Giveaway: Hamilton Beach Programmable Electric Kettle

Hamilton Beach Kettle front view

I came to the world of electric kettles fairly late. I was raised with a stove top kettle and thought it the best way to manage my hot water needs (plus, I’ve always liked the way they looked sitting out on a burner). But then in the fall of 2011, I went to visit my sister. She had a relatively inexpensive electric kettle that boiled water at miraculous speed. There was no ten+ minute wait for a pokey stove to heat and transfer its warmth. I was sold.

Soon after I got home, I ordered my first electric kettle. I got this fairly basic model that didn’t have any fancy features beyond the fact that it shut off after boiling and there wasn’t any plastic in the interior of the kettle (call me crazy, but I don’t love the idea of boiling large amounts of plastic on a regular basis).

Hamilton Beach Kettle side view

Soon enough, I was using it multiple times a day. It served up hot water for morning cups of coffee and tea. In the afternoon, I’d use the cooled water in the kettle to help feed my sourdough starter (boiling helps evaporate out any chlorine in the water supply that can harm or kill the sour bacteria. Just make sure the water is under 100F when you add it to your starter). During dinner prep, I’d heat water to hydrate spoonfuls of Better Than Bouillon or to speed up soup making.

I also found myself turning to the electric kettle during canning. As you know, I make a lot of small batches of preserves, and often I make three or four things in succession (I like to take advantage of a hot canning pot). These small batches range in size from two half pints to four or five. If I don’t plan well, I can wind up trying to process jars without having enough hot water to cover. Instead of adding hot tap water and hoping that the pot returns to a boil quickly, I can keep the kettle hot and top off the canning pot immediately. It has sped things up immeasurably.

This summer was also the first time I had the electric kettle during tomato canning season. I do the bulk of my tomatoes whole, peeled and packed in water (makes for a shorter processing time) and with an electric kettle, having that hot water takes no time at all.

Hamilton Beach Kettle display

Thanks to the kind folks at Hamilton Beach, I recently upgraded my electric kettle to their programmable model (my previous kettle was also made by HB, but I bought it with my own dollars, long before I started teaming up with them for giveaways). This guy allows you to select the temperature to which your water heats. That makes it particularly great if you have fussy coffee habits (I say this lovingly and as someone who regularly weighs her beans to ensure a close-to-perfect brew), drink green tea, or live at high elevations where water boils at lower temperatures.

It also has a outside fill indicator (the trade-off is that there’s a small amount of plastic inside the kettle to allow for this) and pours far more smoothly than my previous kettle. I also like the fact that it has a timer, so you can schedule the moment you want it to switch on to boil. With a fast boiling kettle, it’s not really entirely necessary, but I have been enjoying the luxury of walking into the kitchen each morning to a just-boiled kettle of water. It’s the little things.

Finally, the giveaway. Hamilton Beach has generously given me eight of these Programmable 1.7 Liter Electric Kettles to give away to my readers. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share your water boiling habits. Stove top kettle? Electric tap in the sink? Microwaved mug? If you don’t do hot drinks, what gets you moving in the morning?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Friday, February 15, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway open US residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.
Disclosure: Hamilton Beach gave me one Programmable Electric Kettle for review and photography purposes and they’re providing eight additional units for this giveaway. They did not pay for inclusion on the blog and my opinions remain entirely my own. 


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1,088 Responses to Giveaway: Hamilton Beach Programmable Electric Kettle

  1. 1051
    Annie W. says:

    I use an old and almost spent electric kettle like this to heat up water every morning. I have actually been planning to buy a new metal one as soon as possible! We make coffee in a french press, and I drink hot herbal tea throughout the morning. I make instant oatmeal or grits with it too. When the water cools in the afternoon, I use it to water my kitchen plants. A bigger, better, newer one would be amazing!

  2. 1052
    Jean says:

    I would love this! I have a stovetop kettle at home. An electric kettle would be perfect for work where I always need a hot cup of coffee/tea/water to stay warm.

  3. 1053
    Marianne Denman says:

    I drink tea all day- start with earl grey and then change to herbal in the afternoon. I use an electric kettle and love it but could always use a better faster one! Mine allows you to keep the water warm which I love. Thanks

  4. 1054
    Ada says:

    I’ve been an electric kettle convert for years. I can’t imagine life without one to boil water quickly. I drink a ton of tea (and a fair amount of cocoa) so our kettle gets a great workout every day.

  5. 1055
    Amber P. says:

    I love tea, but I don’t drink nearly as much of it as I’d like to because I hate standing around by the stove watching a pot of water in hopes of catching it when it’s just the right temperature. Also, having recently done my first ever bunch of small-batch canning recipes back-to-back in one day, I can totally see how this would make that sooooo much easier!

  6. 1056
    Courtney says:

    Generally, we heat water on the stove….but these electric kettles are great when you’re multitasking in the kitchen or when having a party. I love that they just turn off when the kettle boils. Easy!

  7. 1057
    Alda says:

    Programmable kettle – that would be great!

  8. 1058
    edenz says:

    We went to the UK right after I graduated from college (10 years ago!) and fell in love with the electric kettles we encountered in every B&B. An electric kettle of our own was one of the first things on our registry. So we use it for tea, canning, pasta – anytime we need boiling water. Ours is getting a bit old now, so I’d love a new one.

