Giveaway: New Joy of Cooking iPad App

Joy of Cooking shelf

When it comes to large, all-in-one cookbooks, I will forever be a Joy of Cooking loyalist. It was the book from which I learned the very basics of cooking and is where I turn when I want to make banana bread or crepes, or to determine how long to roast a turkey.

JOY app

I’ve long had six editions of JOY on my shelves and late last week, I excitedly added another version to my collection. Happily, this edition doesn’t take up a lick of space and I can take it anywhere I want. It’s the brand new Joy of Cooking app!

JOY keeping and storing

The new app includes thousands of recipes and all are contained in the app (that means that you don’t need to be connected to the internet in order to access the content). You can mark recipes as favorites so that you can return to different dishes easily. You can set the app so that it prevents your device from going to sleep while you’re cooking. And it’s programmed to include substitutions, so that you can easily swap ingredients with what you currently have in your kitchen.

JOY canning etc

One of the things I love about this app is that it helps bring recipes to my attention that I’ve passed over in the print versions. Every edition of JOY has contained a preserving section, but it wasn’t until exploring the app that I started getting excited about some of the jams and pickles it contains (tart corn relish! curried apricot chutney! golden cherry tomato and ginger jam!).

JOY rhubarb juice

I’ve marked this rhubarb juice recipe to make at some point this season. I love the thought of having a few jars of pink possibility.

This week, I have five downloads from the nice folks at JOY to give away to some lucky Food in Jars readers. Though, if you can’t wait, the Joy of Cooking app is available on the Apple App Store at the discounted price of $5.99 right now (the regular price will be $9.99). It’s great deal and a fabulous resource to carry around with you.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about your cookbook habits. Do you use an iPad or other tablet in the kitchen, do you drag a laptop in with you, or are you a cookbook devotee? Or is there some other method that you favor?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Saturday, May 17, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, May 18, 2014
  3. Giveaway open to all.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: The people behind the Joy of Cooking app gave me a free download so that I could explore the app and write about it. They are also providing the downloads for the winners. That said, I was mere moments away from buying a copy when I got the email offering me free review access. It is a great product and I’m thrilled that it’s in the world. 

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274 Responses to Giveaway: New Joy of Cooking iPad App

  1. 251
    Karen says:

    I like using the tablet when I have internet recipes and the joy of cooking is my go to cookbook as well. brilliant idea

  2. 252
    Sherri Venditti says:

    IPad in the kitchen for reference and inspiration, recipe in print for baking.

  3. 253
    Alexa says:

    I use a couple favorite cookbooks, but now mostly the Paprika app on a tablet.

  4. 254
    Michelle says:

    I use my iPad in the kitchen. I have a great stand for it so it makes it easy!

  5. 255
    Maureen says:

    I have an iPad and I’m trying to use it more but I still have my favorite cookbooks or magazines I use regularly

  6. 256
    Cadie says:

    I split my time between cookbooks and the internet, I have my favorite!

  7. 257
    Stephanie Murski says:

    Although I do still use favorite hardcopy cookbooks, and my beloved recipe box, my iPad has become my go-to cooking companion. It is always with me in the kitchen. I love the idea of being able to keep my iPad from going to sleep while in the middle of making a recipe.

  8. 258
    Oraxia says:

    I personally use my dead tree cookbooks or print out the recipes I get from online, and leave them outside of the kitchen so they don’t get anything on them, which makes for a lot of walking back and forth 😛 It’s probably a little silly, but I want the books to last and I want the printouts to last, too, since I tuck them all into a binder for reuse later if it turns out to be a good recipe!

  9. 259
    Timaree Cheney says:

    I use my IPad for much of my cooking these days.

  10. 260
    Allison says:

    We have a dozen favorite cookbooks on our bookshelf that we refer to often. One of them is a small binder we refer to as our family cookbook. It has printed copies of things we make most often. We also keep a lot of .pdf files in Dropbox that we access and read from the iPad while we are in the kitchen.

  11. 261
    April says:

    I love cookbooks! I have three reference books: The Joy of cooking, How to Cook everything, and Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. If something is not in one of them, then I give up and move on. I get some recipes online and write them out, I don’t have the room to use my laptop in the kitchen. It’s really small.

  12. 262
    Miriam says:

    My mom and I both use iPads for cooking. She has a first generation iPad, while I have a mini. I’d always avoided buying cookbooks in kindle form because they were so awkward to use on my actual Kindle. But once I realized that I could read them on my iPad, I’ve really come around to using it for cooking.

  13. 263
    Teresa says:

    Can never go wrong with the basics and improve from there. Enjoy the site, learning so much from you…thanks for that and the giveaway.

  14. 264
    Carol M says:

    I love my cookbooks, but just got an IPad mini and can’t wait to try it out. This app would be the perfect start, I think it was the 1st cookbook I bought!

  15. 265
    Karen says:

    I’ll use my ipad or iPhone in the kitchen, depending on how messy and quick the recipe looks to be!

  16. 266
    Linda says:

    I use my iPad a lot since my son bought it for me. And I collect cookbooks at the swap meet but my go to for family favorites are my self published “Family Favorites” Cookbooks containing the recipes I grew up with and that my kids have now grown up with.

  17. 267
    Evelyn says:

    I love my cookbooks – I always use either them or favorite recipes that are jotted down on scraps of paper and kept in a drawer. I think I am ready to move into modern times and use an iPad in the kitchen!

  18. 268
    Jenna says:

    My iPad usually makes it’s way into the kitchen so that I can listen to music while I can or cook. Most of my cookbooks are still print versions, including my new favorite, Preserving by the Pint!

  19. 269
    KathyD says:

    When I was growing up, there were two kinds of people in the world – those who used Joy of Cooking, and those who used Fannie Farmer. We were a Joy of Cooking family, even though my mom was not really much of a cook. Now, I have several other cookbooks, but Joy is my go-to for classics and basics.

    I use the iPad for new recipes found online, but all of my cookbooks have my handwritten notes next to favorite recipes – “This was fine with half the sugar”. “This took MUCH longer than it says”. “Loved the recipe, but the final dish was meh.” So I don’t see myself giving those up anytime soon. I also have not yet figured out how to keep the iPad from going to sleep in the middle of things, and it’s annoying to have to keep waking it up.

  20. 270
    Luana says:

    I love my bound cookbooks but I find myself bringing the laptop into the kitchen and surfing for new creations more and more. The possibilities are endless and sometimes I can’t stop searching but I eventually realize I have to put a meal together.

  21. 271
    Birdiebee says:

    I use my Kindle Fire and carry it out to the kitchen when I need to locate one of the recipes I have pinned on Pinterest or one that I have bookmarked. Rarely do I use a cookbook anymore.

  22. 272
    Diane says:

    It’s 10:36 pm here in California. I see the comment above me says May 18, but not here yet. I use all three methods. I have to have my Mom’s old Good Housekeeping cookbook for rice pudding and bread pudding. I also use my church cookbook a lot. The other day I wanted to make a recipe I saw on Food Network, so had to look that up on my phone so I could get the ingredients and then went home and wrote the amts down from the desktop computer while I was making the recipe. I also use my tablet when I remember I can use it in the kitchen! Still a little old school.