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There was a time when I regularly brought three or four jars with me every time I made a trip to Whole Foods, in order to buy various nuts, grains, and dried from the bulk section. However, I do most of my grocery shopping on foot and so lugging glass jars can start to get pretty darn heavy.

Several years back, I added a set of three light-weight, reusable bulk bin bags from Kootsac to my array of produce bags (if they sound familiar, it’s because I’ve mentioned them before) and have come to love them with a passion. They’re nearly weightless, so they don’t increase the amount you pay at check-out. They wash like a dream. And they appear to be nearly indestructible, as I’ve had mine for four years and they are showing no sign of wear at all.

Morgen, the creator of the Kootsac, is offering up a package of her reusable bags for a giveaway (scroll to the bottom of the post for details) and took the time to answer a few of my questions about her nifty product.

ripstop bags

Q: What inspired you to start making Kootsac?
A. I buy almost all my dry food from the bulk food section of my natural food stores. One of the top reasons why I do this was to save on packaging but I began to accumulate plastic bags. I would wash them and hang them to dry on my porch but, as most people who do this know, the bags become yucky after a few washes.

I searched online for reusable bulk food bags and could’nt find any – this was 6 years ago. I am a textile artist and designer so I have the skills to make them myself which is what I ended up doing. I feel like making Kootsac bags is one small thing that I can do to contribute to the movement towards living lighter on the planet.

Q: How many have you made since you started selling them?
A: I think I’ve sold about 8,000 bags since I started.

Q: How many plastic bags do you think your Kootsacs have kept from the landfills?
A: It’s hard to say how many bags have been kept from entering landfills but I can make an estimate based on my own usage. I use at least 5 bags a week, which in 6 years of use would have saved 1,500 bags from entering the landfill, so each bag would be worth 300 plastic bags in 6 years or 50 bags a year.

If I sold 8,000, then potentially Kootsac could have kept 400,000 bags from entering the landfill. Wow! I like those numbers! That’s provided that people who buy them use them, and of course some people may use them more or less times per week than I do.

reusable bulk bags

Q: What’s been the best comment from a Kootsac user about these bags?
A: I have had such amazing feedback from customers which makes this a hard question to answer, but here’s one I received very recently: ” I love Kootsacs! These are such fabulous bags I’ve been using for over a year now that I had to buy more!!! I save so much money buying my organics and whole grains in bulk and these bags work PERFECTLY for just about anything dry. They’re amazing!!! I save my bread tabs to use for closing up (more re-using!) which work perfectly, and I get so many complements on these. Thank you, again, for a truly beautiful product!!! :)”

Thanks to Morgen, I have three ripstop nylon bags, three silk bags, and a cotton produce bag (it’s also good for bread and bagels). Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share your favorite thing to buy in bulk.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Friday, May 17, 2013. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday.
  3. Giveaway open to everyone.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.
Disclosure: Kootsac provided me with a sample set of bags, and is also providing an additional set for giveaway. However, no money changed hands and all opinions expressed here are entirely my own. 

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644 Responses to Giveaway: Kootsac Reusable Bulk Bags

  1. 601
    Kim Davis says:

    grains, dried fruit, and nuts for making oatmeal and muesli. One large batch can easily equate 4-6 plastic bags, which I’d just as soon not have. Also – if I can label the bags, like with a sharpie? even better! I may just have to get some of these anyway!

  2. 602
    soul role says:

    Hard to say a favorite bulk food since 75% of food I buy is in bulk!Maybe not most bought but I sure love when I can mejool dates in bulk 😉
    Aloha and way to go Kootsac!

  3. 603
    Melinda says:

    Spices (and I reuse baby food jars to store them in). That way I don’t have containers of random spices getting old sitting in the cupboard.

  4. 604
    Liz says:

    Definitely spices…also a variety of munchies to make into a sort of trail mix for my insatiably-hungry 13-year-old at soccer practices (he chooses the ingredients).

  5. 605
    Jenny C says:

    My favorite thing to buy in bulk would be grains/seeds in general: quinoa, millet, black rice, anything that’s hard to find in the regular grocery store!

  6. 606
    Lori Pratt says:

    Sesame seeds!

  7. 607
    Jennifer says:

    Spices! I’m fortunate to live a reasonable drive away from an Amish bulk store with the most amazing selection and prices.

  8. 608
    ElaineM says:

    Nuts! Specifically raw unsalted cashews.

  9. 609
    Samantha says:

    Grains! Oats, farro, millet, and forbidden rice are my favorites right now. Also, almonds and dates (man do I love those!).

  10. 610
    Joanne says:

    This is such a neat idea!! I tend to buy the ingredients for trailmix as well as spices.

