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Pickle Pipe Waterless Fermentation System Launches Today!

pickle pipe

Remember on Monday when I hinted that the folks at Masontop were about to launch a really awesome new fermentation product? Well, today’s the day. May I introduce you to the Pickle Pipe.

This little device is a waterless silicone airlock designed to fit onto a wide mouth mason jar. All you do is fill up your jar, set the Pickle Pipe on top and fix it in place with a regular old band. The valve has a small slit in it that allows the CO2 to escape from the jar, without allowing any oxygen back in.

pickle pipe side

I’ve used the Pickle Pipe on several recent ferments and I’ve been really impressed with its performance. I also really appreciate the fact that it’s just one piece (I’m always misplacing pieces of multi-part airlocks).

To learn more about the Pickle Pipe and to reserve a few for yourself, check out their Kickstarter.

Disclosure: Masontops is a Food in Jars sponsor and gave me one of their Pickle Pipes a few months ago so that I could play with it. However, I do mean every word of what I said here. 

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of Kickstarter campaigns, there are two really awesome cookbook projects currently being crowdfunded that you might be interested in. Hank Shaw’s Buck, Buck, Moose and Kathy Strahs The 8×8 Cookbook.

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fruit at Bi Rite

Over the last several days, we’ve settled down into some of my favorite weather of the year. I love the cooler days and chilly nights, as well as the alternating days of rain and sunshine. Autumn, you are always welcome here! Now, some links!

mason jar lifestyle airlock

A big thanks to everyone who took the time to enter last week’s giveaway, sponsored by Mason Jar Lifestyle! The winners of the two $25 gift cards to the site are #142/Katie B. and #220/RG. Congratulations to all the winners!

If you didn’t win, but spotted something you desperately want, don’t forget that you get 10% off your purchase by using the code “jars10” and that shipping is free if you spend $25 or more (if you order less than that, shipping is $4).

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stove while canning

Last Wednesday night, just before we slipped out of town to escape the weekend of Pope-centric festivities taking over Philadelphia, I spent the evening canning (as I often do just before a trip). I canned up a roasted sungold sauce and processed some fermented hot sauce (heating it does kill all the beneficial bacteria, but I just don’t have the fridge space for half a gallon of sauce). I’ll have both those recipes for you guys this week. Now, links!

T-fal Clipso pressure cooker

Time for winners! This week, I have two giveaways to wrap up. First is the T-Fal Clipso Pressure Cooker giveaway that I posted on Monday. The winner there is #25/Jo-Ann (congratulations!).

Second up is the $100 gift certificate from The Home Depot, that was offered in conjunction with the release of all those Can-It-Forward videos last Tuesday. The winner there is #70/Nikki A. Hooray!

Thanks to all of you who took the time to enter!

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kraut toast

Autumn is nearly here and while I’ll miss the long days, the warmth, and the produce (oh, the produce!), I am so very happy for things to be slowing down a bit. I have just a couple more classes on the schedule before settle myself back into a regular routine, catch up on email, and start plotting out the tour for my next book. While I gather myself, may I offer you some links?

There’s no winner to report this week because there was no giveaway last week! However, I’ll have a nice one up tomorrow, so stay tuned!


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canning street sign

I spent last night on a red eye, traveling back home to Philadelphia from San Francisco. I was in the Bay Area for a whirlwind three days for the Good Food Awards judging (and a bit of family time). Now I’m settling in to being home (at least for the next week) and trying to catch up on my overflowing inbox. While I type away, here are a few links for you!

inside cheese kit

The winner of the Hobby Hill Farm cheese kit giveaway is #132/Jen Y. And don’t forget, you can get 10% off on a Hobby Hill Farm purchase by using the code “FIJ.”

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omega workshop kraut

This last week has been such a good one. My mom got into town on Tuesday night and it’s been so fun to have her here. We’ve done a bit of preserving together, have gone on some very nice, meandering walks, and have generally enjoyed being around one another. When we weren’t just hanging out together, we were with extended family, celebrating the marriage of our cousin Amy to her partner Jean. They’ve been together for more than 30 years and it’s been such a joy to see them legally wed.

Now, links!

flip caps

The winners in last week’s Flip Cap giveaway are #24/Sue F. and #167/Pamela. Congratulations winners! And don’t forget, if you like the sound of the Flip Caps, you can get them here.

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