A Peek Inside Preserving by the Pint + Giveaway

Preserving by the Pint cover - Food in Jars

I’ve been showing you all the cover of my new book, Preserving by the Pint, for months now. I thought that since today is its official release date (though Amazon makes such things mostly moot by shipping pre-orders as soon as it has them in stock), it might be fun to show you what it looks like on the inside.

Preserving by the Pint inside spread - Food in Jars

This book is full of tiny batches and was written with farmers market shoppers, CSA subscribers, and container gardeners in mind (though truly, if you’re not among those groups, the book is still for you). All the recipes start with either a pint, a quart, or a pound (or two) because those are the units of measure that so many of us end up with after a trip to the green market, grocery store, or farm share pick-up.

Instead of giving away your excess produce, or worse, tossing on the compost pile, you can preserve it. Make pesto from that giant bundle of Thai basil. Cook excess zucchini down into a creamy, garlicky butter. And transform those alien-like heads of kohlrabi into crisp, tasty pickles.

Preserving by the Pint Spring - Food in Jars

Unlike my first book, which was arranged by type of preserve, Preserving by the Pint is set up seasonally. The idea is that you can start at the beginning with Spring and preserve your way through both the year and the book. As someone who did essentially that while writing the book, I can promise, you’ll end up with a delightfully varied assortment of things in your pantry and freezer when that year is up.

Marinated Sugar Snap Peas - Food in Jars

One thing you’ll start to notice about this book is that while all the recipes do preserve the season, they don’t all do it through canning. A generous handful of the recipes are designed for refrigerator storage and yet others are best frozen. I made the storage choices I did in order to create the best finished product possible.

These marinated sugar snap peas, for instances, are a quick pickle because if you were to process them in a boiling water bath canner, all those spritely peas would lose their snap and crunch. Kept in the fridge, they last a respectable amount of time and are far more delicious.

Pizza Sauce - Food in Jars

This quick tomato sauce is one of my very favorite recipes in the book. Most years, I buy a 100 pounds of tomatoes and spend a week preserving them whole or as puree. However, throughout the summer, there are often small deals on cracked or otherwise marred tomatoes at my local market that I hate to pass up.

This sauce makes it possible to spend a dollar or two, invest a little time peeling and cooking, and end up with two half pints of glorious, flavorful pizza sauce from each batch. Because I make four or five batches over the course of the summer, I end up with enough sauce to last all year, but it doesn’t feel like any work at all and costs nearly nothing.

Sweet Pear Caramel - Food in Jars

In writing this book, I also worked hard to come up with recipes that solved problems. I often hear from people that they wish they could can caramel sauces. While this sweet pear caramel doesn’t have the creamy mouthfeel of a batch made with heavy cream, it’s a really delicious sauce that can be used in place of traditional caramel drizzles (and if you don’t like pears, try it with peach or raspberry puree).

Preserving by the Pint back - Food in Jars

I am really proud of how this book turned out and am so grateful to Running Press for helping me turn an idea into a beautiful, useful thing.

Finally, it’s time for the weekly giveaway to return. I have three signed copies of Preserving by the Pint, liberated from my stash of author copies, to give away. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what you think about the new book. Or, if you’re not ready to share your thoughts, tell me about your favorite small batch preserving project.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Saturday, March 29, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, March 30, 2014.
  3. Giveaway open all.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

P.S. The new book has gotten a bit of love from some of my local media outlets. Here’s what the Philly’s Citypaper, Geekadelphia, and Table Matters have to say.

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717 Responses to A Peek Inside Preserving by the Pint + Giveaway

  1. 251
    Jacque Miller says:

    I would love this book. It looks so USEFUL!!!

  2. 252
    Barbara R says:

    I started canning for the first time last summer. I love the focus of seasonal preserving all year. I would love to dive into these recipes. I unabashedly hope that I win a copy. Thank you.