  11. 611
    Lulu says:

    Almonds are a must have in bulk

  12. 612
    Crystal says:

    Grains, grains, grains…oh and grains!

  13. 613
    Mer Francis says:

    Yellow corn grits, hands down. It’s my favorite breakfast, and it’s almost impossible to find them anywhere other than bulk.

  14. 614
    Stacey says:

    I love to buy nutritional yeast in bulk – delicious on top of popcorn and baked potatoes!

  15. 615
    Jessica Lee says:

    A fantastic trail mix that my local grocery store sells. Among more usual stuff, it has hazelnuts and dried peaches and of course chocolate. I eat it for breakfast with a mixed grain hot cereal, which I also buy in bulk.

  16. 616
    ZeeZee says:

    My favorite things to buy in bulk are dried cherries, raw nuts, and millet!

  17. 617
    Jody Thomasson says:

    My favorite thing to buy in bulk @ “The Good Food Store” is organic yellow popcorn
    a bowl of stove popped and a glance @ food blogs, an hour well spent

  18. 618
    Aaron says:

    I buy many grains/legumes/nuts/spices in bulk, but I think my favorite guilty pleasure is to buy a few handfuls of chocolate covered pretzels….

  19. 619
    Hannah says:

    Love to buy dried bananas in bulk, great healthy snack!

  20. 620
    Jenny says:

    Beans, grains, nuts, and spices! Theses look great!

  21. 621
    Tia says:

    Grains, beans, spices, coconut oil, and dried fruit.

  22. 622
    NurseMarta says:

    love my reusable shopping bags and would love these bulk bags!!

  23. 623
    Gaylynn Walrod says:

    My all time favorite food to buy in bulk is gluten free flour. My bulk buying would be much more exciting with these stylish bags.

  24. 624
    Kelly says:

    My favorite thing to be in bulk is almonds. Love these bags!

  25. 625
    Angela says:

    Nuts, cacao powder & flours!

  26. 626
    Crystal Warsop says:

    I love getting raw almonds and other nuts in bulk. They’re great for snacking or making non-dairy milk. Or sometimes I’ll roast the almonds and cover them in melted chocolate with a sprinkle of fancy salt.

  27. 627
    Melissa says:

    Of all the things bought in bulk my favourite would have to be when we treat ourselves in the bulk candy section! 🙂

  28. 628
    Hannah says:

    We buy almonds and flour in bulk but not as often as I’d like and, of course, I’d like to buy more things in bulk. Most of what we cook is whole foods so there’s a lot of potential. We live in a small town where options are limited, but we can drive to the bigger city nearby and stock up. Hoping to get some bags so I can do so more effectively!

  29. 629
    Kathleen says:

    I buy flax seed in bulk all the time.

  30. 630
    Louisa says:

    These look awesome!! My favourite thing to buy in bulk is…pretty much everything I can!! Beans and grains and dried fruit and pretty much everything my store has available in bulk that isn’t candy 🙂

  31. 631
    Lori says:

    NUTS: Almonds, walnuts, cashews, pecans! Also, quinoa and oats.

  32. 632
    Jennifer says:

    nuts, grains, spices, legumes…

  33. 633
    Marie says:

    Almonds, always!

  34. 634
    Jeff says:

    My favorite bulk food is quinoa. I love these Peruvian, red morsels. I also love the tri-color (white, brown, black) quinoa as well. I make a MEAN quinoa cold salad that will knock your Birkenstocks right off ya’! If I were to be so lucky as to win those incredible sacks, my quinoa could travel home in-style. It would be like they are nestled in pure comfort and earth consciousness! 🙂 It’s a nice thought……..Right?

  35. 635
    Katie says:

    Nuts and grains. Thanks for the giveaway offer!

  36. 636
    Jamie says:

    My favorite purchases are always something new, a “taste” of something I’ve never tried or a spice recognized from a half-remembered article. I started buying in bulk to reduce waste and support my Co-op, but I love most that it also comes with a choose-your-own adventure.

  37. 637
    KimV says:

    Oats and seeds and anything else I can throw in my granola bars. =)

  38. 638
    Caitlyn C. says:

    These bags look great! I love to buy things in bulk but one of my top favorites are probably dried apricots. So tasty.

  39. 639
    Anita D says:

    The main things I buy in bulk are the ingredients for my granola – oatmeal, nuts, seeds

  40. 640
    Sarah says:

    Tamari cashews, I think. Though I buy a lot of bulk stuff. 🙂

  41. 641
    Jeanne says:

    Oatmeal, it’s a daily staple. Might be smarter to buy a whole 25 lb. bag we love it so much, but I can never be bothered to fill out the special order form:-)

  42. 642
    Deby says:

    Oatmeal, flax seed, and toffee covered peanuts from Sprouts :).