Homemade Gifts on Saveur + Easton Winter Mart

Several months back, I got an email from an editor at Saveur, asking if I’d be interested in working on a holiday piece for their website. After several conference calls, dozens of emails, and lots of recipe testing in my tiny kitchen, the finished piece is now live.

It features eight preserves and treats that all make fantastic holiday gifts. Make sure to check out the ginger curry candied almonds and the dried fig compote (so good with cheese!).

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This Saturday, December 1, I’m going to be at the Easton Winter Mart in Easton, PA from 10 am to 2 pm. I’ll be doing a jam making demo at 11:30 am and will have plenty of books with me to sign and sell. If you’re in the greater Philadelphia and have been thinking of treating yourself to a book, please do come out and say hi!

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17 Responses to Homemade Gifts on Saveur + Easton Winter Mart

  1. 1
    Jordan says:

    I have a friend who the candied clementines would be PERFECT for. I might make some for my dad too, his mom was named Clementine. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. 2
    Daphne says:

    I’m in the middle of making my holiday baskets for the neighbors. I really have to start thinking of gifts early in the year when my fruit and spices are available from the garden. I made apple cranberry jam for them, but I think my strawberry jam with my homegrown strawberries would be a better gift. And I’m also thinking an herbed vinegar might be nice. I also do candy and cookies. Though I don’t have enough strawberry jam to give everyone a jar of that, I do have enough to make thumbprint cookies. They are one of my favorite cookies.

  3. 3
    Rachel says:

    I love this! Handmade gifts are the way to go, nothing says “Happy Holidays” like something made from scratch! 🙂

  4. 4
    ana cooks says:

    Every Xmas i make jams and cookies to offer…maybe this year i’ll make something different like that!

  5. 5
    Lynne says:

    Awesome article! I can’t wait to try the dried fig compote and the apple cider concentrate!!

  6. 6
    Chloe says:

    I have to say that these are amazing ideas! Very creative. I have been looking at a lot of recipes for homemade gifts in the past few days and its first time I think: I have to make this. NOW. Thanks!

  7. 7
    Emily says:

    I’ve been dying to get to one of your classes or demos but alas, I live outside of Boston. BUT!!! My parents live in Easton (I grew up there) and so I will send my mother in my place- second best to being there myself! Dec. 1 is her birthday and I know this is something she’d enjoy. Thanks for posting about it!

  8. 8
    Lindsay says:

    Love your gift ideas. I want to make them ALL. And for myself. 😛

  9. 9

    I’m so proud of you! Great article! Thank you for inspiring me: I’ve been tooling around looking for idea-generators for my own Yule gift-making. You’re AWESOME!

    A fan in Portland, Maine (P.S. Please come my way!)

  10. 10
    Emily Rae says:

    Love the apple cider concentrate!

  11. 11
    Alexis says:

    I notice that some refer to a water bath process link, which says to process according to the recipe – neither of the recipes for the clementines or the cranberries, for example, mention processing times. I’d imagine they’re pretty short – 5 minutes? 10?

  12. 12
    Lindsey says:

    Your collection of gift ideas for Saveur was fantastic and so inspiring! I was disappointed, though, by how brief the recipes were and how many details were excluded– your recipes here are always so thorough and careful. I thought that leaving out the processing times was especially worrisome. I’d assume that Saveur is responsible for cutting out so many details, but I hope you’ll point this out to them. It was so frustrating to have to dig through other cookbooks and search the internet to fill in the gaps in the recipes. Your ideas definitely kicked off my holiday gift-making last weekend, though, so thank you for that!

    • 12.1
      Marisa says:

      Lindsey, once the recipes are out of my hands, I really don’t have a lot of control over what they do with them. The versions I submitted did have more detail than the ones they ran on the site, but it’s their choice. You are welcome to get in touch with them and communicate your frustration.

  13. 13

    If anyone wants to know how the candied clementines are, I’ve made them twice already, and I wrote about it! In a nutshell, they are delicious and awesome and easy, though my yield seems to be quite a bit smaller. Maybe I just have wimpy clems, though.

    Thanks for posting the waterbath time here, Marisa!

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