Canning Book: Putting Up More

Putting Up & Putting Up More

Stephen Palmer Dowdney’s first book, Putting Up was one of my very first canning books. I bought my copy in early in 2009, around the time when I first started this blog. I used it as starting place when I made my first batch of pickled asparagus (how long ago that feels!) and I continue to reference it on a regular basis.

While walking by the Cookbook Stall at Reading Terminal Market about a week ago, I happened to spot Putting Up More in the window. I was surprised, as I hadn’t heard anything about a new canning book from Dowdney, but I stopped and bought a copy right there and then (let’s hear it for supporting local book shops!).

Putting Up More - pH Meter

One of the things that makes Dowdney’s books stand out in the pack of canning volumes is the perspective from which he writes. He owned a commercial canning operation for more than 10 years and so isn’t as tethered to the home canning practices to which we all cleave. He sterilizes his jars in a bleach solution instead of a canning pot or dishwasher, utilizes the inversion method for sealing, skips a processing step for hot pack recipes and even gives you the intellectual tools necessary to check the pH levels of your goods.

Putting Up More - Sweet Onion Jam

Though he doesn’t specifically say it, his instructions on how to test acidity and how to adjust to bring your goods into a safe range is the information so many of us have been looking for. As long as you’re willing to follow his directions (to the letter), this technique will finally set you free from the confines of tested recipes. If this sounds appealing to you, I recommend that you get your hands on both Putting Up and Putting Up More, as they’re designed to work as companion volumes.

Putting Up More - Pickled Brussels Sprouts

He includes a section of canning notes in each recipe, which details whether the recipe is one that will need to have its acid levels tested, what the yield will be, his recommendation for jar size (a hugely helpful bit) and whether the recipe can be safely increased or decreased. Dowdney has also taken a great deal of time to offer up suggestions on how to use and serve each recipe. For those of you who make things and then question what the heck to do with them, this is fantastic.

Putting Up More - Tomato Basil Soup

Other high points of this book include the safe for canning soups (including butternut squash, which I imagine will make some USDA canners devotees freak out), an entire section devoted to products made from hot peppers and an eggplant chutney that sounds incredible. As soon as the eggplant, peppers and summer squash are in season, I’m making it.

Putting Up More - rear inside

Because I think they’re excellent books, I’m giving away the pair of Putting Up and Putting Up More. This is not a publisher-sponsored giveaway, I just think these books are wonderful and I want to support Stephen Palmer Dowdney and the work he does in creative, inspirational canning.

The giveaway starts tonight and runs through Wednesday, May 25 at 11:59 p.m. In your comment, share what canned good you’re most looking forward to making this summer. The winner will be selected at random (via and will be posted here on Thursday, May 26. Please, just one entry per person.

In totally other news, I just started another year of a photo a day over on my other blog, Apartment 2024 (I used my birthday as the start). If you’re curious about what else happens in my life, feel free to take a peek. Recently, I drank a really tasty glass of iced coffee with condensed milk, voted in my local primary election and took a day trip to New Hope courtesy of Chevy.

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782 Responses to Canning Book: Putting Up More

  1. 751
    mo says:

    I can’t wait to make some peach jam.

  2. 752
    Elizabeth says:

    I made apricot jam last year for the first time, and have enjoyed it all year. Can’t wait to make it again!

  3. 753
    Leslie says:

    I don’t have this one, but it looks excellent!

  4. 754
    Kathy says:

    My sister is the canner in the family, and I cheer her on! I’m hoping she’ll try your pickled cherries.

  5. 755
    Sarah says:

    Peach chutney with ginger! We eat it all year long!

  6. 756
    Marie says:

    I would love to can- never have. I don’t know why I’ve always been afraid of it. It’s on my list of things I want to learn to do this year. I’d love to can tomatoes to start!

  7. 757
    Terresa Dipuma says:

    I would love to have a copy of this so I could experiment with my recipes. (I’m always very careful.) This is my second go around with canning. The first time, I made money as a 4-Her from my fair premiums. This time, I’m planning on selling my goods at farmer’s markets. I would love this tool!

  8. 758
    Vicky S says:

    My son has already put in his order for garlic pickles (FIJ recipe), I might be doing Picalilly, if I get my hands on green tomatoes, and I will also be looking for new things to try.

  9. 759
    Joyce Mosby says:

    I am looking forward to dilly beans, we ran out in a month last year,

  10. 760
    Elizabeth says:

    i’m looking forward to canning some tomato sauce — just as soon as the tomatoes get ripe in oregon ! 🙂

  11. 761
    Cynthia Ramos says:

    I want to make onion jam, pickles and the creamcicle jelly you posted a few months ago.

  12. 762
    Kelli Lytle says:

    Cherry jalapeno jam. strawberry rhubarb butter, and those pickled sweet cherries of yours!

  13. 763
    Sarah Fisk says:

    I cannot wait to make all kinds of pickles!!! I love cucumber pickles like there is no tomorrow. Last year was my first year canning and I never got around to pickles. I definitely plan to make up for that! 🙂

  14. 764
    Rachel says:

    I’m hoping to can tomatoes for the first time ever this summer.

  15. 765
    Tammy says:

    awesome would love these books! I want to can pie fillings

  16. 766
    Carolyn says:

    I have never canned before but enjoy cooking immensely. I am looking forward to making something with raspberries, my favorite fruit. It will be nice to tuck into something touched by the sun in the middle of next Winter.

  17. 767
    Grazia says:

    I would like to can 2 recipes I found on your site…roasted tomatillo salsa and Cranberry Quince sauce (my dad has a quince tree)

    I am really interested in reading the acidity testing section. Thanks!

  18. 768
    apron betty says:

    I adore this blog! I am really looking forward to putting up some of my flocks eggs in curry. Also a strawberry, baslmic and cracked pepper jam is in order come june.

  19. 769
    Molly says:

    I am looking forward to strawberry rhubarb jam canning in the next week or so!!!

  20. 770
    Vanessa L. says:

    can’t wait to can tomatoes and peaches! (not together)

  21. 771
    kim_f says:

    Somehow I totally missed the giveaway when I first read this post (thank goodness for your reminder on Facebook!) and almost ordered the books off of Amazon!

    I’ve already started canning my favorite thing… berry jam. But I’m really looking forward to making some new pickled things this summer!

  22. 772
    Diane C says:

    I can’t wait to can pickles with dill pollen!

  23. 773
    lisarenee says:

    Last year we made tomato & ginger marmalade but I think savory jams and more chile relishes will be getting done this year. It really depends on the garden successes and failures 🙂

  24. 774
    Lyn says:

    I would like to learn to make a really good pasta sauce.

  25. 775
    Celena says:

    Peach jam. The peaches in the front yard are almost ready!

  26. 776
    Ginna says:

    Blueberry Jam

  27. 777
    caroline says:

    canned apricots in syrup. I didn’t make them last year and I wished I did all winter. I’m making a billion jars this summer.

  28. 778
    John Hutchison says:

    I want to can some meat this summer. Maybe pork but time & mood will decide. Also my wife.

  29. 779
    Elizabeth F says:

    I really like making pickle relish and corn relish. I like all the chopping and seasoning and seeing the fantastically colored finish products in the jars. And they are delicious too. I always use the Ball Bluebook, have 30+ years canning experience. i think I could stand to learn some new tricks and wold love the books.

  30. 780
    Jennifer says:

    I’m just looking forward to making jam. And lots of peaches.

  31. 781

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