Giveaway: Pint & Half Jars from Fillmore Container

Of all the Ball jars out there, the Pint & Half has always been my favorite. It holds 24 ounces, has straight sides, and always feels like just the right amount. I reach for one whenever I’m putting away leftovers, pouring a smoothie, stashing pantry staples, and making extra-long pickles.

When I first started canning, the Pint & Half was not currently in production and so I haunted thrift stores, antique shops, and eBay in order to amass a small collection. Then, in early 2012 Jarden Home Brands announced that they were bringing the Pint & Half back. I cheered! I wrote blog posts! I bought several boxes.

Today, I come bearing sad news. I’ve learned that the Pint & Half is going to become a collector’s item once more. Ball Canning has discontinued this useful vessel (cue the weeping). I am heartbroken that my favorite jar is soon going to become scarce.

I’ve teamed up with my friends at Fillmore Container to send this noble jar out with a bang. They still have a goodly supply in stock, but it won’t last forever. So this week, they’re sponsoring a celebratory giveaway featuring the Pint & Half.

One lucky winner will get $100 credit* at Fillmore Container, one case of the Pint & Half jars, and
two wide mouth iLids for easy access to your smoothies, quick pickles, and dry good (winner will choose lid color). What’s more, Fillmore Container is also giving away two more cases of the Pint & Half jars over on their blog. You have so many chances to win!

Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter! And when you’re done with that, head over to Fillmore Container’s blog to enter their giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Store credit can be used for product or shipping, but once the $100 is used the winner is responsible for anything more than $100 including shipping.

Disclosure: Fillmore Container is a Food in Jars sponsor and so does pay a monthly fee to display a banner ad on this site. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed within this blog post remain entirely my own. 

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510 Responses to Giveaway: Pint & Half Jars from Fillmore Container

  1. 451
    Megan says:

    That does seem like a very useful size!

  2. 452
    cat says:

    I’m so bummmed! Thats my favorite size for pickles.

  3. 453
    A Gettlin says:

    I didn’t even know about this size! Too bad…

  4. 454
    Sandy says:

    I’d use it for pickles.

  5. 455
    Sarah says:

    Never used them before but looks like a great size. Would use for quick pickles or smoothies.

  6. 456
    Mahdi Martin says:

    My husband uses them all the time. Too bad.

  7. 457
    Jessica W says:

    What a bummer! I love using them as a drinking glass.

  8. 458
    Kate says:

    I haven’t used these, but I love my regular mouth ones in the same size!

  9. 459
    Maryann says:

    Sad. My daughter wants us to start buying in bulk and using reusable containers to cut down on packaging. These would be the perfect size to for us to start.

  10. 460
    Angela Saver says:

    I am sad to see this size go! I love this size for pickles and smoothies!

  11. 461
    Jennifer says:

    Rats! Those jars are my favorite size for so many things!

  12. 462
    Valerie mason says:

    Darn, maybe they will release them again in the future? They are the best for asparagus

  13. 463
    Laura K says:

    I have to admit I did not know there was a 1.5 size pint! I think they would be great for pickles, or salsa, or maybe even jelly (we eat a lot of jelly!)!

  14. 464
    Kathy K says:

    Wonder why the discontinuance? Well, fingers crossed that I get to try them out!

  15. 465
    Julia says:


  16. 466
    Nicole says:

    I LOVE this jar size. I cannot believe they are canning it again.

    Pun intended.

  17. 467
    mary w says:

    I’ve never really used this size. ;-( I have used pasta sauce jars which I think may be 24 ozs. I do use the 12 oz for salsa and dilly beans. It sorta the same idea (1/2 way between regular sizes).

  18. 468
    Beth V. says:

    Would love to try these jars for asparagus or pickles.

  19. 469
    wendy S says:

    Love all sizes of canning jars!! 🙂 I do not have this size…

  20. 470
    Bonnie L Heald says:

    I love the taller, 1 1/2 pint jars, and will be sad to see them go. This size is perfect for pickles and asparagus, and great for smoothies on-the-go. Hope they bring it back in the near future.

  21. 471

    Hope they come out with a replacement for the 1 1/2 pint jar ?

  22. 472
    Ann says:

    So sad when they discontinue something so useful!

  23. 473
    Shannon says:

    Perfect size for jam, perfect size for dressing, perfect size for everything, too bad I didn’t know what I was missing!

  24. 474
    Carolsue says:

    I would use them for jam and jelly

  25. 475
    Brenda says:

    LOVE these jars!!!! I ferment in them!!!!

  26. 476
    Julia in Byron says:

    I use them for pantry staples – just the right size.

  27. 477

    I have never had the chance to work with these jars but want to make homemade baby food for my new grandson due in August.

  28. 478
    Melissa Storms says:

    I have never actually used this size before but they would be perfect for longer pickle spears. The bigger jars are just too big for us.

  29. 479
    Michelle J. says:

    I’ve never used them, but they look great!

  30. 480
    Cheryl B says:

    I haven’t used them, but I like the looks of them. I would use ithem to can relish.

  31. 481
    Nora says:

    I love these jars, and use them all the time. I even have some VERY old ones (pebbled letters and grips) that my husband’s grandfather used for many, many years to freeze oysters.

  32. 482
    Chris Sapyta says:

    I love this size for pickles.

  33. 483
    DonnaB says:

    Great for smoothies, milkshakes, cold drinks. Fits ice cubes nicely. Useful for canning long veggies or fruit.

  34. 484
    Jeanny Smith says:

    These are great paired with a pour lid for sugar and powdered creamer. Or paired with a shaker lid when I have an overabundance of dried dill weed and basil.

  35. 485

    Bummer. These are my go-to for to-go iced tea. And coffee.

  36. 486
    Charlie Mc says:

    Oh, I love this size. It’s great for when you aren’t canning for a large group, makes portioning so much easier. Also, I use the few I have to make larger jars of our favorite jams.

  37. 487
    Brenda W. says:

    I bought 2 cases when they first became available, and have since broken or given away a few too many. I’ll have to stock up again! Thanks for the heads up.

  38. 488
    Tracy Northup says:

    Never heard of the pint & half. Love it!

  39. 489
    Kris says:

    Perfect size for this summer’s garden harvest. The best jars for jams and jellies too.

  40. 490
    Roxanne P says:

    I’m sad to see these go. I love making salsa and jelly in them.

  41. 491
    Sarah says:

    Looks like a very useful size. I hope they reconsider their decision to discontinue them.

  42. 492
    Victoria Bartelt says:

    Ah! My favorite jar, me please!! I use them for everything ?

  43. 493
    Cynthia says:

    These are our favorite household jar for homemade yogurt!

  44. 494
    Tiffany says:

    Love these!!! Great for smoothies and pickled beans!

  45. 495
    Becky says:

    I always make marmalade in these . My father-in-law goes through it like water….

  46. 496
    Allyson W says:

    I love love love the pint and a half jars!!!!

  47. 497
    Sarah says:

    Such a bummer but you’re so generous to give up some of your stash!

  48. 498
    Tina W says:

    They are such a great size, perfect for so many things (including cocktails!!!)

  49. 499
    robin Thompson says:

    Would love these fro my green beans

  50. 500
    Karen Schmidt says:

    What a treasure to have this unique size canning jar. Thanks for your post and give-away

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