Fork You Returns + The Geometry of Pasta Giveaway

Years ago, before the canning bug well and truly bit me, my husband Scott and I regularly made an online cooking show called Fork You. In all honesty, the production of the show was essentially our courtship, as it gave us an excuse to spend time together when we were just friends and weren’t yet able to fess up to the fact that we adored one another wildly.

When we did finally started dating (and very soon thereafter, living together) the production of new episodes slowed to a crawl, because we just didn’t need an excuse to hang out. And then, when our “crew” (friends Thad and Angie) had a pair of wickedly cute twin daughters and didn’t have any extra time to do crazy stuff like spend a Saturday afternoon filming cooking videos, well, Fork You went on life support.

However, I’m happy to announce that we’re bringing it back (or at least, trying to). We’re planning on featuring recipes on a monthly basis from some of the cookbooks that publishers occasionally send me, so that they don’t just collect in awkward piles in the living room.

The first book featured in this new season of Fork You is The Geometry of Pasta, written by Jacob Kenedy and Caz Hildebrand and published by Quirk Books. Quirk was kind enough to send us copies of the book, as well as some cash to cover ingredient costs (that was a first for me).

Take a look and let us know what you think. If I sound a bit stuffed up, know that we filmed this during the height of the cold I had at the end of December.

Oh, and if you want a chance at winning the copy of The Geometry of Pasta that we have to give away, leave a comment here and share your favorite pasta shape. Comments will close at 11:59 p.m. on Monday, January 31. We’ll be in touch with the winner soon after that.

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196 Responses to Fork You Returns + The Geometry of Pasta Giveaway

  1. 151
    RuthAnn says:

    My favorite pasta are orecchiette… I combine it with a sauce made of equal parts butter, soy sauce and plain yogurt with a dusting of nutmeg. toss with pasta and top with a little shredded prosciuttio. I call it Cassie’s Ears after my beloved Bull Terrier.

  2. 152
    Cathy says:

    I just love the little bell-flower shaped pasta!

  3. 153
    Emily Rae says:

    Orzo! Specifically whole-wheat orzo, in Greek-ish salad. Throw on some salmon and I will eat that all. day. long.

  4. 154
    LeAnna says:

    Penne, oh, I how I love penne!

  5. 155
    Alison says:

    My current favorite shape to eat would be boring, so I’ll just say how much I loved eating my mom’s chicken noodle soup when I was a kid because she used alphabet noodles.

  6. 156
    Shannon says:

    Fusili but I use penne and spaghetti the most!

  7. 157
    Susan says:

    Plain Spaghetti

  8. 158
    james says:

    Pappardelle is the bees knees, so it’s the best.

  9. 159
    Anna H. says:

    Love fettuccine – just started making our own pasta, so this cookbook looks perfect.

  10. 160
    amanda a. says:

    Definitely looking forward to more episodes of Fork You! My favorite pasta shape is gemelli. I just love how it’s little twists hold light sauces but it’s got enough structure to hang onto a meaty bolognese.

  11. 161
    Linda Wright says:

    I like the farfalle or bowtie pasta the best.

  12. 162
    Brittany P. says:

    I like the little bow tie shaped pasta! Please enter me for the giveaway. 🙂

  13. 163
    Grace says:

    Shells! I love the way they hold sauce or little bits of meat and veggies. The medium size is my go to for any kind of pasta-based casserole, especially mac and cheese and tuna casserole. I usually use them for pasta salad as well, since I can’t find ring shaped pasta here in Georgia. I love to add the tiny shells to homemade soup, and use the large ones for stuffed shells, which is the dish my family and friends ask for most often.

  14. 164
    Chickybeth says:

    That was a great video. Thanks for sharing! My favorite pasta is penne because it stands up to heavy mac’n’cheese type sauces and is easy to pick up with a fork in more slippery vinaigrette type dishes.

    What temperature and for how long did you roast the brussel sprouts?

  15. 165
    Sarah says:

    sounds like a great cookbook. my favorite pasta is still those bowties after all these years!

  16. 166
    Angela H says:

    Orzo is definitely my favorite! But mini penne is great too

  17. 167

    I’m partial to linguine.