  9. 1059
    Lance says:

    I love our basic electric kettle, but we’ve used it so much over the years it’s starting to get cranky. A new, programmable one would be super! Then I could have hot water ready for my Chemex right when I get up.

  10. 1060
    Linda says:

    I boil water on the stove top in a standard kettle. I do wish it was easier to clean, though, since being on the stove top it gets exposed to splattering oil and such. My one roommate had a tendency to cook with a lot of oil and my kettle is now heavily soiled on the outside. 🙁

  11. 1061
    Jennifer says:

    I use an old tea kettle each morning for my tea but would love to speed that process up each day with one of these beauties!

  12. 1062
    Susan Gray says:

    I usually use the microwave because it is fast. If I need really hot water, I use a tea kettle on the stove. I agree with others that say it is hard to clean!

  13. 1063
    Peter says:

    I never heard of an electric kettle until I read this post. This would be a great tool to have. Right now I heat up water on the stove with a stove-top kettle.

  14. 1064
    Tonja Brice says:

    I purchased an electric kettle for my office 6 years ago when I switched jobs (and actually got my own office!). It is the most awsome thing ever. I only drank hot tea (love the simplicity of English Breakfast tea) at the time and used the kettle every day. I’ve since mostly switched over to coffee but am finding that my stomach is not doing well with this change, so I’m in the process of switching back to tea only. I would love to have a kettle for my house – it would certainly help this process! Thanks.

  15. 1065
    angela w. says:

    stove top kettle. before i got one, i just used a small saucepan. what a savage i was!

  16. 1066
    ELC says:

    I always use a stove top kettle to boil water for tea. But I got an electric kettle for my daughter for her dorm room, and now I’m kinda jealous!

  17. 1067
    Autumn C. says:

    I have a red stovetop kettle that I use, but the handle is broken! It’s a little wobbly, and I’m afraid it’s going to break sometime when I’m pouring hot water out, so I have to use potholders and hold it from the sides to pour. Pain in the neck!

  18. 1068
    andrew k. says:

    i always just use a sauce pot to boil water and ALWAYS forget about it until i hear it boiling over into my stove. very very bad. i’ve wanted an electric kettle for awhile now and keep forgetting to grab one. great post. thanks.

  19. 1069
    Juliet says:

    Kettle on the Stove! Though friends of mine have an electric kettle and since witnessing their’s in action, it’s been on my ‘kitchen upgrade’ list.

  20. 1070
    barbara sheridan says:

    Microwaved mug

  21. 1071
    Flan says:

    We use a stovetop kettle, but would love to have an electric one!

  22. 1072
    CeciliaVV says:

    Mostly do microwave, but I have a teapot for the stove when I want more than one cup or when my husband wants tea also.

  23. 1073
    T. E. Robinson says:

    I am actually considering changes in my methods driven by a desire to greatly reduce or eliminate the microwave. You mentioned not liking the idea of plastic…plastic in combination with a microwave is not healthy at all. So I have decided to acquire a french press coffe maker and needed to determine how I would get hot water for it. Looking at kettles but would certainly entertain an electric one on your recommendation! Thanks fo the feedback and useful tips.

  24. 1074
    Jane Kauer says:

    I drink a lot of tea: green, oolong, mostly, so spend lots of time temp-approximating. This is fun, but. At home, we have a Tiger water heater (the water ninja) that olds at 190. At work I’m using an open coil plastic electric kettle & estimate how much room temp water to add. It’s not too bad, but I’d like to move away from plastic, too. The idea of temp wing right for a delicate oolong is very appealing.

  25. 1075
    bn100 says:

    use a stove top kettle

  26. 1076
    momchelle says:

    I keep a pot of water boiling on the stove in winter (with a stick or two of cinnamon) to add some moisture to the air when the heat is on. I never really gave much thought to my water boiling habits, but if Marisa and Alton recommend an electric kettle, I’m all in!

  27. 1077
    Catie says:

    We typically use a stovetop kettle!

  28. 1078
    Leila says:

    What a coincidence to come across this opportunity to win an electric pot 3 hrs away from the deadline!!! I was researching which one is the better one to buy for my office. I have one that is made out of plastic and would like to move away from that feature, so it would be great to win this one…. or even the previous model that you stated had no plastic in the interior.
    I hope I am the winner!! 🙂

  29. 1079
    Nicole BooRey says:

    I use a stovetop kettle and it is looking a little sad from all the splattered food on it! I use my kettle daily for tea and to quickly and efficiently mix with cold water for washing my kids’ faces after meals, diapering, and cleaning. It is faster than waiting for water from my hot water heater! I’ve been coveting an electric kettle for 2 years now!

  30. 1080
    Colleen McGuigan says:

    I don’t use hot water a lot (I don’t drink coffee and rarely drink tea), but I have wanted an electric hot water kettle ever since I first knew they existed — I just never thought I would use it often enough to justify the expense. However, if I got one, I am sure I would find ways to use it every day. Thanks!

  31. 1081
    Michele says:

    It’s11:59on this my anniversary. I regularly use a plastic electric kettle for coffee.

  32. 1082

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