Nine Jams for Jennie Winner

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Last week, I offered up nine half pints of jam in the hopes of raising a bit of money to contribute to the fundraiser for Jennifer Perillo. I asked that people make a donation of at least $25 and then come back to tell me about it. Each person who many a donation and reported back would be entered for a chance to win these nine jams.

When I initially published that post, I was full of nerves. What if no one participated? Happily, my fears were unfounded. When I closed my ersatz auction on Monday, 31 people had given, for a total of $1162.97. I am delighted by the generosity that so many of you displayed.

I have consulted and it selected contributor #3 as the winner. According to my spreadsheet, that’s Alana Chernila of the blog Eating From the Ground Up. Congrats lady!

My huge thanks to all of you who have given to Jennie’s fund, whether you did it through this blog or a different one. Every little bit helps.

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3 Responses to Nine Jams for Jennie Winner

  1. 1
    kaela says:

    Congrats to Alana for winning the big haul and to everyone for such generous donating. Give yourselves all a big pat on the back from me…

  2. 2
    Alana says:

    I can’t believe I have such precious goods coming my way! Thank you so much Marisa for holding this auction, and to everyone who pitched in, too.

  3. 3
    flotsam says:

    Sadly, Jennie’s financial need was misrepresented by both Bloggers without Borders and Shauna Ahern. While donors were raising money, Jennie was Tweeting about $600 boots, eating expensive meals and ordering furniture. Some bloggers are upset that they were deceived. Google it, it’s out there.

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