Giveaway: New Blue and Green Lids From Ball

boxes of lids

Several years back, I had a small stash of red and white checked lids and rings that I’d picked up at a close-out sale. I rationed them carefully, using them on preserves I planned on giving as gifts or featuring her on the blog. Every time I posted a picture, someone would comment to ask where I’d gotten then. I hated always having to disappoint people by telling them that they weren’t available anymore.

colored lids

Happily, Ball recently released a new option for those canners who are itching to dress their jars up with something other than a basic silver lid. Called the Design Series, these new lids come in either metallic blue or green and are sold with matching rings. They come in boxes of six and currently retail for $5.95. Just like their silver siblings, they are BPA-free and are good for a single trip through the canner.

colored rings

I realize that these lids and rings are a bit pricier than the regular ones. If you can many hundreds of jars a year, they might not be the ones you reach for. What they are is a fun option for people who focus on small batches, are canning for an event (a wedding, perhaps?), or just want to give a few select jars a little extra sparkle. They also match up really nicely with the limited edition blue and green jars.

lids on colored jars

Thanks to the nice folks at Ball, I have five sets of these lids to give away. Each winner will get one of the green ones and one of the blue (each box holds six lids and rings, so each winner will receive a dozen lids and rings in total). Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me one thing you’re looking forward to canning this season.
  2. Comments will close at 12 noon on Sunday, March 2, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog later that day.
  3. Giveaway open to US and Canadian residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Ball gave me a set of these lids for photography purposes and are providing the giveaway units as well. No money has changed hands and my opinions are, as always, my own. 

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802 Responses to Giveaway: New Blue and Green Lids From Ball

  1. 101
    Andrea G says:

    Strawberry jam, used up all our jars!

  2. 102
    Jesse McAvoy says:

    We are looking forward to our first big crop of raspberries and blackberries this year!

  3. 103
    Richard says:

    To know what is in my food and not added chemicals that I can not pronounce.

  4. 104
    Leanna says:

    I can lots of stuff, but one thing I tried last year and will do a whole lot more of this year is Italian diced tomatoes.

  5. 105
    Jessica Hoffman says:

    I”m looking forward to canning some additional fruit products– I did 300 jars in total last year, but the 8 jars of apples sauce and apples are going fast!

  6. 106
    Alicia LeVasseur says:

    My grandmother will be teaching me how to can beans this summer. Cant wait.

  7. 107
    Emily K. says:

    I finally bought a cherry pitter so I am bound and determined to get some cherries in this year! I also already ran out of my bread and butter pickles so I’ll be canning twice as many of those this year.

  8. 108
    Karen says:

    I look forward to canning pickled beets!

  9. 109
    Carol says:

    We (my husband & I) are looking forward to canning season again. We really got into it last year. Just one more thing that we both enjoy and can do together.

  10. 110
    Lynda Treen says:

    Oh believe me I am looking forward to canning ANYTHING!!!! And EVERYTHING!!! Canning is in my blood and I have to do it every year. There is just my husband and me now but we still do tomatoes, green beans, jams and jellies, and just learned to can garlic and dried beans last year. I have been at this since I was 12!! Can’t go a year without canning. Please summer….come quickly…..and love the new jars and lids.

  11. 111
    Kacie says:

    I am so excited for canning this year cause I just had a baby and I plan on making all my own baby food I also have started thinking our whole family needs to eat healthier so i want to can all my own tomatoes for sauce, paste and spaghetti sauce!! No more plastic and tin cans for my family!!

  12. 112
    Liz says:

    Tomatoes! I never have enough.

  13. 113
    Jeannine says:

    Jam! Nice to have jam with nothing artificial and nasty in it. A blue and green jar would look nice 🙂

  14. 114
    Jen says:

    I’m hoping to can sliced banana peppers this year! All depends on what the garden does.

  15. 115
    Crystal Bishop says:

    Concord Grape Jelly! I so cant wait!

  16. 116
    Trina says:

    I just started canning last year, and I would like to try beans this year!

  17. 117
    Alexa W says:

    I can not wait to can more whole peeled tomatoes! I have already used up my stash from last year in my various soups, stews, and chilis.

  18. 118
    Angela says:

    I am canning for the first time this year and would love to have these. My 16 year old daughter will be helping me! 🙂

  19. 119
    Mandy v says:

    I just bought a food mill and a pressure canner so I’m really looking forward to putting up qts of tomato sauce!

  20. 120
    dali says:

    peaches. always the peaches i look forward to

  21. 121
    Olivia says:

    Those are so pretty! I’m looking forward to peach season this year for earl grey peach and rose petal peach jams.

