“Ripe” Author Cheryl Sternman Rule at Reading Terminal Market


Hey Philadelphia! Ripe author Cheryl Sternman Rule is in town. (I wrote about her gorgeous book here). She’s going to be at the Fair Food Farmstand at Reading Terminal Market on Friday, May 25 (that’s tomorrow) from 3-5 pm, talking about produce, the process of creating this lovely volume and signing books.

If you’re not rushing out of town at noon for the weekend, you should come out to meet Cheryl. She is just as delightful as her book. (I’ll be hanging around too, so make sure to stop by and say hi).

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2 Responses to “Ripe” Author Cheryl Sternman Rule at Reading Terminal Market

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    Sarah says:

    Oh, I would love to win this! I really enjoy your recipes and the way you describe the steps you took to create whatever you’re working on, so I bet the book will be just lovely.

    I have several favourite things in cans… the first is pickled beans, made entirely from beans and herbs from our garden. I love them because my husband loves them so much, and I feel so useful and clever for having made something so simple yet delicious out of things that grew a few steps from our back door.

    My personal favourite thing is blueberry jam/sauce/compote/whatever it’s locally called. I’m allergic to citrus, so a lot of commercially made jams are out of the question for me. Anything with lemon juice is a no-no, so I often have to use vinegar instead to get the right level of acidity. I’m actually not all that fond of the intense sugar in most jams, so a bit of vinegar helps to balance things, flavour-wise, for me. Blueberry jam with a bit of ginger and red wine vinegar on a biscuit slathered in butter – oh yum! Blueberry anything is delicious!

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      Sarah says:

      I’m sorry… I somehow must have clicked on your last post to comment instead of the contest/book info post… I’ll go repost on the correct post, sorry for the off-topic ramblings here!

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