Giveaway: New Ball Heritage Collection Green Jars

green heritage jars

As you might remember, Ball released a line of limited edition blue glass pint jars last year. It was a fun throwback to canning jars of yore and I enjoyed using them throughout the 2013 canning season (though I will confess, they do make my peaches look a bit little sickly).

This year, Ball is continuing the special edition trend with a limited release of green jars. These jars will be available in both regular mouth pint jars and wide mouth quarts, which is particularly exciting for those of who like to use wide mouth quart jars as drinking glasses (I’ll actually have more about my habit of drinking out of wide mouth quarts later this week). Just like the blue jars, they will be making a finite number, so if you fall in love with this particular look, make sure to stock up sooner rather than later.

green heritage jars in situ

Typically, I don’t like to write about new jars and products without having had a chance to experience them personally, but we had a little shipping snafu and the jars that were coming to me got a bit delayed. However, I promised a good giveaway this week and so made an exception. When I do get these jars into my hot little hands, I’ll be posting a follow-up post and some photos, so that you can get a better idea of what they look like in the real world.

Fillmore Container recently published a post on their blog about these new jars and they have a couple of additional images if you’re interested. They’ll also be taking online orders for them soon.

Now, here’s the giveaway scoop. The nice folks at Ball have given me 10 cases of the green pint jars to give away to 10 lucky winners (each winner will receive one case, which contains 6 jars). Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share how you’d use these new jars in your home.
  2. Comments will close at 12 noon on Sunday, February 2, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog later that day.
  3. Giveaway open to US residents only (so sorry, my further-flung readers).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: The jars for this giveaway have been provided by the manufacturer at no cost to me. However, my opinions remain entirely my own. 

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2,936 Responses to Giveaway: New Ball Heritage Collection Green Jars

  1. 2401
    melissa says:

    i love the green ones! much more than the blue ones. i would use these for everything! storing my dry goods like grains and beans mostly. we live in a small space, so it would help make things look pretty since we dont have the space in the cupboards to hide them!

  2. 2402
    Shirley J Harris says:

    I will use them to store Peas and Beans, and spices.

  3. 2403
    Carol says:

    I would enjoy using the green jars.

  4. 2404
    Shirley J Harris says:

    I will use them to store Peas Beans, and Spices; I don’t have a lot of space so it will help to store in Jars underneath my kitchen Sink.

  5. 2405
    Nancy L says:

    Those jars look beautiful, I would use them for pichles

  6. 2406
    Shelly mueller says:


    I love these jars! Reminds me of the days when you worked hard but life was still simple. You knew everyone. Your kids could run and play with out worry, everyone was there to help each other! It was like one big family!

    I’ll use the jars to can snd send some old fashioned but not forgotten kindness and love

  7. 2407
    Abigail R says:

    This question requires a simple answer, fill them with delicious jams, fruit, syrups and veggies!

  8. 2408
    Marivene says:

    I would use them for dilly beans, & serve them right from the beautiful green jar at the table!

  9. 2409
    Matt says:

    Jelly and jams in the fall

  10. 2410
    Sarah says:

    I would definitely need to put something green in there! Would probably make some pickled jalapenos or tomatillo salsa.

  11. 2411
    miles says:

    I would use this jars, along with the blue and clear to jar by year! Green for 2014, blue in 2015 and clear in 2016. A quick look in the pantry would tell me which jar to use first.

  12. 2412
    Catherine Esterly says:

    Some sand and some candles would look awesome in these green jars!

  13. 2413
    whitney says:

    oooh! these are beautiful! i would use these to can green beans this summer! 🙂

  14. 2414
    Marilla says:

    I would use these jars the same way I used the blue last year- drinking glasses to use on my porch/in my yard during the summer, and vases! I just love them! Of course.. some did end up being filled with dilly beans, too… and pickles…

  15. 2415
    Kelli L. says:

    Oh what wouldn’t I put in those! I would definitely put applesauce!

  16. 2416
    Kat H. says:

    Probably my usual marmalade or cranberry jam. Yogurt would probably look funny in green jars.

  17. 2417
    Jackie says:

    I will use these to can my homemade spaghetti sauce from tomatoes, green peppers, onions, basil & garlic all harvested from my garden!! Thanks in advance! And good luck to everyone!!

  18. 2418
    Robin Lipner says:

    Ooooh, I will capture summer tomatoes in mine!

  19. 2419
    Mona Starr says:

    I would keep 3 and give 3 to my new daughter in law cuz’ that’s her favorite color and because we used many dozens of canning jars in pint, quart, half gallon and gallon size for their outdoor wedding last year.

