Giveaway: Orchard Road Mason Jars

stack of Orchard Road jars

In the five and a half years that I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve been asked nearly every canning-related question in the book. One that comes my way a lot is people wondering if there are options beyond traditional Ball jars.

Orchard Road jar line up

Sometimes they want a more affordable option. Other times they’re interested in jars that will give their preserves a different look from everything else out there. And once in a while, they just want a jar that will take a label nicely.

Orchard Road quarts

Happily, there’s a new player in the jar marketplace that can address these wants and needs. Called Orchard Road, they are selling lovely, simple mason jars in three sizes. The quarts and pints come in both regular and wide mouth versions, and the half pint jars come in just the regular mouth variety.

Orchard Road pint jars

All the Orchard Road jars are sold in packs of six and come in sturdy boxes that fully contain the jars. For those of you who like to store your finished jars in a box that will keep the jars out of the light, these boxes will be a godsend for you.

Orchard Road half pint

One thing to note is that Orchard Road sells their jars without lids or rings. For those of us that have giant bags full of rings and a stash of lids, this is a great blessing. If you don’t have an equally hefty collection, you can buy the lids and rings together in boxes of six.

Orchard Road lids

I’ve done a good bit of canning in Orchard Road’s jars now and really like them. The flexibility of the lids is slightly different from those made by Ball, so they don’t make the same satisfying ping noise as they seal. However, they make up for it by having a ton of open real estate so that you can scrawl the contents of the jar across the top with a Sharpie. As long as a jar has that, I’m happy.

Orchard Road used lid

Currently, Orchard Road jars have limited availability. I spotted them at the Goods Store out in Lancaster a couple weeks ago and I know that Fillmore Container has them in stock (and, they’ll be giving some away at my demo out there on Friday!).

Additionally, the nice folks at Orchard Road are sponsoring a giveaway. They’ve offered up three cases of jars and a set of matching lids. Winners get to choose the size jar. Many will enter, three will win.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about your most recent canning project.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Sunday, August 10, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Monday, August 11, 2014.
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Orchard Road sent me some jars and lids for testing and photography purposes for free. They are also are providing the jars for the giveaway winners at no cost to me. Still, all opinions expressed are mine alone. 

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697 Responses to Giveaway: Orchard Road Mason Jars

  1. 651
    colleen j. says:

    my most recent canning project has been apricot jam!!
    thanks for sharing!

  2. 652
    katrina says:

    It was my favorite so far, roasted green chili jam…mmm…

  3. 653
    Emily Leiker says:

    I just made my first batch of freezer jam, spiced peach jam, on July 31. I had a slight mistake where I didn’t let it set up long enough and it’s a little thin, but good news it still tastes delicious! I’m ready to try again with a cherry jam recipe and hopes that I’ve learned from my mistake.

  4. 654
    Rachel says:

    My last canning project was packing up all of my jars and putting them in storage at my parents’ house — I just moved cross-country and 12-15 dozen jars were just not going to fit in my subcompact car. So, I need to restart my jar collection, but I have started to stockpile frozen fruit (sour cherries and blueberries, so far) in my new home for the eventual canning days ahead.

  5. 655
    Allison says:

    Went peach picking so it was peach jam, peach butter, and raspberry peach jam all in one day!! Mmmmmmmm.

  6. 656
    Kari says:

    I just canned 16 half pints of albacore tuna and 14 half pints of strawberry jam. Mmmmmm! Tomatoes are coming fast!! Can’t wait!

  7. 657
    Ashley says:

    I just made my first batch of bread and butter pickles this weekend! I can’t wait to keep going 🙂

  8. 658

    Wow, people make some amazing stuff! I just took a trip down to Santa Cruz to go berry picking and came back with 10 pounds of strawberries. We also had some figs that were getting dried oit so i combined a couple recipes (i know this is frowned upon) and made strawberry-fig jam with balsamic vinegar and black pepper. Now i am looking for something to do with a pile of passionfruit from my mom’s farm that doesn’t involve obscene amounts of sugar!

  9. 659
    Pammy D says:

    Just canned my first batch of green beans with a friend. Loved it. I was told about your website and classes at another canning session this past week. Love your site!!

  10. 660
    renee kibbey says:

    I would like to try this brand of jar. I have not seen them in my area yet. I have been canning for three years and I was given a pressure canner. I can hardly wait to use it.

  11. 661
    Daina says:

    I would love a jar with enough space so the labels aren’t bumpy over the embossing! My most recent canning session was Tomato Jabanero Salsa – with homegrown tomatoes, jalapenos and habaneros, and Strawberry Habanero Jam.

  12. 662
    Jessica says:

    Most recently I canned my first batch of Dilly Beans (from the Food in Jars cookbook!). They have less than one week and we are dying to get into them. I also canned asparagus this year for the first time and we are loving it! I am looking at canning some peaches and heirloom tomatoes this week. This is a great time of year.

  13. 663
    Jessica T says:

    I don’t have a most recent canning project because I’m new to canning. That’s how I came to find your blog, wanting to learn more! I do use jars for all sorts of stuff besides canning… most recently used them for my recent batch of kombucha.

