Giveaway: An OXO Berry Pack

OXO Berry Pack

Last week, in the first post of my new series for beginning canners, I wrote about the basic equipment you need to get started canning. The list included things like a stock pot to serve as your boiling water bath canner and a pair of jar lifting tongs to help you move your jars in and out of the hot water without injury.

Today, I’m here to talk about a few pieces of equipment from OXO, that while not absolutely necessary for basic canning, will make your canning prep work infinitely easier. This post is sponsored by OXO and features a giveaway at the end.

OXO Strawberry Huller

When I was a senior in college, I lived with two friends in an off-campus house. When we first moved in, we spent an evening unpacking our kitchen boxes together, choosing from the duplicates and making a list of the things we needed to fill any gaps in our tools. At that point of my life, I thought I was fairly well-versed in all available kitchen utensils, but when Andrea pulled out a pair of squat, metal pincers, I had to ask her to identify the tool. She told me it was a strawberry huller. Later, when strawberries came into season, I tried her huller, found that it was was far more trouble than a paring knife and wrote off strawberry hullers forever. Or so I thought.

A few years back, I found myself in possession of a OXO Strawberry Huller (I think it was included in a gift bag I picked up at a conference). Remembering my previous experience with hullers, I was ready to dismiss it. However, it happened to arrive right around the same time as a flat of strawberries and so I tried it. Immediately, I was won by its charms. It has the ability to remove the leaves and hard hull of the berry without pulling away any valuable flesh. It wastes so much less than my old paring knife technique and does it in less time, too. I am now among the huller converted.

OXO Cherry and Olive Pitter

The first year I canned cherry preserves, I was foolish. I pitted an entire flat of sweet cherries with an unbent paper clip. I learned the technique from a video on Gourmet’s website (oh, how I still miss Gourmet!) and thought that if it was good enough for them, it would be good enough for me. What I didn’t realize was that there’s a big difference between pitting a few cherries for a tart and pitting 8 quarts for multiple batches of jam.

By the time I was done, it was 1 am and I’d spent four hours removing pits from cherries. Though I was dizzy with exhaustion, before I went to bed I logged on to Amazon and bought myself an OXO Cherry Pitter. I’ve used it ever since and it has made my stints as a cherry processor far more pleasant.

OXO 3-piece Berry Set

Growing up, we had just one colander in the house. My mom liked it best that way, because it meant there was less to store and manage. However, almost every time I needed to drain or rinse something, I’d reach for the colander to discover that it was already in use. This led to many frustrating moments and overcooked pots of pasta. I swore that when I had my own kitchen, I’d have a few colanders around, to ensure there was always one available when needed.

I may have taken that promise a bit too far, because if one were to count the number of colanders, perforated berry bowls, and fine mesh sieves currently in my kitchen, they’d discover nearly a dozen different options. I don’t see them as clutter though, because in the course of a week, I’ll use nearly every one. I guess I do a lot of rinsing and draining.

Lately, as berry season has gone full-bore in the Philadelphia region, I’ve found myself turning to OXO Berry Bowl and Colander set more and more often. You can give your berries a good rinsing, pop the colander into the bowl and put it right onto the table, without dripping or an extra plate set underneath to catch extra water. The bowl also has a lid, which makes for easy leftover storage.

OXO Food Mill

Last, we come to the OXO Food Mill. This is the food mill of my dreams. When I first moved to Philadelphia, I inherited a large box of vintage kitchen equipment. It had all belonged to my Great-Aunt Doris and had been living in my cousin Angie’s garage for the last 15 years. Included in the box was a dented oval roasting pan, a rusty french fry cutter, and ancient Foley food mill. The roasting pan was quickly demoted to storage vessel, the fry cutter is still caked with rust, but the food mill went straight to the kitchen.

I used it for years, despite the fact that it was impossible to clean (it was a one-piece model without a detachable screen), had a tendency to discolor acidic foods, and was slighted dented (which made it hard to turn the handle smoothly). Two years ago, I bought a new food mill from one of those discount shopping websites, thinking I was doing myself a great service. The first time I used it, the little legs that keep it elevated over the bowl all snapped off. I was ready to swear off food mills entirely, when I used the OXO version while teaching a cooking class.

The screens popped in and out without pinching my fingers and were easy to clean. The supportive legs were sturdy and could take the pressure necessary to mill the tomatoes I was deskinning and seeding. And the handle turned smoothly and easily. It was my dream food mill and I use it all year long to make fruit butters, sauces, soups, and tomato products. I will never use another.

Thanks to the kind folks at OXO, I have one of these berry packs to give away to a Food in Jars reader. The winner will receive a strawberry huller, cherry pitter, berry bowl and colander and food mill. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share your favorite OXO tool. If you don’t have one, take a look at their website and name one you wish you had.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, July 12, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random (using and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, July 13, 2013.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: OXO provided me with the tools pictured in this post for photography and review purposes. They’re also providing another set of the same implements for this giveaway. They did not pay for placement and all opinions expressed are my own. Additionally, there are a few affiliate links in this post. 

