Giveaway: Silicone Sleeves from Mason Jar Lifestyle

Mason jars serve play many roles in my life. Of course, I use them for canning. But I also put them to work holding pantry staples, vinaigrettes and sauces, leftovers, and a wide array of drinks. I often brew loose leaf tea in a quart jar and when the weather gets warmer, a Pint & Half jar filled with ice coffee is my vessel and beverage of choice.

The one problem with using mason jars as drinking glass/travel mug is the breakability factor. Happily, thanks to the folks at Mason Jar Lifestyle, I now have a collection of silicone sleeve for every size jar possible. They help cushion my jars, they serve as a heatproof barrier when I fill a jar with coffee or tea, and they prevent the jars from sweating when I use them for cold drinks. All in all, it’s a really awesome accessory.

Mason Jar Lifestyle make silicone sleeves that fit quarter pints (so adorable!), wide mouth half pints (these are great for those times when you use your jars to pack snacks), regular mouth half pints, pint jars (both regular and wide mouth), my beloved Pint & Half jars, and even for quart jars. They also come in an array of fun colors.

All the larger sleeves have small holes in the bottom, to make it easier to slide the sleeves on and off the jars (the little ones don’t, but they’re still pretty easy to put on and then remove for cleaning). My sister has a stash of these sleeves that she keeps on a set of regular mouth half pints for her kids, and she leaves them on the jars and runs them through the dishwasher with the sleeves in place.

I like to pair these silicone sleeves with a drink topper and a glass straw when I’m sitting at my desk, to prevent messes and potential spills.

This week, I’m giving away two full sets of silicone sleeves here on the blog and another set over on Instagram. Make sure to enter in both places to increase your chances of winning!

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141 Responses to Giveaway: Silicone Sleeves from Mason Jar Lifestyle

  1. 101
    Kat H. says:

    Either the quarter pint or regular mouth pint. Those are the sizes that get used for everyday things.

  2. 102
    Lindsay says:

    The quart size would be the most useful in my house. I used them for hot and cold drinks year round.

  3. 103
    Tammy B. says:

    I would use the half-pint size probably the most. I often take snacks or drinks to work in that size.

  4. 104
    WendP says:

    Either the pint or half-pint.

  5. 105
    anna says:

    perfect for morning smoothies!

  6. 106
    Leslie says:

    Wide mouth pint jar.

  7. 107
    Kim says:

    Wide mouth pint!

  8. 108
    harper says:

    I think the regular mouth pint jar would be the most used – iced coffee on the go!

  9. 109
    Anonymous says:

    Regular mouth half pint – they’re the easiest to find around me so I have the most of them.

  10. 110
    Virginia says:

    Half pint or pint

  11. 111
    Priscilla says:

    So cute!

  12. 112
    Aimee Rheam says:

    I love these! I have one that has holes–before these were I thing that I use on my pint and a half (my FAVORITE mason jar size as well). The little ones are so cute! I would love to have them for my homemade yogurt for a quick little snack at work

  13. 113
    Beth V. says:

    I love my wide mouth pint and a half jars for water or coffee.

  14. 114
    Sharon in Surrey says:

    I think the smaller ones would be the handiest! I save the quarter pint jars that Pesto sauce comes in – yes, they’re Mason jars!! – & put bulk spices in them. A non-slip over would be just the thing to make them safer when cooking.

  15. 115
    Dot says:

    Those look so great! I’d love to win a set.

  16. 116
    Monica says:

    The pint and a half jar is my go to beverage glass. This would be great for my drinks on the go.

  17. 117
    carrie says:

    all of the above…i use mason jars for everything!

  18. 118
    Leah says:

    What size would work best? Honestly, any and all of them!

  19. 119
    Jan Elmore says:

    I have been in heaven since canning jar accessories have come around. I love every new product that comes out. Wide mouth pints are my all time go to size and shape!

  20. 120
    Lynn says:

    First – these are brilliant! I think I’d use the 1 1/2 pint size the most~

  21. 121
    Marsha says:

    Regular-mouth pint, hands down!

  22. 122
    Ruth says:

    I think I would use the half-pint size the most, but my father is a big iced-tea drinker so he would go right for the pint-and-a-half, I’m sure!

  23. 123
    Becca says:

    Pint jar, either side- but honestly, I’d be excited about any size! This is the best giveaway EVER- I have so many jars and constantly use them as tupperware and glasses!

  24. 124
    bethany says:

    Pint jar would be the most frequently used version in my house… love to use regular pints for drinkware

  25. 125
    mary w says:

    12 oz or pint size. Used for beverages.

  26. 126
    Robin R says:

    Those are a great idea.

  27. 127
    Sara L. says:

    Half pint for salad dressings! The outside gets too oily to hold onto!

  28. 128
    Heather says:

    Definitely wide mouth pint jar size. I use them for wvwrything!

  29. 129
    Sarah Rossi says:

    These look so handy! And nice colors. I think I’d get the most use out of the pint size, wide mouth. Thanks for sharing these!

  30. 130
    Lydia Ruddy says:

    I’d go for wide mouth pint or quart. Those are the sizes I use for drinks and dry storage.

  31. 131
    Kate says:

    Pint jar! Perfect for smoothies.

  32. 132
    Cindy G says:

    I love how cute the quarter pint jars look in their cozies! I’d probably get the most use out of the wide-mouth pint size and the quart size (for beverages and toting lunch items to work). I love how the colored jars look with a coordinating sleeve, too! I might have to re-think purchasing some some colored jars, just so I can have fun with the matching of them 🙂

  33. 133
    Brighid says:

    Without a question, it would be regular mouth pint jars. We use them as glasses in our house,so these would be terrific in the summer time. I’d be tempted to make tea in them too.

  34. 134
    Kristi Perry says:

    I’m smitten!

  35. 135
    Lynn says:

    I would use the pint size most frequently, but half pint, quarter pint and quart are all in use around the house!

  36. 136
    Leah says:

    Nice idea, I’ve been using knit coozies but they slip.

  37. 137
    Rebecca Murphy says:

    Pint size for me. Those are the jars I use for travel beverages when i’ve forgottem my usual travel mug somewhere.
    These are so fun, love the colours.

  38. 138
    LeAnn says:

    I use the pint and a half jar the most. But frequently use most sizes of canning jars.

  39. 139
    Sandy says:

    Wide-mouth pint!

  40. 140
    mandy says:

    They would be great for traveling and visiting. I always seem to be bringing my jars somewhere and getting them to where I want to go is always a thought in my mind, it wouldn’t be with these.
    Thank you for offering the giveaway

  41. 141
    Karen Jeanne says:

    I would use the half pint most, for carrying salad dressings and condiments in my lunches during the week, or maybe the pint and a half size for smoothies. Thanks for the giveaway!

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