MightyNest Giveaway Winner

Yummy food swap items!

I’ve had a couple of breathlessly busy days in the Chicago area and I have one more full day of book stuff up in Lake Forest before I head home and I can wrap my brain around writing a post of substance (and I have so many dancing around my brain. Zucchini! Plum chutney! And a Canning 101 post about pickle texture!).

However, lots of you have been getting in touch wanting to know who won the MightyNest giveaway I posted last week. I’ve consulted Random.org and the winner is commenter #659. That’s Amanda F. who wrote, “We are trying to get rid of plastics in the kitchen. Those silicone popsicle molds look so much easier to remove than the plastic ones we currently have.”

Thanks to all of you who took the time to enter the giveaway! And you know, I think Amanda F. is right, those silicone popsicle molds look pretty darn awesome.


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3 Responses to MightyNest Giveaway Winner

  1. 1
    celiadelia says:

    Bummer, but we like these jars so much we are getting some for ourselves for Christmas!

  2. 2
    Kate Dalton Boyer says:

    I have enjoyed your blog this summer and in thanks have linked to your shrub article in a recent food preserving essay I wrote for an online localist magazine. It can be found at http://www.frontporchrepublic.com/2012/08/play-with-your-food/. Forgive the public notice of this, but a new computer’s new-to-me system is keeping me from accessing your email address here in order to send a private message. Good wishes to you.

  3. 3
    Jonette Beck says:

    congratulations to the winner, wish it would have been me… Ill just have to go buy some for myself.

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