  14. 664
    Kristin Fish says:

    My most recent canning project was some lemon jelly, but I’m hoping to do something with tomatoes soon…if they ever ripen.

  15. 665
    Bettina says:

    My latest canning project was 4 half pints of absolutely delicious vanilla-pear jam. Ohhhhhh, yum! Everyone to whom I’ve gifted a jar is head-over-heels in love with this jam!! And the project just before that was rosemary-apricot jam. Another YUM!!!!

  16. 666
    Sarah says:

    I just made lovely blueberries in lavender vanilla syrup!

  17. 667
    Jane says:

    I had some peaches going overripe and had picked some wild raspberries, so I made a quick jar of raspberry peach jam.

  18. 668
    Jenn says:

    Most recent project? It’s cooling right now…It’s the Tomato-Ginger Refrigerator jam from this site, slightly modified…I used a whole fruit method similar to the other tomato jams on this site, used lemongrass instead of lemon verbena, included the zest from the limes, and stirred in two tablespoons of aged soy sauce for a little extra punch. Plus I canned it, after verifying acidity. It’s got a distinctly Asian flair to it, I can’t wait to try it!

    Super excited about these new jars. I just love the look of them.

  19. 669
    Taryn says:

    I have never canned before – but plan on trying to with all the tomatoes that are growing in my garden!

  20. 670
    L Wright says:

    First year of canning. Put up salsa and tomatoes today. Enjoying the rewards from the garden.

  21. 671
    Libby says:

    last week was jalapeno peppers but tonight I’m tackling some of the summer squash in my garden as pickles!

  22. 672
    Allison T says:

    Just made pickles today! 🙂

  23. 673
    Samantha C says:

    My most recent canning project was a total farm jam! Everything in my blackberry honey sage jam was from one farm I went to – I picked the blackberries and the sage myself and I bought the honey from the farm! It came out tart and I loved that it was my locally made new york jam.

  24. 674
    Khoi says:

    I just canned some pickled beets! They’re great in salads or with a sandwich. Next project: whole tomatoes!

  25. 675
    oukay says:

    I most recently made Rhubarb/Plum/Sour Cherry Preserves from the Blue Chair Jam cookbook – wonderful!

  26. 676
    Xuan Q. says:

    I actually just checked out your book preserving by the pint, yesterday, and made the salted brown sugar peach jam and the seedy spiced blackberry jam. I also used the base for the peach jam with sriracha to make regular peach jam. Your cookbook is wonderful, I love all the pictures and the small portions are perfect for just me and my boyfriend! Thank you!

  27. 677
    Alicia H says:

    Making berry jams all weekend. I live in the Willamette Valley and we have tons of things to can.

  28. 678
    Kristin Cranmer says:

    I have not done any canning yet this summer, but I’m getting ready to do pickles.

  29. 679
    catherine says:

    Ginger pickled carrots, just a few hours ago!

  30. 680
    Jesica Dolin says:

    Looks like a great option for those of us with stacks of rings!

  31. 681
    Smedette says:

    I have apple butter in the Crock-Pot right now and put up some blackberry jam yesterday.

  32. 682
    Corinne says:

    I would love to try these jars for the sliced peaches my 2 year old son eats by the jarful. My last project was salsa in mild, medium and caution. 🙂

  33. 683
    Bernice says:

    First time canning this year: dill pickles and San Marzano tomato sauce from my garden!

  34. 684
    Grace Lewis says:

    I just made my way through my second 25lb box of Georgia peaches. I made a lot of chutney, peach butter, and jalapeño peach jelly.

  35. 685
    Melissa says:

    My most recent canning project involved 30+ lbs of mostly heirloom tomatoes from my parent’s garden. I made multiple batches of salsa and tomato jam.

  36. 686
    Emily Burns says:

    I just canned some peach preserves!

  37. 687
    beckus says:

    cucumber pickles. my mother’s old recipe… that upon review, scared the pants off me. After she left, I added mustard seed and peppercorns, and then boiled those jars. Hope she doesn’t get food poisoning from the one she brought home…

  38. 688
    Dee says:

    I’m a canning virgin! *blush* I use mason jars for fermenting but haven’t made the leap to canning just yet. I’ve got the “obsessively collecting books on canning” part down, though.

  39. 689
    Ryan G. says:

    I can always use more jars. I’ve got blueberries to make into jam

  40. 690
    Derrick Johnson says:

    I recently canned batches of fig,cherry and watermelon rind preserves and I did a batch of homemade Chow Chow.

  41. 691
    Scrubber says:

    It was actually a version of your rhubarb/vanilla jam — just without the Earl Grey tea. So good…

  42. 692
    Heather says:

    I know I’m late, but I was so excited to see this. I hope I will be considered.
    It’s been MANGO season in florida. I’ve just completed mango lime jam which has a texture more like apple butter. (I’m imagining this folded into a dessert….) I used the unripe mangos for a tart mango chutney that pairs great with avocado slices. And finally I picked the scotch bonnet peppers from the garden and made spicy little 4 oz jars of mango hot sauce. Beautiful yummy jars that captured buckets full of mangos.

  43. 693


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