Giveaway: Anolon Vesta Cast Iron 5 Quart Braiser

anolon braiser top

I have a minor cookware obsession. I shop thrift stores for old cast iron skillets. I scan yard sales for vintage Le Creuset or Cousances. And I pick up stainless steel skillets at discount stores, always in the hope of finding a piece that will eclipse all others.

anolon handle

Because of this preoccupation, I find that I’ve become something of a cookware attractor. One more than one occasion, strangers have walked up to me with gifts of grill pans and ancient canning kettles. And last spring at the IACP conference, I unwittingly chose a seat that had been marked as a winner in an Anolon Vesta 5-Quart Cast Iron Braiser giveaway.

anolon braiser side

I turned in the card that marked me as a winner (there were a number of us that day) along with my mailing information, and several weeks later, this lovely braiser arrived on my doorstep.

The outside is a shiny red and the interior sports a matte black enamel interior. The interior of the lid is studded with raised nubs that are designed to channel flavorful liquid back into the food as it cooks. It conducts heat beautifully, cleans up easily, and makes an excellent small batch jam pan.

anolon braiser lid tilted

Back in June, I ran into the ladies who help Anolon with their PR and gushed about how much I’ve enjoyed this piece of cookware. They were delighted to hear it and asked if I might like to give a couple of them away. I think I said yes before the question was even finished.

So that’s what I’m giving away this week. I have two of these Vesta Braisers for two of you. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me something about your cookware situation. Do you you have very pot and pan you’ve ever dreamed of? Are you a cast iron person, or do you prefer stainless steel? Or perhaps, you’re on a mission to find the perfect skillet to complete your batterie de cuisine.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, August 8, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, August 9, 2015.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents only (and is void where prohibited).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

For more information about Anolon and their cookware, follow them on social media. Here’s where you can find them.

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Disclosure: Anolon is providing the two braisers I’m giving away at no cost to me. Additionally, the one you see photographed here was itself a giveaway prize, so I did not pay for it. However, no money has traded hands in order to bring this giveaway into being. This blog post exists simply because this is an excellent product and I’m happy to have an opportunity to share it with you guys. All opinions expresses are entirely my own. 

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729 Responses to Giveaway: Anolon Vesta Cast Iron 5 Quart Braiser

  1. 651
    Carol says:

    I love my cast iron pans . Would love this for small batch jams.

  2. 652
    Melissa says:

    At some point in life I had spare cash and invested in all sorts of Le Creuset pans. Where did I get the money? Still love nice things, just don’t seem to be able to find give in my budget!

  3. 653
    Kate says:

    I’ve just recently started collecting cast iron pans, well ok it’s been over two years now…but it’s steadily growing and for good reason. Cast iron pans are lovely, they make me feel confident that whatever I’m cooking in them will be tasty. Having this in my collection would further said confidence, especially in the realm of jams as I plan on learning how to make and can them in the next couple of months!

  4. 654
    Karey Brindle says:

    I am fascinated with all things having to do with growing, cooking, and preserving all kinds of food. I own mostly AllClad, but it isn’t the best for all purposes. I love cast iron, but have a glass top stove, which cast iron isn’t friendly with. This pan might be what I need!

  5. 655
    Patrice says:

    I’ve got a few cast iron & then a set from when we were married, 22 years ago! So I would most definitely love this!!

  6. 656
    Michael says:

    I have pretty much every pot and pan I absolutely need, but you can never have too much cookware! Especially if it’s cast iron.

  7. 657
    Megan says:

    I love my cast iron pans and Griswold tight top dutch oven but you can’t go wrong with good stainless steel pots and a saute pan.

  8. 658
    Nick says:

    I just got the 4th burner pot. Can’t wait to use it. Love my cast iron, but am scared of scratching my glass cooktop.

  9. 659
    Sarah L says:

    I have one cast iron pan and I love it. I have a decent set of pans that I use day to day, but there are still things (like this braiser) that I would love to add to my collection.

  10. 660
    Daryl Shawn says:

    I have a nice collection of stainless pans, but am falling in love with enamel. We have an ancient Le Creuset Dutch oven that gets tons of use, especially in canning season. This gorgeous pot would be such a great companion!

  11. 661
    Caroline says:

    I have an eclectic but full of memories collection of cookware – a pot from my husband’s mother, a pot from my mother’s kitchen, a cast iron skillet from my grandmother and some pieces from the first married pot collection (now almost 20 years old!)