  3. 253
    Jessie says:

    Tie – rhubarb jam any which way or pickled ramps!

  4. 254
    j.J. says:

    I think the new book looks great and I am really excited about the small batch nature of it. Not enough eaters around to ensure that big batches are eaten within the year….

  5. 255
    Maria says:

    I love the idea of preserving in little batches throughout the summer. Definitely something I’ll try this summer!

  6. 256
    Rae says:

    I love the layout of your new book!! I’m especially fond of small batch canning. I cannot afford tons of fruit at a time so this is always the best option for me. Good luck with the book! It looks beautiful!

  7. 257
    Janet Mack says:

    Perfect size for two people. Can’t wait to see the whole book.

  8. 258
    Kay fo says:

    Can’t wait to try the Carmel pear sauce! It sounds fabulous!

  9. 259
    Gwyn says:

    I think it turned out great and look forward to getting a copy.

  10. 260
    Lisa C. says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book!

  11. 261
    nelle says:

    I love your first book and I am looking forward to reading this one, too.

  12. 262
    Jenny says:

    I love this book because of the tiny batches. I love to can, but never have the quantities of produce for many recipes. I can’t wait to use this book at get started this spring!

  13. 263
    MzTallulah says:

    Congratulations Marisa, the book sounds lovely and full of good ideas (and sugar snap peas are among my favourite veggies, ever!).

  14. 264
    Becky says:

    Just yesterday I was thinking about canning some small jars of sauce specifically for pizza – I am so excited about this book! I am looking forward to using it as well as recommending it in all my classes this summer. Small batch is the best way to start out canning and many times, the way to go in general!

  15. 265
    Sherri Venditti says:

    The book sounds perfect for people like me with small home gardens, congratulations!

  16. 266
    Wendy says:

    I have been big batch canning for years, the idea of very small batches would certainly help with my CSA bits and pieces.

  17. 267
    Amanda says:

    I’m excited about a book that focuses on putting up in small batches. I don’t always want to spend all day canning ALL THE THINGS. 🙂 Also that pear caramel looks delicious!

  18. 268
    Jessica says:

    I am so excited to check out this book! I rejoined our CSA after a few year hiatus (and 2 kids) and am raring to get some fresh produce and revel in it 🙂 Love that it is organized by season- that will make it so user friendly. Great job!

  19. 269
    Rachael H says:

    The new book looks perfect! I only have room for a handful of cookbooks in my kitchen and your first is one that stays in there. I’m already wondering which other book will be relegated to the office shelves when I pick up a copy of this one!

  20. 270
    Nancy says:

    Congrats on the book! The photography is wonderful — and I’d love those pizza sauce and pear caramel recipes! Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. 271
    LB says:

    As someone who tries really hard to buy all of my produce at the farmer’s market when the season allows, I’m super excited for the new book and can’t wait to try it out! I set a goal this year of preserving at least one thing every month, and I think this will make it easier to figure out what to do when and how.

  22. 272
    Jamie says:

    I am loving the look of the new book! I love that you added so many different things, like freezer recipes. The fact that you’ve laid it out by season will make it that much easier for those of us who shop at a farmer’s market and want to preserve using produce at its peak.

  23. 273
    Amy S. says:

    Happy release day! The book looks amazing! I love that it’s arranged by season. Very smart.

  24. 274
    Courtney F. says:

    I love the idea behind this book. I have two kids under 3, and normal-sized preserving recipes can sometimes be too much to undertake!

  25. 275
    Anna says:

    This book looks perfect! I’m going into my third year as a CSA member and my second as a hobby-canner. I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of dealing with unfamiliar veggies and getting more confident in my canning as I go. This book would be the perfect pairing for me, and I’m going to buy it if I don’t win it!

  26. 276
    Cassandra says:

    It looks absolutely fantastic!

  27. 277
    TC says:

    I think the new book looks amazing! As someone who lives by herself in an apartment, small batch anything sounds like heaven to me.

