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Sungold Tomato and Maple Jam

As much as I like my original tomato jam, every few summers I feel compelled to try a different version. This maple sugar sweetened version is sunny, earthy, and bright. As you head into the end of the season and find yourself with more small tomatoes than you know what to do with, this jam might of of use.

Some notes. You can also make a half batch, if you don’t have quite the necessary volume. And if maple sugar is too pricy, try using Sucanat instead. It’s a really grainy, less refined cane sugar that has a lot of flavor.

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Peach Cardamom Jam


Every summer for the last nine years, I’ve teamed up with the folks at the Washington State Fruit Commission. As one of their Canbassadors, they send me boxes of fruit. I take those cherries, peaches, and plums into my kitchen, turn them into various preserves and then share what I’ve done here.

Earlier in the summer, they sent me some cherries, which became Sweet Cherry Butter and Cherry Balsamic Jam. More recently, they sent me 18 pounds of the most glorious, fragrant peaches. I’ve turned them into five different preserves and over the course of this week, I’ll share those recipes right here.

For this first recipe, I’ve made a relatively small batch of peach cardamom jam. This is made without added pectin and requires constant stirring and a bit of bravery at the end of cooking for it to thicken sufficiently. Use a wide pot, turn the heat down a little, and trust your judgment. I have no doubt you can do it.

I use ground cardamom for this preserve and I love both the intense flavor and speckled appearance that it gives the finished jam. You could also try using lightly crushed whole cardamom pods, but take care to count how many you put in so that you can pull them out when the jam is finished (I imagine 5 or 6 pods should do it).

If you want to see what some of the other Canbassadors have done this year, make sure to follow the Washington State Stone Fruit Growers and Northwest Cherries folks on social media, as they’ve been sharing the posts. Here’s where you can find them.

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Spicy Apricot Jam

After a couple lackluster years, this season has been a truly spectacular one for apricots. Thanks to their availability, I’ve canned my way through at least 25 pounds of these, the very sunniest of stone fruit. I made a bunch of this basic apricot jam (it’s a little runny but so delicious), there was this batch of sour cherry apricot jam, and then there’s this spicy jam.

It’s sweet, spicy, and perfect for glazing roast chicken, using on baked brie, or even on a very grown-up pb&j.

If you want to see the making of this preserve in action, I demoed how to make this jam last night on a Facebook livestream. If you missed it, you can find it here.

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Sour Cherry Apricot Jam

sour cherries and apricots in a pot

Sour cherries and apricots are two of my very favorite summer fruits, so it’s hard to believe that I’ve never combined them before. And yet, here we are.

Sour cherries and apricots after maceration

I love the flavor that combining these two brings and the finished color practically glows.

Cooked sour cherry apricot jam in the pot

I realize that in some parts of the country, sour cherries are now out of season. Know that this jam could be made with frozen cherries if fresh are now but a memory.

four jars of sour cherry apricot jam

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Sweet Cherry Balsamic Jam

Last week was supposed to be cherry week, but with the holiday my posting schedule got a little derailed. Including this one, I still have four cherry recipes to share, so I’m going to get them up as quickly and efficiently as possible so that they can still be useful this season.

I made this Sweet Cherry Balsamic Jam using some of the cherries that the folks from the Northwest Cherry Growers sent as part of their annual Canbassador program (here’s my round-up from last year).

One of the tricky things about making jam from sweet cherries is finding a way to avoid that cloying, cough syrup flavor. This recipe manages it beautifully by using a relatively low amount of sugar and including a full cup of balsamic vinegar. It might seem like a lot at first, but as the jam cooks down, it achieves balance.

Finally, this jam uses Pomona’s Pectin to effect a set. I haven’t tested it with other varieties of low sugar pectin, so can’t speak to their utility here. It won’t set with regular fruit pectin because there’s not enough sugar to create the gel. If you can’t get your hands on Pomona’s, you could make it without additional pectin and treat it like a spoonable fruit preserve rather than a jam.

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Small Batch Sweet Cherry Lime Jam

To kick off Cherry Week, I’m sharing my small batch recipe for Cherry Lime Jam. This is the recipe I demonstrated last week during my livestream with Jenny from The Domestic Wildflower. This little batch cooks up in 15 minutes and yields two half pints with a little leftover for immediate eating. The flavor of the limes helps balance the intensity of the cherries and makes for a very tasty PB&J.

You can get the recipe and watch the livestream after the jump!

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