  22. 122
    Beverly says:

    Looking forward to canning roma and san marzano tomatoes and okra. I love the new colors and they will look great in my new pantry that I am creating out of the need for more organization in my life.

  23. 123
    Rosalind says:

    I’m really looking forward to canning lots and lots of tomatoes to prepare me for another long cold winter.

  24. 124
    Maxine says:

    Moose meat, Jam (partridgeberry, bakeapples, raspberry), Turr…Etc.

  25. 125
    K in Philly says:

    I’ll probably only do refrigerator pickles – beets, cucumbers, zukes …

  26. 126
    Carol says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. I HAVE to use my pressure canner this year – I said the same thing this time last year, too. Sigh.

  27. 127
    Stephanie says:

    I am eager to do more heirloom tomato sauce. I think I have a jar or two left, and then it’ll be back to the store-bought (or homemade using canned tomatoes). I love that Ball is doing these colors!

  28. 128
    mary w says:

    I’m looking forward to canning figs and tomatoes – but not together! A sophisticated Fig and Ouzo jam that goes as well on an English muffin as it does with brie. OTHO tomatoes are my practical canning product.

  29. 129
    Kris H says:

    I can everything I can get my hands on but I make sure I get all the tomatoes I
    want canned first! Enough to get through the year. More salsa this year for
    sure! Would love those lids, Thanks!

  30. 130
    Debbie says:

    I just pickled asparagus and brussel sprouts. I think the green would be fun to put on those especially for Christmas. I am doing lots of jams and jellies and apple butter this coming season along with pcikles. Yummo

  31. 131
    Melissa says:

    pickles and tomatoes

  32. 132
    Kristine says:

    I’m looking forward to trying out some new attachments I got for my KitchenAid specifically to help me with canning!

  33. 133
    SharonF says:

    Spaghetti sauce. Lots of spaghetti sauce!!!!!

  34. 134
    Kristin Fish says:

    I’m looking forward to canning tomatoes!

  35. 135
    Kathy says:

    I am looking forward to learning how to can. I am new at this!

  36. 136
    Valerie Davis says:

    Can’t wait to can pickles this year…those green jars and lids would look great filled with pickles!

  37. 137
    Terry Z says:

    I want to make “Snap E Terry” spicy tomato juice. I have great labels all ready for it. Making tomato juice leaves my little condo kitchen, and me, looking like I slaughtered the family, but once you get started it goes quickly. And no peeling!

  38. 138
    Gwyn says:

    I am going to try and can tomatoes this year.

  39. 139
    Kathy R says:

    Pickled beets & stewed tomatoes using my grandmother’s recipes are at the top of my list!! Also plan to can peaches & pears, something I haven’t tried in the past.

  40. 140
    Cristina says:

    Definitely want to can more tomato sauce, and hopefully strawberry jam because my husband loves that!

  41. 141
    cyndi says:

    tomatoes! didnt can anything the past 2 years & have sorely missed having tomatoes to cook with during winter

  42. 142
    Jane Elliot says:

    Blueberry jam and mint jelly! Then put green ribbons on the blue jars and blue ribbons on the green jars and make them part of this year’s Christmas gift baskets!

  43. 143
    Lisa says:

    I can’t wait to make dilly beans in the new green jars

  44. 144
    Sarah says:

    I’m looking forward to using my pressure canner more. Not sure what with, but most likely with tomatoes and spaghetti sauce.

  45. 145
    Sherise says:


  46. 146
    Cheryl Pugh says:

    I am looking forward to canning more and more jams. I am addicted and everyone loves them. My family gets them for Christmas presents every year. I am also looking forward to canning the rewards from my garden. My health problems limit me year after year as to how big my garden gets but I reap the rewards by canning my asparagus (getting bigger every year on it’s own), my tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini. I would love to win these lids to be able to show off my successes. Thank you, Cheryl Pugh

  47. 147
    Kathy R says:

    Pickled beets & stewed tomatoes, using my grandmother’s recipes are at the top of my list!! Also bread & butter pickles, peaches, pears, & refrigerator/freezer pickles, using grandma’s recipes, of course!

  48. 148
    Ron says:

    My Sister-in-Law has promised to teach me to do peach preserves from fruit off her tree.

  49. 149
    Julie says:


  50. 150
    Erika says:

    I’m anxiously awaiting farmers market season to pick up fresh seasonal fruit to make more jam! I’ve got so many good looking recipes and flavor combinations floating around in my head.