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1,108 Responses to Giveaway: An OXO Berry Pack

  1. 701
    Brianna P says:

    I love my apple slicer/corer, we use it multiple times a day, and sometimes for other things than apples! It has been put to work in our house! I would love to add the above items to my kitchen.


  2. 702
    Krystal says:

    I love my food scale, with the pullout display. Use it more than I could have imagined.

  3. 703
    STH says:

    I have an OXO vegetable peeler that I’ve been using almost every day for years and it’s still going strong.

    Would love to win this–thank you for doing the giveaway!

  4. 704
    WENDLA says:

    My zester is my favorite kitchen tool. It may not be the one I use the most but it makes quick work of grating frozen garlic.

  5. 705
    B. Cunningham says:

    I love their vegetable peeler most. I’m left-handed, so finding a peeler that was comfortable in either hand was a must!

  6. 706
    Lori Cochran says:

    FOOD Mill for sure, the only thing I really really really need.

  7. 707
    Cynthia says:

    I have one of their mandolin slicers that I would never want to do without. This is a great package you and OXO are giving each of us a chance to win. The food mill would be heaven on earth for me. Thank you.

  8. 708
    Tom Warnock says:

    I LOVE OXO and would love this package!

  9. 709
    Lizzie says:

    I’m particularly digging the idea of the strawberry huller – I recently saw a tip online saying to use a straw pushed through the bottom and out the top, but that seemed so wasteful! This looks perfect. 🙂

  10. 710
    Debbie W says:

    I don’t have an OXO tool, but after reading this post I can say I would dearly love the food mill. What I use now is almost enough to make a Christian woman cuss! It would be a dream to have something so simple to use and easy to clean.

  11. 711
    sharon daniels says:

    My favorite OXO product would have to be the peeler.

  12. 712
    Nicole Sabo says:

    Need! Need! Need it! My husband and I went to a farm that we hunt on and picked wild raspberries and blackberries. The farmer said that we were welcome to pick through the strawberry patches that were just mowed over. We got about 6 pints of berries and I started hulling and simmering and MILLING these VERY seeded berries through sieves. UGGGHHHHhhhh. About four hours later (really!) I had three tiny pints of the best mixed berry preserves ever. I put them up with reverence. This little kit might save my shoulders, wrists and sieves to see another year of berry picking off the farm.

  13. 713
    Jennifer W says:

    The nylon flexible turner! It’s my favorite spatula and so is always dirty. I really should get rid of the ones I don’t like to use and just buy more of the OXO ones.

  14. 714
    Marion says:

    OXO … what do they make that I don’t like. NOTHING. I have been using OXO for years and would love to add the food mill and other items to my canning. I took several canning classes from you and have fallen in love with your “Food in Jars” Easier than anyone would think…take a class, you CAN.

  15. 715
    Christina says:

    We love OXO!! Honestly their tool that we use the most is the set of three white, nesting mixing bowls, with the grippy black bottom so they don’t move around when mixing, and have a comfortable handle and pour spout. Seriously, they’re the best bowls I’ve ever owned. Our OXO salad spinner is a close second.

  16. 716
    Lisa H says:

    I have an OXO Vegetable peeler, I love it!

  17. 717
    Natalie B. says:

    Good old veggie peelers. I have 2. One was not enough! It was always dirty. Now there is always one available.

  18. 718
    Libeled Lady says:

    When my steady moved in, I gained joint custody of his OXO whisk, and damned if it don’t love it a little more than I love him…

  19. 719
    Sandy Frankel says:

    Oh do I need these goodies! I just started canning and am addicted. I love all oxo products but the peeler and whisk is the best! Thanks so much!!!

  20. 720
    April Brown says:

    I love my OXO ice cream spade! Even my sons could scoop rock hard ice cream with it! It delves right in and produces a lovely sized scoop. It rinses clean in warm water and is ready for a second scoop in seconds. When it was accidentally put away in the wrong spot, my husband emptied every drawer and utensil crock in the kitchen looking for it. Luckily, he did find it and earned himself an extra scoop! That being said, we have a lot of OXO products and love them all. Citrus reamer is another I can’t do without. Especially while canning!

  21. 721
    Sandy Frankel says:

    Oh do I need these goodies! I just started canning and am addicted. I love all oxo products but the peeler and whisk is the best! Thanks so much!!!

  22. 722
    Sandra says:

    Of the ones I actually own, I’d have to go for the veggie peeler(s). But that pitter looks *really* nice!

  23. 723
    Meganne W says:

    Their silicon food turners are amazing. We have three of them, and I still find myself washing them by hand most days to use them again.

  24. 724
    Mary Lynn says:

    My favorite OXO tool is the vegetable peeler.

