, I did an interview with Jen A. Miller (aka Jersey Shore Jen) recently in which we talk about canning, preserving and fresh produce. She posted it to NJ Monthly earlier this week and you can find it here if you’re inclined. .

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