  28. 278
    Karen says:

    I will buy this book if I do not win it–or perhaps my daughter will buy it for me. 🙂 She bought me Food in Jars and we’ve made a bunch of the recipes. Looking forward to continuing the tradition.

  29. 279
    Leslie says:

    Book looks fabulous….hope I win!’

  30. 280
    Susan says:

    Loved your first book, so the second one will have to be on my preserving book shelf!

  31. 281
    Ellen says:

    I’m new to canning, and so want to try everything. Small batches make the most sense as I learn recipes and techniques: mistakes and things we turn out not to like aren’t so costly that way.

  32. 282
    carol says:

    sounds like my kind of book! i live in an apartment and usually only make pickled beets, sourkraut and zucchini pickles. i’ve liked most of your recipes before.

  33. 283
    Patty K says:

    Very happy to see that you’ve organized your book by the season. Some of my favorite and most used cook books are set up this way. Spring is here – let the preserving begin!!!

  34. 284
    Monika says:

    My favorite refrigerator project are probiotic pickles. My favorite small batch canning project is tomato jam. This book looks lovely, thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!!

  35. 285
    Anne H says:

    The idea of small batch canning is perfect for my 2 person family and my small garden. No more waiting for a few more veggies to ripen – can it when you have it.

  36. 286
    Michelle says:

    I like that there are recipes that don’t require canning. Good job on a another lovely book!

  37. 287
    Kris H says:

    I have enjoyed canning with your recipes in big or small batches! I love the opportunity to
    win this book, I collect cookbooks and yours are beautiful!

  38. 288
    Anne says:

    I’ve been canning for a long time, but just recently got into making and putting up mustards. Wonderful!

  39. 289
    Joy says:

    What a beautiful book. I’m the type that thinks about starting canning at 20 lbs of produce so I could certainly use this to help me think smaller

  40. 290
    courtney says:

    i love the concept of this book. as a midwest-to-midatlantic transplant in the DC area, i have not been able to purchase in bulk like i used to ($$$). living in half the space with an electric stove, it has been a real (time consuming!) challenge to use my giant canning pot for quart-sized jars. i got the fourth burner canning pot for christmas, and i very much look forward to putting it to work with this cookbook!

  41. 291
    Megan says:

    I LOVE the idea of purchasing in a pint or quart instead of trying to decipher how many pears or strawberries I’ll need!

  42. 292
    edenz says:

    Sounds like a great book for us as there are only two and we have a hard time using up large batches – but love preserving.

  43. 293
    ashlea says:

    Sounds like a great book for those of us who don’t have room to can much. I would love to try out the recipes!

  44. 294
    Vicki Childress says:

    Sounds like a nice handy book. Would be thrilled to have it. I enjoy the idea of making use of things versus throwing them out although sharing with a friend is also nice.

  45. 295
    Steph says:

    Love the idea of small batch preserving! Have followed your blog for a while now, and would love a copy of the book! Congrats on getting both books published.

  46. 296
    Karen Carsley says:

    My first canning project was last summer 2013 for Raspberry Jam recipe from your website. I got rave reviews) and I am totally hooked on making small batches. I am looking at fruit in a much different way now since Food In Jars has come into my life. Small batches is the way to go to experience so much than the traditional canning.

  47. 297
    Angela says:

    I have not read the book yet, but it is on my list. I look forward to learning how to preserve in smaller batches and learning new recipes

  48. 298
    Tammy says:

    What a lovely looking book! It sounds fantastic! I’d love to win a copy!

  49. 299
    Becky says:

    I love the idea of this book. My CSA is great, but I have a freezer full of pesto and soup, and could use some new ideas.

  50. 300
    Lisa Hochstetler says:

    I am really looking forward to getting this new cookbook. I live in a condo and so don’t have a lot of room, but love canning for myself and my husband. This book looks perfect for us.