  18. 168
    Nancy from Mass says:

    I remember Fork You!

    I think my favorite pasta shape is bow tie…or maybe gemelli. I like how they hold the sauce in their ridges (even if it’s just butter) and I like using those shapes when I make Macaroni & Cheese. MMM.

  19. 169
    Amy says:

    I love bowties! They’re just so cute 🙂
    I also like cavatappi, mostly because they’re in my favorite dish at a local pasta place.

  20. 170
    Dawn K. says:

    Gotta love the bowties!

  21. 171
    Laura F says:

    I love angel hair! And I’m super excited you are reviving Fork You. Super. Excited.

  22. 172

    The shape of the pasta truly adds to the taste of the dish being prepared as we begin to associate certain recipes not only by their taste but how it feels, pasta shape and all, in our mouths as we eat the prepared recipe. This heightens our eating experience and develops our palettes! Pasta shapes, by their geometry have different densities and therefore affect the outcome of the recipe appearance and degree of flavor in each recipe. My favorite pasta shape when sitting down to a wonderful Sunday Pasta meal with homemade marinara sauce made with Jersey tomatoes, is MAFADELLA. This 10-12” long strand, mini lasagna, 1 inch thick pasta shape brings me back to my childhood when I couldn’t get enough pasta growing up! Full flavor.

  23. 173
    Sherry says:

    Shells large or small, but now I have to settle for whatever shape I can find Gluten Free. I will be trying my hand at making some GF pasta soon.

  24. 174
    Summer says:

    I’ve been partial to pappardelle lately, but that might be because it is easy to make with fresh noodles. In fact, we had a lovely sausage and veal ragu with fresh pappardelle last night. I’ve seen this book before, would love to own it.

  25. 175
    Mavis says:

    I love BUCATINI! Everyone I serve it to seems to love it too!

  26. 176

    I like plain old tiny shells and rotini!

  27. 177
    Samantha says:

    Orecchiette! It means little ears, you can’t get better than that!

  28. 178
    Lucindaville says:

    We featured this book as one of our 2010 Favorites

    Love your site…..

  29. 179
    Kate says:

    I like corkscrew pasta!

  30. 180
    Cat K. says:

    I LOVE pasta of ANY shape! And I think this book sounds fantastic! My fave is bucatini–like the lovechild between spaghetti and macaroni. Mmm.

  31. 181
    Sandi Garcia says:

    Marisa — How fun to see you and meet Scott! Love the graphics and music as well after the show. Must say bowties are my favorite pasta — they remind me of butterflies!

  32. 182
    Trish says:

    I will eat them all, but I love gemelli best!

  33. 183
    Annie says:

    The book sounds intriguing! Hope all is well with you and Scott!

  34. 184
    Mojo says:

    I vote for vermicelli, cause it’s worms!

  35. 185
    cherie says:

    Gnochetti sardi!

  36. 186
    mamafitz says:

    i heard the authors of this book on NPR a few months ago, it sounds like a neat book. my favorite pasta shape? campanelle

  37. 187
    Amanda Rudd says:

    My favorite pasta shape is the bowtie variety. Sufficiently entertaining, and with nice texture.

  38. 188
    Casey says:

    Welcome back!

  39. 189
    Casey says:

    Oh, and gemelli!

  40. 190
    Juice says:

    Fusilli! Mostly because it’s fun to say.

    Love the story behind the videos.

  41. 191
    Megan says:

    Bucatini was my favorite when I was a kid…but now it’s probably penne rigate because I like how it holds the sauce better.

  42. 192
    mary mcmahon says:

    food in jars…so glad I found you. any plans for doing cakes in jars? Pasta? I love the baby pastas..acini di pepe. Mary in Cincinnati

  43. 193
    Alice in Seattle says:

    I found this site a year ago while looking for a blackberry jam recipe. Pasta? Bow ties

  44. 194
    Jacqueline H. says:

    My family loves pasta! My personal favorite shape is shells! We eat spaghetti using different pastas/sauces several times a week.

  45. 195
    Carolyn says:

    Wagon wheels!

  46. 196
    Cheri says:

    Loved your video. It looks delicious!