Giveaway: Raw Rutes Yaozu 2 Liter Fermenting Crock

Longing for a mini fermenting crock to call your own? Read on to learn about a charming little fermentation vessel and enter for a chance to win one as well! (This is a sponsored post!)

When it comes to fermenting, small batch is the name of my game. As much as I admire the folks who make sauerkraut 25 pounds of cabbage at a time, my space constraints mean that my very largest batches of kraut, kimchi, or brined dilly beans top out at no more than five pounds of total ingredients (and often, much less than that!).

Over the years, this small batch approach has meant that mason jars have been my vessel of choice for fermentation. I do have a 10L crock that I was given years ago, but it’s just too darn big for my workflow (it sits next to my desk and holds my collection of airlocks and jar-sized pickle weights).

Still, I’ve often gazed upon the various large pickle crocks out there with a good deal of envy, wishing that there was one that would work for my small batch life. Amazingly, the folks at Raw Rutes sensed that I was pining for a petite pickling crock and created one (okay, so they didn’t make it just for me. But it’s the perfect size and is so adorable that it feels like the answer to my wish!).

The Raw Rutes Yaozu fermenting crock is small enough to fit on the counter of even the smallest kitchens. Made from natural clay and finished with food-safe white glaze, this little crock feels solid and is easy to use. It comes with a pair of clay weights and a built-in water channel (which means you don’t have to mess around with airlocks).

Best of all, this crocks holds the perfect amount for my household. When the fermentation phase is done, you’ve got between one and two quarts of tasty kraut, kosher dills, or sauerruben to decant into jars, tuck into the fridge, and fork up alongside any number of sandwiches, salads, and soups. As you can see in the picture below, it’s actually not even that much bigger than a quart jar!

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “This all sounds great, Marisa. But how do I get my hands on one of these sweet mini crocks?” You could either head over to the Raw Rutes website and get your order in before the rush. OR, you can take your chances and try to win one of two crocks I’m giving away this week!

Use the widget below to enter the blog giveaway and then head over to Instagram to enter the second giveaway I’m hosting over there. So many chances to win!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. The folks at Raw Rutes have compensated me for my time and efforts. However, I only accept sponsored posts from businesses that jive with the mission of Food in Jars (to educate and inspire people to pickle, preserve, and cook from scratch) and Raw Rutes is most decidedly in line with that mission. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are honest and entirely my own.

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202 Responses to Giveaway: Raw Rutes Yaozu 2 Liter Fermenting Crock

  1. 151
    Rory Tendore says:

    Pickles! I have four children so we can all help!

  2. 152
    Leslie says:

    Any type of Kraut!!

  3. 153

    I’d probably make some fermented kohlrabi first.

  4. 154
    Karen says:

    I would make this Recipe—cabbage,apples,and ginger!

  5. 155
    Courtney F. says:

    My daughter will insist on gingered carrots if this comes to our house. 🙂

  6. 156
    Katie C. says:

    I love the size of this crock because while I like sauerkraut, there are limits to how much I can eat. Looking at today’s (er, tomorrow’s based on this post) Post, is it possible to can the sauerkraut?

  7. 157
    Don B Taylor says:

    I really want to learn about fermenting–and I think I would try something like the red cabbage, apples and ginger.

  8. 158
    amy g says:

    This looks perfect! The gingered carrots in an earlier post sound interesting! And the cabbage, apples and ginger kraut sound fantastic!

  9. 159
    Cheryl Leabo says:

    Lovely! I make massive amounts of kraut in my grandmother’s huge crock, would love to try the apple ginger in this small quantity.

  10. 160
    Ti says:

    I’ve never fermented anything before! The first thing I’ll make it sour kraut. Definitely! I hear once you have homemade kraut you don’t go back.

  11. 161
    Anna Ballinger says:

    Your recipe for cabbage, apples, and ginger sound like a winner to me. I want to make it.

  12. 162
    Casey DelliCarpini says:

    Without a doubt, the first thing I’d make is this red cabbage, apple ginger kraut! Looks so divine! Truth be told, I’ll make it even if I don’t win. 🙂

  13. 163
    Christine H says:

    Sauerkraut, because my husband loves it!

