Giveaway: Fillmore Container $50 Gift Codes

Just some of the fun gear at the @fillmorejars booth at the PA Farm Show!

This week’s giveaway is sponsored by Fillmore Container. They are a jar distributor based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and they sell a whole world of jars, accessories, lids, cookbooks, and other great gear.

straight sided jars

Two lucky winners will each get a $50 gift code with which they can order anything they want from the wide array of gear that Fillmore sells. While the choices are entirely up to the winners, I thought it might be fun to suggest a few of my favorite things from their online store.

First up are the jars. They carry the entire line of Ball/Kerr jars and have often been my source for my beloved wide mouth half pint jars. However, because they also sell to commercial canners, you can also get fun, unbranded, smooth-sided jars. I particularly like the squat regular mouth half pints and the super smooth quarter pint jars you see pictured above. If you want jars that will take a label nicely, these are your best bet.

four sizes of hex jars

For even more exotic jar options, there are always the hex jars. These close with lug lids and give your home canning a professional look. For instructions on how to work with these jars, make sure to read this post. Another fun jar in their stock is the French Square Bottle. I love these for stashing batches of homemade iced tea.

jar cherry pitter

If you’re all set on the jar front, there’s still fun stuff to be had at Fillmore. I am a huge fan of this old-style cherry pitter that screws on to a regular mouth mason jar. It makes quick work of pitting cherries and catches all the pits right in the jar. For those of you just starting out with this whole food preservation thing, the six piece canning set should be the first thing in your shopping cart.

stars on paper straws

If you have a 4th of July party on the calendar next month, think how fun and festive it would be to have a jar of these red and blue paper straws out to go with your drinks. If you’re sipping out of jars, pair them with these one piece lids with drink holes to prevent spills.

4th burner pot

Last, but not certainly least is the 4th burner pot. Fillmore Container just recently added this sturdy little pot to their inventory and I couldn’t be more pleased. I use this pot as a small batch canner, for heating pickling brine, and as a blanching pot for little batches of beans and asparagus. When not canning, it gets pressed into service to heat stock for risotto, to bring water to a boil for iced tea, and to hard boil eggs. It’s one of the hardest working pieces of cookware in my kitchen.

This week, Fillmore is giving away one of these handy pots, so make sure to head over to their blog to enter.

Here’s how to enter the giveaway for one of $50 gift certificates!

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me how you’d spend $50 on the Fillmore Container website.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, June 20, 2015. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, June 21, 2015.
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Fillmore Container is providing the gift codes for this giveaway. They sent me the some of the jars and gear pictured above. They are also a Food in Jars sponsor and so do help contribute to the running of this site. 

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1,103 Responses to Giveaway: Fillmore Container $50 Gift Codes

  1. 801
    Sam says:

    Store food for the winter.

  2. 802
    Kristine says:

    I would buy more supplies for my business! This is the only company I have used to order my jars, lids and sealers!! $50 could get me another 30 jars!!

  3. 803
    Amy C says:

    Lots of jelly jars!!! I make lots of yummy jelly to share 🙂

  4. 804
    Annie Long says:

    I love their candle containers and would buy more!

  5. 805
    MarileeC says:

    We are carrying only handmade items in our winery tasting room so I would use the $50 toward fancy and pre-cut mason jar lids.

  6. 806
    AJ Byron says:

    We give away sample size jars of jam and jelly as favors for our annual Christmas party. They are always a big hit. I also have friends and family come over wanting to learn how to make the jam/jelly. With $50 I would be able to make sure I always had plenty of jars.

  7. 807
    Valerie Mason says:

    Def the 4th burner pot

  8. 808
    Guy says:

    I’m starting my own business and need jars and closures to bottle my product. Any amount would help as I’m a self starter with no financial backing.

  9. 809
    Maria D says:

    I would use love to win the $50 and use it towards a jar order for my candle business I will be opening in the next 2-3 months.

  10. 810
    Rita says:

    I would buy more lids !

  11. 811
    Sara Hyma says:

    I’d buying jars for canning & jars to get started back into making candles.

  12. 812
    melissa says:

    I love Fillmore Container. I would get the fourth burner pot. And jars you can never have enough jars!

  13. 813
    Danielle says:

    We have a mason jar themed bridal shower coming up! We need stuff 🙂

  14. 814
    Sina says:

    I would buy some Elite Ball 8 oz jars and fill them with different flavors of goats cheese. People like trying our cheese, and these jars make it look extra special. Oh, and I would buy some purple Ball jars, just because I love them!

  15. 815
    HeidiC says:

    I love Fillmore container and need to get more jars for canning our maple syrup!

  16. 816
    Carolin says:

    I would use $50 to buy the items in my shopping cart, can’t find these items around my area stores.

  17. 817
    Karen says:

    I’m getting married in the fall, and we’re planning on using pint jars as our drinking glasses/favors. We’re also planning on making some chandeliers out of mason jars for the event!

  18. 818
    Sara says:

    I’d love some new jars or the 4th burner pot!

  19. 819
    Sara Ness says:

    I would buy mason jar mugs and paper straws for my upcoming wedding in July!