  12. 662
    Val says:

    I love cast iron. I’ve got a few vintage pieces in my kitchen and a favorite orsnge orange enameled beauty. I love drooling over Le Creuset and also imagining myself cooking over a camp stove with an old fashioned dutch oven

  13. 663
    andrea says:

    Oooooh….how beautiful. I have one gorgeous Staub dutch oven and a few old pieces of Calphalon we bought when we were first married (25 years ago!). The rest is an assortment of hand me downs from my mother and grandmother. Would love to give one of these a good home.

  14. 664
    kate says:

    My mother-in-law coerced me into getting rid of my favorite frying pan. Ever since, I’ve been on a mission, and pretty much the only thing I’ve figured out is that I should never ever listen to her again about my cookware.

  15. 665
    Jenny C says:

    I have one small cast iron skillet. I haven’t found another I could spend my money on.

  16. 666
    Lauren E says:

    I also have a minor cookware obsession. Mine manifests itself when I travel abroad, which makes for heavy luggage (cast-iron tawa from Nepal, anyone? Guvitch from Turkey that I loved but have yet to use…) and some interesting conversations at the airport/customs on my trip home!

  17. 667
    Renata Ketelsen says:

    I love cast iron, but it doesn’t love me (actually it is my seasoning skills it doesn’t love).

  18. 668
    Lil R. says:

    Love cast iron!

  19. 669
    Shirl says:

    OMG! This is exactly the pan I have dreamed of for making my chicken thighs with Herbs de Provence. I like to let it simmer slowly for a few hours to meld all the flavors together.

  20. 670
    Bree says:

    I love cast iron, but I don’t have much, I have mostly stainless steel, I’d love to increase my cast iron collection.

  21. 671
    Kristin O says:

    I have almost all the cookware that I want/need, except for the Le Creuset Cast-Iron Dutch. I just can’t seem to pull the trigger on treating myself to one. I have mostly stainless steel, and a nice basic cast iron skillet.

  22. 672
    Denise Lloyd says:

    Have had my Le Creuset to got 40 years and I love it still looks brand new

  23. 673
    Stephanie says:

    I have mostly stainless steel. We used to have different sizes of enamel cast iron dutch oven that we got as wedding gift, but they were recalled, and we have never replaced them but I have always wanted to. I do have one cast iron grill/griddle that I use, but the rest is all stainless.

  24. 674
    Amanda says:

    So, I’m a lover of old cast iron — I have acquired all of my grandmother’s cast iron pans and I cook most things in it. I, however, am looking for a slightly deeper saucepan (I’ve been using shallow pans or pots if I need the depth) for my jams! I’d love something in between and this looks like the perfect option! I do have a set of stainless pots and pans and other things acquired from my grandmother!

  25. 675
    Cynthia D. says:

    My favorite pan is a nice stainless steel one that I always borrow from my neighbors. I return it with a couple of jars of what I cooked in it. Win-win!

  26. 676
    Denise says:

    I am just learning the joy of good cookware as I’ve recently embarked on a can-everything quest. My grandmother’s dutch oven is something I covet and I’d love to have something similar! Thanks for a cool opportunity!

  27. 677
    Lydia says:

    I’m in love with cast iron pans. I have a large dutch oven but would love something slightly smaller, such as this.

  28. 678
    Nicole Strauss says:

    I love my enameled cast iron for jam making but they are quite large and not a good fit for small batch preserving. I sometimes then use my stainless steel fry pan but this looks like a great addition to the kitchen!

  29. 679
    June Mac says:

    I LOVE cast iron – both plain and enameled. I have pieces from my mother and both grandmothers. I have a complete setoff stainless steel that never gets used, because I just can’t cook in it as well.

  30. 680
    mary w says:

    I’m at the point with both my pots and wardrobe that every time I acquire something new I have to get rid of something I already own.

  31. 681
    Meli says:

    What a beautiful piece! I’ve been slowly updating all my cookware, trying to consolidate as we are military and move frequently. I’ve been searching for a skillet to replace the old worn scratched ones my husband insists on keeping, even though he does none of the cooking!

  32. 682
    Sue says:

    I love cast iron! I don’t have enough of it.

  33. 683
    Donna says:

    Love me some cast iron. This would fill a niche too long left empty. Fingers crossed

  34. 684
    Kathleen says:

    I have been trying to maximize cookware utility by only keeping around items that have multiple uses and take up a reasonable amount of space. Tiny kitchen! I’m definitely lacking in the cast iron arena, it would be great to expand a bit!