  14. 164
    Jamie says:

    OMG I would love a fermenting crock! that is awesome! Thanks for the giveaway. I want to try some fermented carrots or a new batch of kraut.

  15. 165
    Alex says:

    Probably would make some dill pickles. Yum

  16. 166
    Katie says:

    This looks so cute and approachable, I’d love to put it to use with some of these nice fall cabbages!

  17. 167
    Kelly says:

    I tend to make large batches of plain sauerkraut. This would encourage me to experiment with many other kinds!

  18. 168
    Mitch says:

    I love the size of this crock! Would love to make some kraut with it! Perfect size for a small family!

  19. 169
    Celeste says:

    I’d make a big batch of garlicky kraut. I love a good garlicky kraut, but keep eating it before I make more!

  20. 170
    Sue H says:

    I’d try homemade apple cider vinegar.

  21. 171
    Chloe says:

    Old school dill pickles or possibly Krauty the Vampire Slayer garlic sauerkraut.

  22. 172
    Kari K says:

    I would make curdito

  23. 173
    shannon says:

    would love to use this to make pickled mustard greens!

  24. 174
    Betsy says:

    Pickles- or course!!

  25. 175
    Linda Carloni says:

    Sauerkraut, yum!

  26. 176
  27. 177
    Krista says:

    Red cabbage sauerkraut!

  28. 178
    Beth says:

    some dill pickle slices! or maybe the red cabbage kraut. or maybe…..

  29. 179
    Susan says:

    What a great size. Looks perfect for a small batch of Apple kraut — or maybe a start for hot sauce.

  30. 180
    Lara says:

    I would make sauerkraut.

  31. 181
    WendP says:

    I have a friend asking for sauerkraut, and I just saw the recipe for red cabbage/apple/ginger kraut…

  32. 182
    Megan Fischer Oliveira says:

    Kimchi, my daughter can’t get enough.

  33. 183
    Anita E says:

    I love red cabbage so I’d try a fermented red sauerkraut thing first!

  34. 184
    Juli J says:

    I really want to make the red cabbage apple ginger slaw you just posted – looks amazing!

  35. 185
    Teruska says:

    I have cabbage just waiting to be made into several kinds of kraut. i will definitely try the red cabbage, apple and ginger kraut. Sounds good to me!

  36. 186
    Cathy says:

    I have been wanting to try fermenting. Kraut would be the first thing I’d make.

  37. 187
    Susan Clay says:

    I’ve wanted to try making kimchi but haven’t gotten around to really figuring out the best way to manage it. This little crock looks like it could help me get the lead out!

  38. 188
    Amy Tessier says:

    I’m completely new to this world… something easy and tasty, for sure!

  39. 189
    Catherine says:

    This baby crock is seriously cute. I would love to use it for fermented salsa, but it could probably hold sourdough starter in a pinch!

  40. 190
    Michael Fraley says:


  41. 191
    Kenia says:

    Cabbage to make a sauerkraut

  42. 192
    Kathy says:

    I’d love to try this recipe. Never have used red cabbage in kraut before and combining it with apple and ginger sounds delicious!

  43. 193
    Carol says:

    Definitely pickles.

  44. 194
    Sharon in Surrey says:

    I could eat fermented pickles & sauerkraut with everything!!!! And I’m tired of my pickle jar overflowing when I’m not looking. This little gizmo should take care of that. I’m tempted to just go & buy one NOW.

  45. 195
    mandy says:

    This recipe you shared here sounds wonderful to try first. This pot is too cute!

  46. 196
    edward magel says:

    Stoked to have go at sauerkraut

  47. 197
    Erin Swenson says:

    Kraut! Its’t that time of year.

  48. 198
    Shelley C says:

    The cabbage, apple, ginger recipe sounds great.

  49. 199
    Betty says:

    Sauerkraut with caraway seeds

  50. 200
    Kimberly Thomas says:

    Sauerkraut. I love it!

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