  20. 820
    Ann Wilkinson says:

    Hex Jars! I would use the $50 gift certificate towards an order of hex jars to be filled with honey and used as favors at my cousin’s wedding!

  21. 821
    Connie says:

    I would buy all the things!!! But since I can’t really do that, I would like one of the 4th burner pots and some new lids. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  22. 822
    Grace says:

    If I had $50.00 to spend at the Fillmore website, I’d start with the 4th Burner small batch canner. Perfect for those extra jars that didn’t fit in the regular canner!

    Then I’d go for lids. I have vintage canning jars that I use for storage of many things. I’d love to make a few into banks and candles esp the ones that we used at my sons wedding last year. Special jars should have special lids

    Lastly I’d get all the students who work in the lab I run at the University a color coded cuppow to use when we go to the field for our plant trials. .
    Wonderful website. Tons of cool stuff.

  23. 823
    Becky Pulley says:

    I would purchase the hex jars – love them and blueberries are just coming into season here in western part of North Carolina so jam/jelly time is coming up

  24. 824
    Summer says:

    I think I would buy lots and lots of fancy lids for jars. And maybe some more small jars for spices.

  25. 825
    Amanda LaForest says:

    I would use the $50 to finally get a proper water bath canner!!!

  26. 826
    Karen Chrestay says:

    I’d stock up for my annual Christmas canning marathon! I’ve made homemade canned and bottled gifts for the past 10+ years. The numbers grow every year. Last year I was up to 137! Winning the gift certificate would be a big help! I’ve used Fillmore’s products for a couple of years now and I really love the quality and their great customer service.

  27. 827
    Karen Dearing says:

    I would use the $50 credit to buy half gallon and one gallon jars and lids. I use these to store all my dry foods in!

  28. 828
    Kristi says:

    I love making pickles and Fillmore has great jars for all kinds of pickles. They also have fun accessories for mason jars! Great company!

  29. 829
    Marylou Sweat says:

    I would buy more of the jars and lids that I’ve been buying…they are cheaper than buying anywhere else for sure!

  30. 830
    Amanda says:

    I would buy the 4th burner pot and some small jars.

  31. 831
    Nicole says:

    I would love to buy some hex jars. They are so cool looking.

  32. 832
    Karen H says:

    I would buy a larger stainless steel funnel, more lug lids and jars. And, the New Fourth Burner Pot looks like it would be just perfect when you have one too many jars for the canner, so it goes on my list too. Thanks for the opportunity to win some of your great products!

  33. 833
    Jb says:

    If I had $50 dollars to spend at Fillmore Container, I’d buy more bottles for my startup sauce business. At this stage in the game, every little dollar helps!

    I just received my last shipment and those aren’t going to last much longer!

  34. 834
    Christy says:

    I was excited when I found your website! My brother had a great crop of okra and peppers last summer. We were able to pickle and can several dozen to donate to the church to sell in our fall bazzer. With $50.00 we could order more jars and lids to help the women of the church raise money. Thanks for a user friendly website!

  35. 835

    I would buy bottles for root beer. Every since I showed my husband the article on homemade root beer he has been saying that will be his next project.

  36. 836
    Leslie says:

    Jars, jars, jars! Maybe some lids… =)

  37. 837

    I would use the money to buy more mason jars to create more customize cake jars.

  38. 838
    Antonia says:

    LOVE their lids! Definitely more of them.

  39. 839
    Dee says:

    I would buy more jars to get a head start on my mom’s Christmas gift!

  40. 840
    jill says:

    I would use it for the cuppow lids!!!! Hope to win

  41. 841
    Darren Stokes says:

    would be awesome to win. Thanks.

  42. 842
    Pat Mayfield says:

    Hi. My lady and I are in the beginning of what we hope to be a long-time commitment to making delicious, fiery hot sauces. We would like to purchase a whole lot of your 5 oz. bottles, lids and orifice reducers for our sauces! Thanks!

  43. 843
    Chris says:

    My daughter is getting married in July & I would use the $50 to buy jars for her trail mix bar!

  44. 844
    Sarah says:

    I’d buy more lids and jars, which I really like. Maybe some of the fancy ones!

  45. 845
    Laurie says:

    I’d buy half pint jars for jelly.

  46. 846
    PC says:

    I buy a dozen cases of jars every month, and have to pay the extra fee UPS charges for delivering to a residential area. $50 would really help out!

  47. 847
    Leona says:

    I’d probably get the 4th burner pot, it looks like it would fit on the stove beside my All American (which is likely where the name came from, small in diameter so it fits on the stove); and I ways need jars and lids for canning.

  48. 848
    Lindsay DAngelo says:

    Jars for making and storing meals ahead of time!

  49. 849
    Luigi says:

    I will use it to buy my jars and lids. Love the ease of the company.

  50. 850
    Mona says:

    I have wanted a fourth burner pot for some time, but I’d also order some specialty jars for my spicy walnuts I give away at Christmas time. I previously ordered little bottles from them for my vanilla extract and they were great!