  20. 2420
    Theresa says:

    Some chutney might look nice in these beauties.

  21. 2421
    LSP says:

    Ooh they’re pretty. For sipping lemonade in the heat. Maybe some cucumber pickles when the season comes. Or just use them as mugs and vases. Love them!

  22. 2422
    keapdx says:

    They look kind of pickle-y…bread and butters!

  23. 2423
    Joanna says:

    I love these and I am thinking they would be so perfect for Dill Pickles or my Jalapeno Jelly!

  24. 2424
    Jcherubin says:

    For canning this summer and storing dry goods. Just beautiful!!

  25. 2425
    Howard says:

    I’d put stuff in them, yah, you know;

  26. 2426
    Khoi says:

    I’d probably use them to pickle green or white colored veggies to make sure they still look tasty!

  27. 2427
    Jason says:

    I would use them for my next batch of moonshine Apple Pie!

  28. 2428
    Nichole says:

    I have to admit that I would first like to make a hot chocolate drink to sip out of one of them! I think I would go with some sort of winter-y apple jam for these jars…

  29. 2429
    Jani Christenberry says:

    These would blend in nicely with my vintage jar collection which I use to store dry goods , leftovers in the fridge, and small collections like buttons and marbles!

  30. 2430
    a says:

    I love these babies! I collect the old ones when I see them.
    I use them for everything from food storage, dry, leftovers, &
    my favorite use for mason jars are beverages!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  31. 2431
    Elizabeth says:

    I would use the green jars to put my green smoothies or salads in or try out making my own dehydrated veggie soup mixes. Or perhaps just organizing my pantry. These green ones would make awesome terrariums though.

  32. 2432
    Ancilla Jagdeo says:

    I would use these to store things in and to keep food in my freezer. Thank you I have been looking to replace all of the plastic containers in my home. These will come in handy.

  33. 2433
    Stephanie says:

    I would love these jars for my wedding! Our colors are pink and green and I would love to cut some lovely dahlias, peonies and snap dragons in these for our summer wedding! Please and thank you!

  34. 2434
    Carey says:

    I’d use them for drinking glasses primarily, but for flowers in the summer I’m sure. I bought several packs of the blue for the same purpose 🙂

  35. 2435
    Edward alsup says:

    I really could use these this year

  36. 2436
    Marya J Cabrera says:

    I would use them as tooth brush holder, pen and pencil holders. I am currently using the blue ones.

  37. 2437
    Cathy says:

    Ohhh, pretty! I’ll use these year round for dry good storage on open shelving in my cream and green kitchen.

  38. 2438
    Harvitron says:

    This color is gorgeous! I’d use some as drinking glasses, and make pickles in the others!

  39. 2439
    Stephanie says:

    I would use them with the new pressure canner I got for Christmas.

  40. 2440
    Sarah says:

    I have been really into fermented foods recently, so I have plans for jars of fermented veggies, sour kraut, kimchi…

  41. 2441
    Emily D. says:

    Golly, drinking vessel, pickles, flowers, dry storage….possiblities seem endless. But I can never have too many jars — and colored at that! 🙂

  42. 2442
    corrie says:

    I like to store grains in canning jars, so I have them on hand and can find them easily. These green jars are so pretty – they’d look great on my canning shelf.

  43. 2443
    Louise Couillard says:

    I love green, they would be perfect for my outdoor kitchen area this summer for barbeques, holding fresh flowers, storing herbs, the possibilities are endless!

  44. 2444
    Heather says:

    I’d be tempted to throw them in the canning rotation like all the others, but I think they’d make really, really great vases for daisies come summer!

  45. 2445
    Natasha Rjedkin Lee says:

    So pretty. My favorite color is green. These would come in handy canning the bounty of my garden!

  46. 2446
    Pam M says:

    Love the green look more than the blue!! I would use them for canning or just storing other foods in. I also like to use canning jars for fresh flower bouquets and green would add a nice look to them.

  47. 2447
    Melissa Lyons says:

    Honestly, they are really pretty in color. I’m not exactly sure what I’d do with them. I’d probably save them for something special, a wedding, baby shower or some kind of gift.
    I don’t think I’d can regular food in them, that’s for the clear ones. I’d definitely do something unusual and different.
    Hope I win….

  48. 2448
    Linda says:

    I make the most amazing salsa and it would look beautiful in these jars!

  49. 2449
    Michelle says:

    Love these! I’m not sure if I would rather can with them or use them as decoration…maybe both!

  50. 2450
    Barbara says:

    I would use these for canning some of my summer fruits, a combination of colors in these would be beautiful