  25. 725
    Heather HS says:

    I LOVE oxo. I’m currently drooling over the French press….

  26. 726
    Eileen G. says:

    I love my OXO Tongs! When I first began my canning adventures I did not have a handy jar-lifter and those sturdy, no-slip tongs were life savers. Now I’m ready to upgrade again and get the right tools for the job. Thanks!

  27. 727
    Tammy says:

    Would love any OXO! Thanks!

  28. 728
    Katie Beth says:

    I love my zester and definitely need to try the food mill now!

  29. 729
    Rebecca P says:

    I would LOVE the strawberry huller. I used to have one of those flimsy ‘tong’ style ones, but it wasn’t much better than using my fingernails. Thanks!

  30. 730
    Rachel C. says:

    My favorite is actually my OXO can opener. The grippy handles are absolutely AMAZING for getting the screw tops off of bottles with sticky contents that sit too long in my fridge.

  31. 731
    mb says:

    I just finished pitting 36 pounds of cherries with that pitter. I can personally vouch its awesomness!
    I have arthritis in my hands and have next to no pain after this “event” . . .although I did spread it our over a two day period. Probably one of my alltime favorite kitchen possessions though is my food scale. My best friend so desperately wants one – and a cherry pitter so if I win . . . .I will be able to share my cool stuff!
    Love your blog . . . .am so flippin proud of myself . . . .I have finally found a bread and butter pickle recipe I love . . .and I owe it all to you. xoxoox

  32. 732
    Barbara says:

    Salad spinner; dries, stores, serve

    • 732.1
      Deborah Bigelow says:

      Hi there,
      Good to know about the OXO food mill. I have an old Foley too but would like to replace it. My favorite OXO tool is my salad spinner. Hope I win!

  33. 733
    Katia says:

    I have the OXO cherry pitter and love it, so do my kids who are now the primary cherry pitters in the house.
    I would love the strawberry huller — my darling hubs hulls strawberries but cutting off the WHOLE top of the strawberry… which totally infuriates me! All that wasted strawberry…

  34. 734
    Jennelle says:

    I want that cherry/olive pitter. I would definitely eat WAY more cherries if I had that.

  35. 735
    Mrs Wisely says:

    My Oxo vegetable peeler changed my life. I’m not sure I have anything that isn’t Oxo now!

  36. 736
    Sophie says:

    Loooove my oxo salad spinner! I grow arugula in my garden and it is the perfect tool to get it clean. THanks OXO!

  37. 737
    Tzippi Longstockings says:

    I love my OXO peeler. Best I’ve ever used, no question.

  38. 738
    Polly says:

    I have an OXO chef’s knife I bought while in school, I still use it every day. I really like their products, they are designed well and durable.

  39. 739
    Tristen says:

    I have the 4 sided cheese grater. It’s awesome. oh! and the salad spinner is the best i’ve had!

  40. 740
    Rachel says:

    I received an OXO smooth edge can opener as a wedding shower gift – it works great, and even better, I don’t have to worry about sharp-edged metal rattling around in the recycling bin.

  41. 741
    Stephanie says:

    I used to have a couple of bargain grocery potato peelers. They were AWFUL, but I just couldn’t stand to pony up the cash for the cushy OXO version since it looked to be nearly the same thing. Then I got an OXO version as a wedding gift & realized how wrong I had been! Now I’m dedicated to their kitchen gear & go for OXO brand before anything else. I haven’t been disappointed yet!

  42. 742
    Kristy says:

    I don’t have a lot of Oxo tools, but I’ve heard such wonderful things about their food mill!

  43. 743
    Lara says:

    Love my Oxo cookie/ice cream scoop! Everything I have bought from oxo works great, I love their stuff!

  44. 744
    Sherrill Collins says:

    Apple butter has turned into my nemesis over the years due to my banged up food mill. I’m so excited to see that OXO has introduced a stainless steel food mill!

  45. 745
    Terri says:

    My favorite OXO tool is the flat whisk!

  46. 746
    Melissa says:

    I don’t think I own an OXO tool I don’t love. I love my locking can opener, and my vegetable peeler the best. Both have lasted me many years and are still going strong.

  47. 747
    Christine says:

    As simple as it sounds I absolutely love my OXO liquid measuring set. It has made so many things easy! In addition to the obvious water. milk etc., I also use the small one for measuring out tablespoons of liquid. I might be really late to this, but since I discovered that I haven’t spilled vanilla extract all over the place!

  48. 748
    Kim says:

    I love my Oxo digital food scale and use it all the time!

  49. 749
    Evangeline says:

    What a great informative article! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a strawberry huller! My favorite tool is the cherry pitter! It makes pitting cherries a breeze! I would love to try the strawberry huller also!

  50. 750
    junecutie says:

    I have lots of OXO tools, but I guess I’d have to say that my very favorite one is my OXO manual can opener.