  35. 685
    Erin says:

    I have a hodgepodge of cookware — some cheap Target pans, a few thrift store finds, 2 or 3 really excellent All-Clad pans purchased at their December outlet sale (you gotta hit that up outside of Pittsburgh!), one good Lodge cast iron skillet, and I of course lust after a Le Creuset. This one reminds me a little of their red braising dish. I go for anything red!

  36. 686
    Colleen says:

    I have non-stick cookware but I love, love cast iron. Need a braising pan for roast, stews and such. Thank you.

  37. 687
    Elizabeth says:

    I have a little bit of everything but am looking for the perfect set still.

  38. 688
    Dianna says:

    I have a combination of non-stick and stainless pans, and one cast-iron skillet that is on loan from my mother-in-law. I used to swear by non-stick and had several sets of Analon Pro cookware over the years, but they quit making that line. My current favorites are the stainless steel pans made by Saber. They are 5-ply and sold on Costco’s website, so they’re also a good value. Our stove is propane-fueled which is very hot and they allow me to easily regulate the heat. I’ve never owned a braising pan – yet!

  39. 689
    Judith says:

    I have a large Le Crueset enameled dutch oven that gets a LOT of use for jams, stews, chili, soup and more. I have a heavy stainless steel pan that I use a lot and it will usually clean up well after a hot soaking, but I’ve recently purchased two Lodge cast iron pans (10″ and 12″) that I just need to season first before use. I’m not used to regular cast iron, so I’m skeptical, but willing to learn. This pan would be a welcome addition and great for my small-batch jams and lots of other things that don’t need my largest pot. I’d be so happy to win!

  40. 690
    Amy says:

    I’m slowly converting my old nonstick pans to ceramic and cast iron. love both types. thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  41. 691
    Julie Martin says:

    I don’t have many pots and pans at all, so I need this bad. Really, really, really bad!! Winter is coming and I can create yumminess with this braiser on my wood cook stove.

  42. 692
    Elaine says:

    Up until about 2 weeks ago, I’ve always lived in places with tiny kitchens and no storage, so I’ve had to be super selective about my pots and pans. Now I live in a place with a bigger kitchen and tons of cabinets, so I’m hoping to expand my collection, especially with cast irons. I’m also a big ceramic fan.

  43. 693
    Becky says:

    I don’t have a favorite, everything has been collected in pieces. I always need a good non-stick one for eggs and any pan that can be put straight into the oven is great!

  44. 694
    Alyson says:

    Hi there! I just stumbled upon this blog and have been loving it so far! I am 20 years old and just starting out on my own with my fiancé/soulmate of 6 years. I am currently trying to build up a kitchen supply of pots and pans and have created some very, VERY creative ways to cook with what few pans I do have haha! This piece is exactly what I’ve been hoping to get my hands on but I don’t have the kind of money to spend on nice cook-ware at this time. I saw one similar to this in Macy’s and loved it! it was gorgeous! …but very expensive and absolutely not in my budget. I appreciate you taking the time to read this! Best of luck to all! –Alyson =]

  45. 695
    Yafa says:

    My husband’s favorite color is red and his current favorite pan is an extra large nonstick pan. I myself am partial to cast iron. We both have been happy to receive stainless steel All Clad from my in laws who used to live near the All Clad outlet store near Pittsburgh and would but us one piece during their annual sale.

  46. 696
    Sherri says:

    I love cast iron cookware. Currently have cast iron frying pan and Revere Ware pots. I could surely use that cast iron braiser.

  47. 697
    Ellen d says:

    I’ve got pretty much all of the pans that I need though a shallow pan with a large surface for evaporation would be a great addition. I prefer to cook with my cast iron so my Le Creuset gets a workout especially when I mane ATK’s Almost No Knead Bread.

  48. 698
    Joanne says:

    I use a lot of vintage cast iron and stainless. This pot would fit a missing piece in my collection.

  49. 699
    Bill W says:

    I have two stainless sets and I really want to expand to cast iron type cookware. Would love to add this to my collection.

  50. 700
    Wendi W says:

    I have most of what I need in my stainless steel collection (just need a 3 qt saucepan.) and have recently started seriously thinking about heading into cast iron territory. Plan to start my hunt at yard sales and thrift stores. Then I just need to figure out where it will go in my smallish kitchen.